2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Review, Price, Colors

Toyota Corolla Cross is a new product line developed in 2020 based on the sedan Corolla or Corolla Altis. This model is sold in Southeast Asia with the destination of Thailand and then Vietnam. Let’s see what the new 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross can offer!

2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid
2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid

After that, Toyota Corolla Cross continued to appear in many markets such as Japan and Europe. Toyota Corolla Cross 2023 was officially launched in the US with differences compared to the Southeast Asia market and similar to cars sold in Japan.

General Introduction

Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid 2023 launched in the US with five versions: LE, XLE, S, SE, and XSE. LE and XLE versions are the same as standard versions, while SE and XSE come with medium and most advanced XSE equipment.

However, the LE and XLE versions are also well equipped with 17-inch wheels, an 8-inch entertainment screen, stiffer suspension, sports roof rails, and gearshift paddles on the steering wheelOpens in a new tab.. The high-end XSE version adds heated and power-adjustable leather seats, LED fog lights, and 18-inch wheels. The infotainment screen has wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto; 4G Wi-Fi broadcasting; equipped with multiple USB-C ports.

Most notably, the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid has a power of nearly 194 horsepower thanks to a 2.0 Dynamic Force engine with two electric motors and a 4.08 Ah battery pack with a CVT gearbox. Toyota announced combined fuel consumption at 6.35 liters / 100m.

Price of Toyota Corolla Cross 2023

In the US market, the price of the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid 2023 has not been announced. But it is expected that the price will fall to around $25,000.

The Exterior of Toyota Corolla Cross 2023

Appearance is the difference between the Toyota Corolla Cross 2023 that has just been launched in the US compared to cars sold in Asia. This design is more modern, although the improvement is not too much.

Car head

The grille style has been obliterated on the Toyota Corolla Cross 2023 that has just been launched in the US. This Toyota SUV has an enlarged grille and rims using glossy black plastic. Inside are new triangular motifs.

Meanwhile, the Toyota Corolla Cross 2023 logo is made 3D on the top. The cutting lines create a breathing gap that makes this SUV different.

The lighting system of Toyota Corolla Cross 2023 includes LED Projector headlights/cos combined with daytime positioning LEDs. Unfortunately, the turn signals on the Corolla Cross in the US are still regular Halogen bulbs. The fog lights are lowered to the front bumper using LED bulbs.

Vehicle body

The appearance of the Toyota Corolla Cross 2023 does not change when approaching the body horizontally. The only difference is the set of wheels with petal-shaped or two-color ball milling depending on the version.

The rearview mirror of the Toyota Corolla Cross maintains the old body-color design with integrated electric change/folding, blind spot warning, and LED turn signals. The difference between the Toyota Corolla Cross 2023 in the US is that the roof is painted black with a roof rack that brings strength to the car.


Toyota Corolla Cross 2023 is almost no different when coming to the rear. The LED rear light cluster is maintained, and the wing is like the version.

Maybe, the difference comes from the dark-designed rear bumper, the car name, and the black version, not the light color like Toyota Corolla Cross in Vietnam.

The Interior of Toyota Corolla Cross 2023

Stepping into the cockpit, the familiar atmosphere in the design of the new generation Toyota Corolla Cross is something that users can feel on the new car launched in the US.


In the driver’s position, the five-seat SUV Toyota Corolla Cross 2023 uses the familiar three-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel on the high-end version. The standard version still uses plastic. Function keys are fully integrated on the steering wheel for the driver’s convenience when controlling the car.

2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Interior
2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Interior

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Unfortunately, even the high-end Hybrid version, Toyota Corolla Cross 2023 does not have a digital screen but an Analog form with a 4.2-inch TFT screen.

The center of this SUV is an 8-inch touch screen. Below there is an electronic handbrake & automatic brake hold.

Seating space

With the standard version, Toyota Corolla Cross still only has felt seats with mechanical change, high-end versions have electric leather seats for the front seats.

With a wheelbase of 2,610mm, the Toyota Corolla Cross 2023 maintains enough space for customers to sit in the rear seats in both the ceiling space and the legroom. In addition, the car also has an armrest and air conditioning vents combined with a phone connection port.

Comfort and Safety

Toyota Corolla Cross 2023 uses a new 8-inch entertainment screen that supports wireless Apple CarPlay / Android Auto connectivity. This entertainment system also has cloud-based navigation, smart assistants, and internet updates.

Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 is standard equipment on Toyota Corolla Cross 2023. There are many features such as adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency brake assist with pedestrian detection, lane departure warning & assist lane keeping, and blind spot warning.


Toyota Corolla Cross comes with a Hybrid engine for a combined maximum capacity of 194 horsepower, 25 horsepower higher than the regular version. This model is connected to a CVT automatic transmission and four-wheel drive system.

Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid 2023

The Hybrid engine on the new Toyota Corolla Cross promises to bring a smoother experience similar to the car in Vietnam. In the current period of peak gasoline prices, hybrid cars with average fuel consumption of only 6.35 L / 100km are also advantages of the Toyota Corolla Cross 2023.


The Toyota Corolla Cross 2023, although slightly changed in appearance, is enough to make this SUV more attractive than the car sold in Vietnam. This model is expected to return to the country next year to continue to dominate the current B-SUV segment.


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