2024 BMW i5 Spied & Rendered: Will It Be an Electric Family?

The 2024 BMW i5 is a bigger and better variation of the BMW i4. Different iterations of the 5 Series have been high-volume vehicles for BMW for many years, bringing in the vital income for creating new goods. The BMW i5 is therefore unavoidable since the automaker anticipates it to be a volume driver when its largest markets migrate to EVs in the future.

Specifications of 2024 BMW i5

Initially, a gas-engine BMW i5 Electric Series will be offered in 2024. By the second half of 2023, the electric BMW 5 Series (BMW i5) should be available. There will be no differences between the platforms used by the two cars.

2024 BMW i5 spy photo rendered electric family
2024 BMW i5 spy photo rendered electric family

What are the Variants of the 2024 BMW i5?

The XDrive40, eDrive40, and M50 versions of the i5 are on the way to be released in 2024. Probably a 250kW  that is 335hp single rear motor will power the BMW i5 eDrive40. Performance and grip will be enhanced with the dual motor AWD setup in higher variants.

Battery and Charging of the 2024 BMW i5

In comparison to the xDrive40, the BMW i5 is expected to be more powerful (400 kW/536 hp) and have more torque. An 80.7 kWh battery could be included as standard equipment in the i5, which will deliver a WLTP range of up to 350 miles.

2024 BMW i5 spy photo battery charging
2024 BMW i5 spy photo battery charging

The 5 Series electric’s operational voltage is still not properly revealed. We can assume that it will be at least 400 volts is a reasonable assumption. Maximum power for charging is 11 kW (AC)/195 kW. (DC). The battery pack may be fully charged using a Level 2 charger in roughly 10 hours. In about 30 minutes, a Level 3 charger can recharge the battery pack up to 10–80%. In just 10 minutes, level 3 charging may extend the range to almost 80 miles.

Design of the 2024 BMW i5

A new version of the BMW i5 is currently being developed. The iconic silhouette of BMW is still present and that makes it easy to recognize. By comparison, the BMW i5 will have the proportions of a conventional saloon car. BMW iX and 4 Sequence fans can now breathe a sigh of relief, as spy photos confirm the vertically accented kidney grille would not appear. A flush-fitted door handle is also preset and would give the next-generation mannequin a neat, aerodynamic appearance.

2024 BMW i5 interior exterior design
2024 BMW i5 interior exterior design

Interior design of the 2024 BMW i5

Interior features of the BMW i5 Electric Series 2024 will include the latest technology. BMW is going to offer a curved display combining a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a 14.9-inch infotainment screen. Semi-autonomous driving capability and advanced connectivity are part of the BMW Operating System 8. Despite its age, BMW’s classic three-bar design remains popular. BMW’s current steering wheel has matte buttons rather than piano-black touch-sensitive ones like the Volkswagen Golf Mk8.

Exterior design of the 2024 BMW i5

According to reports and leaked images the car has larger headlights and the rear will have a coupe-styled roofline and flaunts thinner taillights and other LED Strips which look unique to any other car in the market. Compared to other competitors like the Mercedes EQE, the BMW i5 Series has a traditional three-box design.

Available colours of the 2024 BMW i5

It is rumoured that the BMW 15 will come in seven different colours namely the Carbon Black, Phytonic Blue, Black Sapphire, Cape York Green, Alpine White, Pure Grey and Mineral White. The availability of these colours will vary depending on the market in which the cars are going to be sold respectively.

Engine of the 2024 BMW i5

The most recent versions of the four- and six-cylinder engines will be included in the engine range to improve efficiency. An electric motor and a turbocharged 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine will be included in the plug-in hybrid version. The engine is capable of producing up to 500 horsepower (373kW/507 PS). Powered by a plug-in hybrid, the first car version will be powered by a fully electric motor. With a twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8, an electric motor, and a twin-turbo petrol engine, it produces close to 750 horsepower (559 kW/760PS).

2024 BMW i5 spy photo rendered engine
2024 BMW i5 spy photo rendered engine

In addition to a larger 100 kWh, lithium battery and a WLTP range of 600 km (373 miles), the more powerful XDrive50 can be fitted with two electric motors (one per axle) that generate more than 500 hp (373 kW/507PS). According to reports, the i5 could produce 800 horsepower (597 kW/811 PS).

Unique Features of the BMW i5

Autonomous Features

Software upgrades should enable autonomous driving capabilities later in the lifecycle of the BMW 5 Series electric. Autonomous driving at Level 3 could be another selling point.

Audio, Visual and Navigation (AVN) system and the aesthetics

More glass and metal will be used on the car as well as Harman Kardon audio system and Bowers & Wilkins audio system. 19-inch wheels will replace 21-inch wheels, and Highway Assistant will be included as well.

Digital key option and Laserlight Feature

There will be a lot of similarities between the BMW 5 Series electric and the BMW i4 and iX. It will also come with BMW Laserlight and matrix headlights, a panoramic sunroof, a BMW Digital Key Plus with Ultra-Wideband (digital key 3.0), as well as 5G connectivity.

Competitors of the BMW i5

With its fully-electric design, the BMW i5  will compete directly with Mercedes-Benz’s EQE, which debuted recently in Munich, the upcoming A6 e-Tron, and the next-generation Model S from Tesla.


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