2024 Kia Forte: Upcoming Production after 2022

Although many people are curious about what’s planning Kia makes for 2024 Kia Forte, it seems that they won’t get the answer soon enough, considering that the company has just released their 2022 model and they want to focus on it.

Their ‘joy’ does happen for a reason. The 2022 model gets a handsome and very good-looking refresh work, which creates a possible ecstatic effect for Kia. The refresh work is pretty comprehensive, covering sharper style, new technology features, and advanced driver assists. You can be sure that the compact sedan is somewhat better than ever.

The Future of Small Sedan

Although now is the era of crossovers and SUVs, small sedans are still favorites. Many people say that the era of small and compact sedan is over now, but that’s not the case with Kia Forte. To boost its appeal, the South Korean company implemented refresh work with more techs and better style. And considering that they have to compete against VW Jetta and Honda Civic, they need to be serious about it.

2024 Kia Forte Release Date
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The Exterior Improvement

The styling updates happening on the exterior would affect the front and also back area. There would be a revised and better upper grille that is made narrower, along with the lighting elements on the outside. There are also reworked rear and front bumpers, along with new wheel designs and new trunklid spoiler. For the GT and also GT-Line trims, expect new fog lamps (LED tech) that would be recessed to the lower grille. Those trims would also come with unique and good-looking LED taillights.

The Interior Cabin

On the inside, the Forte has better vibe and appearance with new center console. There won’t be the manual and old parking brake. It is replaced with the one, so there would be more space for container storage. Now, buyers can pick their upholstery as faux leather is provided. There is also the optional USB port (on the rear seat) for charging the smartphones. There would be a standard 8.0 inch infotainment display screen, along with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connection. The optional pick includes bigger display, up to 10.3 inch, which also includes in-dash navigation technology.

2024 Kia Forte Interior
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Safety Features

Hopefully, KiaOpens in a new tab. would include all these new refresh work in their upcoming productions, including 2024 Kia Forte. However, it’s rather hard to tell about the upcoming model, considering that they are focusing on the 2022 model. Although there is a rumor about electrification in the upcoming models, there is no confirmation from the company. We can’t even tell whether there is going to be a 2023 model or not!

2024 Kia Forte Redesign
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But for the 2022 model, Kia seems to maintain their solid construction, including the safety features. One of their focus includes upgraded driver assistance techs, like lane keeping assist, auto emergency brake, and such thing alike. But the auto emergency brake alone has been improved for cyclists and pedestrians. The techs include rear alert system (cross traffic mode) which is included in the mechanism.

Powertrain and Performance

Chassis and powertrain components would remain unchanged. The vehicle would be running on four cylinder unit with 2.0 liter capacity to generate 147 hp and CVT tech. this one is able to deliver 60 mph in 8.1 seconds. The GT still remains in the lineup, coming with four cylinder turbocharged of 1.6 liter capacity to produce 201 hp, paired with either manual six speed or auto sped speed dual clutch transmission. With the manual, the GT is able to reach 60 mph in 6.7 seconds.

Price Range

The FE base trim would be set at $20,100 while the GT-Line and LXS would be around $22,300 and $20,600. The sporty GT is around $24,500. Expect the 2022 model to be available soon, and not yet news about 2024 Kia Forte just yet – you simply have to wait!


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