2023 Dodge Challenger: Speculations and Expectations for the New Ride

Rumor has it that the 2023 would be the last year for Challenger, so the question is: Will there be 2023 Dodge Challenger created? If the rumor is true, it’s sad to see such a powerful and impressive ride to discontinue. After all, Challenger has always competed against Camaro and Mustang, their younger rivals – and Challenger can still deliver super impressive performance. But then again, there are so many things going on with the ride, and whether it remains in the industry causes a lot of speculations and questions.

The Redesigned Plan

You have to admit that Challenger is obviously looking old. It doesn’t only look old; it also feels old. It’s pretty understandable, considering that it has existed since 2009. However, with the technology from the beginning of the 2000s, it’s not really a surprise if it can’t produce the punchy performance that most auto enthusiasts have expected.

2023 Dodge Challenger Redesign
Source : Motor1.com

It’s definitely heavier than most of the competitors, and the fact that it doesn’t offer new features or techs is another point that makes it less desirable. Many auto enthusiasts have speculated that DodgeOpens in a new tab. should ‘borrow’ inspirations from Alfa Romeo, including the platform. After all, it has tons of benefits. It will definitely create lighter vehicle. Moreover, it brings much lower center of gravity that can boost driving experience. It would be a fun and exciting driving characteristic!

Exterior Appearance

The Challenger may be an ‘old’ vehicle, but it still looks good looking and amazing. It’s predicted that the upcoming Challenger may only experience subtle update and refreshed work. It still packs retro look, retaining the looks of muscle cars’ golden era. Despite the lighter weight, the new model will still retain the same proportions and size.

The Interior Cabin

Although the exterior appearance is still looking amazing as ever, it’s too shame that the same thing can’t be said to the cabin. The dash looks definitely outdated, with also outdated quality and materials. That’s why many auto enthusiasts are hoping quite a lot from the upcoming Challenger. Hopefully, they would be smart enough to include finer materials, along with better build quality and more appealing aesthetics.

2023 Dodge Challenger Concept
Source : Carbuzz.com

Since the dimension and size will likely be the same, the interior space will also get the same treatment. After all, Challenger has gained a positive reputation as the only muscle ride able to accommodate adults within its second row. The new model should maintain the same positive trait, as well as the cargo boot, which is quite decent. It’s actually more than enough, considering that it is designed for a muscle ride.

Powertrain and Performance

Since dimension won’t change for 2023 Dodge Challenger, it’s most likely that engines won’t change from the current model, which means that new Challenger will still use the HEMI engines. Expect the same naturally aspirated 5.7 liter and also 6.4 liter capacity to be included in the new lines, along with the Supercharged Hellcat unit. Hopefully, they are able to deliver impressive numbers for the output.

2023 Dodge Challenger Configurations
Source : Motor1.com

However, it’s possible that Challenger may also offer smaller units. The base model may come with turbo four 2.0 liter unit, as well as the electrified versions. It’s highly likely that they are coming with eTorque mild hybrid system, although it’s also possible to have the plug-in hybrid unit along the way.

Price and Release Date

If everything goes as planned, the upcoming Challenger will be ready in about 2 years, which means that it would be ready at the beginning of 2023. Set as the main competitor against Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro, the price for 2023 Dodge Challenger remains unknown so we need to wait and see for Dodge’s further announcement.


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