2024 F-250 as a Carryover that Won’t Disappoint

It seems that the 2024 F-250 won’t get many updates or upgrades, considering that the major redesigned work has been done for 2022 model. However, the 2024 would be a carryover model with only subtle touch-ups and makeover. It won’t be surprising if Ford is thinking about making minor updates especially for the equipment and the features. After all, Ford F-250 has been known as an efficient truck in the market. It offers nice combo of easy driving, comfortable ride, and refined quality. Not to mention that the powertrain is always promising and satisfying.

The Redesigned Plan

As it was mentioned before, the ‘great’ work is done to the 2022 model, so don’t expect significant changes for the 2024 model. However, there is always a room for updates, no matter how minor it is. New features are always introduced, including Blue Atlas color along with Lariat Sport package. The highlighted offers even include aesthetic elements like stylish exhaust tips, black running boards, chrome accents, matching grille and bumper, and also exterior mirrors.

2024 F-250 Redesign
Source : 21Truck.com

The Exterior Upgrade

Although the exterior appearance of the 2024 F-250 will just be the same as the current one, expect something new. Reinforced chassis and upgraded suspension, for a starter, would be improved because it will deliver more efficient and effective working capabilities. It offers great balance of easiness, comfort, and also capability. The exterior style may be similar to the F-150 but keep an open mind. You may like what being offered for 2024 model.

The Interior Cabin

All the work happening on the outside of 2024 F-250?  Well, the same thing applies for interior cabin. The overall layout will likely be similar to the current one despite new (and fresh color), possibly. It’s possible that Ford is thinking about bringing bigger touchscreen to the cabin with better infotainment system. The current F-250 comes with standard 8 inch display, which would be highly appreciated if it gets bigger. We can only hope that Ford would be thinking about adding up newer and better technologies, including better drive-assistance techs.

2024 F-250 Interior
Source : Autoevolution.com

Powertrain and Performance

Hopefully, there would be improvement for the unit under the hood. It means that there would be 3 different options available – as a standard. The base model will likely the same with V8 unit of 6.2 liter which is able to generate 385 hp and 430 Nm of torque. There is also the updated V8 with 7.3 liter unit that churns out 475 Nm of torque. The strongest one would be V8 turbodiesel of 6.7 liter capacity, delivering 475 hp and 1.050 Nm of torque. That’s more than impressive!

2024 Ford F-250
Source : Autoevolution.com

The standard powertrain is tough enough, having around 15,000 pounds of towing ability. If you use the fifth wheel, then it would be 15,800 pounds. The models having the 7.3 liter unit has 15,000 pounds of towing ability in conventional way. Using the fifth wheel will add up the power, up to 19,500. What about the turbodiesel? As you can guess, this is the strongest one. Its average towing ability is 20,000 pounds. If you use the fifth wheel, expect it to deal with 22,800 pounds.

Price and Release Date

Considering that there aren’t many updates and work needed for the 2024, the price shouldn’t be too far away from the current one. The current F-250 is set at around $36,500 for the base trim, so the 2024 model won’t be too far from those figures. For the release date, Ford hasn’t mentioned anything about it. But considering that it is designed as 2024 model, it’s likely that availability will take place in 2023; most likely after the mid of 2023. If you want to know more about 2024 F-250, we should wait for official release from FordOpens in a new tab..


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