2023 Toyota 4Runner 6th Gen: The Stylish Sixth Generation that Everyone Has Waited

It’s exciting to learn more about 2023 Toyota 6th Gen 4Runner, considering that that it has been created as one of the most appealing and also charming SUVs ever created. There’s no denying on that. Not only the sixth generation would be bulletproof, solid, and capable, it is also extremely cool and good-looking. However, the problem with the 2009’s production (set as the fifth generation) is the outdated look and appearance. It is no longer appealing and even attractive, so the upcoming sixth generation would be considered promising.

2023 Toyota 6th Gen 4Runner: Updates & Changes

As it was mentioned before, the fifth generation has outdated performance. It even has 20 mpg (on the highway), which isn’t good at all. Not to mention that the auto five speed transmission can be considered lousy. That’s why Toyota is thinking about an upgrade, and if everything goes as planned, the upcoming sixth generation of 2023 Toyota 6th Gen 4Runner is ready for the launch.

2023 Toyota 6th Gen 4Runner Redesign

2023 Toyota 4Runner 6th Gen Price and Release Date

Toyota is planning on producing their SUVs and offroad trucks excessively, and they are on fire. They have just launched the 2022 Tundra and it should be ready at dealerships before the 2021 ends. Their (full-size) Sequoia SUV will be launching next, followed by the sixth gen of 4Runner.

It’s just about right that Toyota plans the 4Runner as the 2023 model, being ready to be sold by the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. After the 4Runner, the Tacoma will also follow the launch. The price release for 2023 Toyota 4Runner hasn’t been released so we just have to wait for further confirmation and release.

2023 Toyota 6th Gen 4Runner: Updated Interior

The interior would be updated with greater modernization. It has new and modern infotainment system along with 14-inch touchscreen with optional choices. The interior may not get superb material, but it should be able to get several upgrades.

2023 Toyota 6th Gen 4Runner New Construction & Design

The new 6th Gen 4Runner would be using a new TNGA construction. Toyota has been boosting their TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform, as their TNGA-F body on frame (truck) version, has been used for the new Tundra and the (full size) Land Cruiser. Besides the TNGA-F, Toyota would be using the smaller version, the TNGA, for both Tacoma and also 4Runner. With such a platform, it’s also possible that Toyota would be shifting their production from Japan setting to America.

2023 Toyota 4Runner Engine
2023 Toyota 4Runner 6th Gen Engine

This TNGA platform used by the 4Runner would be set as the global form. Toyota diverged the lineup in 1995 where American market got 4Runner and Tacoma and other markets got Fortuner and Hilux. As Toyota wants to reduce their production costs, these vehicles would be using similar platforms. The badges and bodies can be different, but the powertrains and components would be made the same.

2023 Toyota 6th Gen 4Runner Engine and Performance

Since Toyota is planning on better and more efficient fuel economy system through smaller power options, such as the transmission, turbocharging, and engines. They should be able to offer more than five speed transmission. The basic trim would be the four cylinder, highly likely the 2.4 liter unit that is able to produce 275 hp than the current V6 unit. The same arrangement has been found in Lexus NX350.

2023 Toyota 4Runner Release Date
2023 Toyota 4Runner 6th Gen Release Date

However, it’s also possible that 2023 Toyota 4Runner would be coming with the upgraded version. It may be using a V6 engine with 3.5 liter capacity that is able to deliver 400 hp. With such a combination, the 4Runner would be able to compete against Wrangler, Defender, or Bronco.

There is a possibility for hybrid model, although it may be set for 2025 model. In fact, Toyota wants all of its models to have hybrid option


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