2023 Range Rover Sport SVR Is on Its Way

The upcoming 2023 Range Rover Sport would be coming as an SVR and the beefier ride is on its way. Many sources have stated that it’s likely that the upcoming vehicle would be ready in 2022, so it should be exciting to see. There would be different designs and updates, and it seems that this SVR is undergoing complete redesign with new structure and construction. So, what’s the manufacturer’s plan with this one? Let’s dig it one by one.

The SVR Line

Range Rover has its own line for a more luxurious vehicle that has all the great techs and improved comfort. The Range Rover Sport itself is tagged as a mid-size SUV with five doors. It is included in the luxury line because all of its standard features are improved and made better from the regular ones. As if it weren’t enough, though, Range Rover decided that they are going to have an SVR type for their Sport. SVR is for Special Vehicle, where the R shows the highest level of auto refinement and quality that you can ever find.

The New Sport SVR

So, what’s the plan for the 2023 Range Rover Sport SVR? First of all, the SUV is still heavily camouflaged, but there is an obvious design of 4 exhaust pipes. Yes, four! From this design alone, you can tell that the new Sport SVR won’t come with the usual construction of the Rover.

2023 Range Rover Sport Redesign
Source : Autoevolution.com

It’s difficult to make from the heavy camo, but in the overall styling aspect, the Sport SVR will likely still have the same proportion – with the same square design and layout as the regular one. But the new one may have some updated aspects, such as new look for the front and also rear fascia, side details that have been tweaked, and also slimmer taillights and headlights. From the prototype, it seems that there would be partitioned brake ducts located on the bumper’s bottom corners. It may be a part of the cover up, but it may also show a new improvement in the styling.

The Sport SVR was spotted close to Nürburgring race circuit back then in September. The SUV was covered completely, but the headlights, grille parts, and windows aren’t completely covered. Naturally, the Sport SVR shuld have looked the same to the other trims, but this one has a noticeable difference. For a starter, the exhaust pipes are the obvious sign. If the exhaust pipes alone are quite ‘extreme’, think of what the rest of the remaining design would look like. Many have predicted that the new Sport SVR would have a more daring look with solid brakes, beefier spoiler with roof mounted style, and sportier bumpers.

2023 Range Rover Sport Interior
Source : Autoevolution.com

For the interior cabin, there seems to be changes inside. The front seat has added side bolstering. Upholstery options are definitely more exclusive and more profound. There would be improved digital gauges and infotainment system. Rumor has it that driving modes would improve, with Sport setting is designed to be super fast.

Power and Performance

The new Sport SVR would be coming with V8 twin turbo unit that can produce 600 hp. It is definitely an increase from Range Rover Ultimate Edition Sport SVR in 2022 model that produces 575 hp. One thing that affects the performance is the overall construction. The new SVR would be using Modular Longitudinal Architecture (from Jaguar), a special platform that is used in some of Range RoverOpens in a new tab. models. This construction is able to support engines with internal combustion, as well as electric, plug in hybrid, and mild hybrid powertrain. With such arrangement, it’s no wonder if the Sport SVR won’t only be exclusive but also powerful.

2023 Range Rover Sport Price
Source : Motor1.com

Price and Release Date

It’s possible that the non-SVR type to launch at the end of 2022, while the SVR would be on the beginning of 2023. The price for 2023 Range Rover Sport hasn’t been known.


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