2024 Z06 Corvette – Redesign, Price, Release Date, Interior, Specs, Sale, Images

It seems that Corvette would be busy producing their upcoming line-ups of Z series, including the 2024 Z06 Corvette. After they have confirmed the production of 2024 ZR1, it seems that the company needs to divide their focus and attention with the Z06 because new 2024 model is going to production. Confirmation has been made by Corvette Racing concerning their plan to develop their first ever Z06 Chevy Corvette GT3.R , which is claimed to be the homologated GT3 vehicle. They are planning it for their customer racing debut.

About 2024 Z06 Corvette Model

The company has a unique description for the GT3.R Z06 model, stating it as the closest link (yet) between Z06 production and Chevy’s (flagship) performance vehicle racing. It’s pretty interesting, meaning that they are going to produce something powerful and punchy.

2024 z06 corvette redesign price release date interior specs sale images
2024 Z06 Corvette - Redesign, Price, Release Date, Interior, Specs, Sale, Images

The fact that the new ride would be sharing similar features and specs as those used within racecar unit is another thing to consider. Yes, the GT3.R Z06 would be using the same modified production engine (which is used within a racecar) along with the same aerodynamic abilities with just similar dimensions and silhouette. Let’s not forget that it also be using the same aluminum chassis as the racecar.

2024 Z06 Corvette Powertrain and Performance

The new Z06 would be running on DOHC naturally aspirated V8 LT6 unit with 5.5 liter capacity, together with the similar crankshaft architecture (with flat plane model) powering the today Corvette C8.R. To add up the appeal, Corvette would be offering a turn key racing Corvette with customer focus mechanism. It is meant to provide racing vehicle for competition for various GT3 championships. The championships themselves are within the global network of endurance and sprint series, races, and also championships.

2024 z06 corvette redesign power performance
2024 Z06 Corvette - Redesign, Price, Release Date, Interior, Specs, Sale, Images

The Plans for Upcoming 2024 Z06 Corvette

The Director of Motorsport Competition Engineering of ChevyOpens in a new tab., Mark Stielow, stated that Corvette is experiencing an exciting time currently. It all started with Z06 production reveal, and then it is topped off with the confirmation of GT3.R Corvette Z06 that is made available for the customer racers. The fact that GT3.R Z06 would be available for customers alone is exciting. And now with the vehicle enables customer racing teams the chances to perform a Corvette campaign just adds up the excitement. The teams should be able to benefits from the rich history of Corvette Racing.

2024 z06 corvette redesign price release date cost sale
2024 Z06 Corvette - Redesign, Price, Release Date, Interior, Specs, Sale, Images

It’s nice to know that the company does take the time to consider all possibilities from different perspective and point of view. After all, racing cars may not be in high demand as many as the regular vehicles, but to be able to serve racing teams’ requirements is another achievement that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Expected Debut of 2024 Z06 Corvette

It seems that the 2024 Z06 Corvette new debut’s timing just fits perfectly with the (already) planned replacement in competition rules (ACO basis) of the GTE spec machinery, which has been set by the new Pro-Am racing formula with GT3 basis. If everything goes as planned, the plan should start from 2024 season, going up to the included Le Mans 24 Hours and also FIA WEC.

The current today hasn’t confirmed plans yet for the factory effort, especially with the new car, although it should be expected with GTD Pro. Extra details should be available soon. After all, the company hasn’t exactly provided detail for the upcoming productions, whether it is for ZR1 or the Z06. Specs and features haven’t been provided, and so has the info about support package and pricing options. We can only expect that the upcoming Z06 would be as promising as the current model, but we should wait and see for the upcoming (official) release about 2024 Z06 Corvette once it’s available.


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