2023 Genesis GV60 Review, Pricing, & Specs

The Genesis brand is the latest addition to Hyundai’s upscale lineup which was launched in 2015 as a spinoff of the Hyundai brand.

The automobile brand is also shifting its focus in getting into the electric vehicle market and so they have announced their first truly electric car that is the 2023 Genesis GV60

Interior Specifications of 2023 Genesis GV60

A minimalist vibe is the latest design trend that Genesis GV60 follows as it follows the latest design trend. New generation electric cars have a low profile dashboard, center console, and instrument panel. The steering wheel, door handles, electronic gear selector, and side mirror adjustment all feature a circular theme, such as the compact two-spoke steering wheel with scrollers.

2023 Genesis GV60 review pricing specs battery
2023 Genesis GV60 review pricing specs battery Image: Google

Exterior of the 2023 Genesis GV60

It is safe to say that the Genesis GV60 does not look like any other automobie  that is available in the market. Despite its offbeat design, the device is a testament to the company’s desire to break into a new era with futuristic technology, breaking away from the monotony. Although it has the same distinguishing design elements as other Genesis SUVs, the body style is very different.

There is a new Crest Grille at the bottom instead of being between the headlamps on the GV60, a wider Two-Line Quad Lamp with jewel-pattern LEDs, a clamshell hood, as well as a new wing emblem featuring the Guilloché pattern of luxury watches that is nearly 80% slimmer.

2023 Genesis GV60 review pricing specs exterior
2023 Genesis GV60 review pricing specs exterior

The vehicle’s roof slopes steeply to the rear, which is natural for a vehicle like this. As you reach the rear quarter window, you will notice an edgy ‘V’ shape formed by the chrome window trim on the C-pillar.  

This portion of the design is known as the Volt DLO design by Genesis. Virtual mirrors or digital mirrors, which are based on cameras, are another sharp element on the sides. In accordance with the powertrain’s silent, yet highly capable zero emissions characteristics, the body surface is seamless and minimal, without undercuts or character lines.

Connectivity and infotainment features of the 2023 Genesis GV60

On all GV60 models, there is an identically sized 12.3 inch touch screen infotainment system integrated with a 12.3 inch digital gauge cluster. Neither Apple Car-Play nor Android Auto work wirelessly, but both are included. 

2023 Genesis GV60 review pricing specs connectivity
2023 Genesis GV60 review pricing specs connectivity

A clickwheel on the center console can be used to control the Genesis infotainment system if you ca not reach the screen directly. The stereo system is a Bang & Olufsen, which most rival automobile brands would charge more.

Battery Life, Charging and the Range of the 2023 Genesis GV60

GV60 Advanced models have 77.4 kWh batteries, but the EPA estimates the Performance models will reach 235 miles, while the Advanced models achieve 248 miles.

Rumors suggest there will be a rear-wheel drive base engine later in the lineup with an extended driving range. With a DC fast charger attached, Genesis claims the GV60’s battery can be charged from ten to eighty percent in just eighteen minutes. The GV60 Performance provided 200 miles of observed driving range on our highway fuel economy test route at 75 mph.

Economy of Fuel and Miles Per Gallon 2023 Genesis GV60

The fuel economy of the 2023 Genesis GV60 is extremely efficient. A GV60 is one of the most efficient models available right now with a fuel economy rating of up to 103 MPG plus e city and 86 MPG plus e highway. In terms of fuel economy, performance trims are rated for 97 MPGe city consumption and 82 MPGe highway consumption.

2023 Genesis GV60 review pricing specs fuel economy
2023 Genesis GV60 review pricing specs fuel economy

Comfort and AVN in the 2023 Genesis GV60

Interior highlights of the new GV60 include a virtual instrument cluster, a compact touchscreen climate control panel, and a widescreen floating infotainment system. With 17 speakers and Hi-Res output, the Bang & Olufsen sound system plays one of four mood sounds – Relax, Energetic, Bright, and Warm that will relax the driver and passengers.

Other Features in the 2023 Genesis GV60

Safety features

All GV60 models come standard with a range of driver assistance features, including automated emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and a full suite of driver assistance systems.

Face Recognition feature

Genesis GV60 features a face recognition system referred to as “Face Connect” allowing the vehicle to be unlocked with a simple gesture. Near-infrared (NIR) cameras on the driver-side B-pillar automatically unlock the doors based on the driver’s facial recognition. Face Connect can be used to unlock a vehicle even if the keys are inside.

The vehicle automatically makes any changes needed when unlocking if the driver has saved profiles for different settings. Drivers’ seats, steering wheels, side mirrors, and infotainment systems adjust automatically according to their profiles.

Fingerprint Recognition feature

A fingerprint reader is included with the Genesis GV60. Face recognition and a fingerprint reader allow the driver to enter and start the vehicle. It is also possible to release the Valet mode using biometric authentication from inside the vehicle. This allows you to conveniently make payments from inside the vehicle.

Pricing of the 2023 Genesis GV60

The starting price of the 2023 GV60 Performance AWD trim is $68,290. With the additional $9,000, power increases, but range decreases. In accordance with the EPA’s estimates, the Performance AWD trim can travel 235 miles.


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