6 Compact & Best 2023 Small SUVs that Will Appeal Families in General

SUVs and crossovers have been the most popular vehicles that everyone likes these years, so knowing the lists of the best 2023 small SUVs can help you gain a better idea about which ride to choose. Sure, some people are more attracted to the sports rides (like Lotus or Ferrari), but when it comes to function and style, the SUVs still dominate the sales chart.

Compact & Best Small SUVs 2023

Here are a list of 6 compact & best small SUVs along with their specific technical details and designs. Some manufacturers have already planned their production within the next 5 years, so it should be interesting to know some of the best candidates for the 2023 model. Without further due, lets delve into the list:

01. Cadillac Escalade EV

This is one of the best 2023 small SUVs that dominate the auto rumors all these years. With EV powertrain (and the advanced performance that comes along it), you can expect all the best features and performances from the SUV. The SUV won’t change dimension or size, and yet expect all of the power and performances to improve greatly. Do you know that this mode is inspired by GMC’s Hummer EV? If Caddy is truly following GMC’s footstep in boosting the car’s performance and ability, then this electric full-size SUV may be able to get 1,000 hp, which is similar to the powertrain designed for Hummer.

Cadillac Escalade EV
Source : Insideevs.com

If everything goes as planned, the Escalade may be using the similar Ultium battery tech from GM along with the modular (electric) vehicle platform. There hasn’t been specific detail about the upcoming model, including price and launch date, but if you take the inspiration from Hummer, you can definitely expect the best.

02. DBX Coupe from Aston Martin

This seven seater vehicle looks compact even with the extended length. As usual, you can expect this Aston Martin variant to look gorgeous and chic. After all, it is designed as a tough competitor against the X7 (from BMW) and the GLS 63 (from Mercy). This one would be constructed with the same wheelbase (as the one used by the existing DBX) but with more rows and seats.

With 3 rows of seat, it should be able to accommodate passengers and drivers quite conveniently. As one of the best 2023 small SUVs, expect a squarer roof and also longer rear side so two more people can fit into the ride. There is no information about the new technologies, price, and powertrains, but we should know everything right before the launch date.

DBX Coupe from Aston Martin
Source : Autocar.co.uk

03. Bugatti SUV

Although the name is more popular as a luxury brand, it also considers the possibility of launching an SUV. There has been a (long) rumor about Bugatti planning on developing a SUV line, aside from its Chiron hypercar. There is no exact information about the SUV, but rumor has it that it’s not just a regular SUV.

Consider it as a sport SUV with electric (all-electric type) chassis package. Rimac Automobili would be the one responsible for the supply. If there is anything similar to Rimac C_Two, it would boost the performance of Bugatti SUV’s performance to the highest level. The horsepower rating should have four-figure arrangement and top-notch performance to boost the road ability.

Bugatti SUV
Source : Autoevolution.com

04. Lamborghini Urus-Look-alike Small SUV

Just like Bugatti, Lambo is a name that is always associated with luxury and exclusivity. So, when the company decides that it is trying a new segment, it is pretty exciting as well as revolutionary. It’s a good thing that Lambo has managed a successful attempt with the Urus. The vehicle has become the talk of the industry – in positive manner, naturally.

But then again, Urus isn’t exactly a compact SUV, thanks to its 200 inches of length. Instead of being a small SUV, Urus is more like the full-size type. Well, this is the surprise. Apparently, Lambo has prepared a (special) version of the Urus, with more agile ability and shorter length.

Lamborghini Urus-Look-alike Small SUV
Source : Motor1.com

However, Lambo is still doubtful about the naming, because they have several options of it and they also have several performance package that suits the name. The first one is the Superleggera, which would be a fresh name, considered suitable for the existing SUV’s performance version. But there is also the Performante, whose idea is similar to the Huracan. And the last, there is the SV or SuperVeloce option. This is basically the small SUV version of Aventador. Well, no matter which one Lamborghini decides to produce, the new and shorter Urus would cost more than the Urus. The price for Urus itself is already breathtaking

05. Infiniti QX Inspiration

if you are familiar with Ariya concept vehicle (from Nissan), then you shouldn’t be confused about Infiniti QX Inspiration as it would be the premium version. The company has prepared a breakthrough production in 2022 (as well as the 2023), so it shouldn’t be a surprise if the Inspiration platform would include the (future) compact SUVs within the lineup, such as the QX50.

Infiniti QX Inspiration
Source : Motor1.com

Nissan has a plan to produce more electric vehicles for the future models. In 2021, they focus on implementing convention engines within the existing models. Afterwards, they will start the electrification era, starting from Inspiration, Monograph platform, Nissan Ariya, and also Warrior (truck) architecture. Don’t be confused by the prototype.

The wheels may be 22-inch in size, but the vehicle itself is 183 inches in length, so it is considered a compact SUVOpens in a new tab.. Although it is a sure thing that the SUV will be using electric motors (a pair of it), the company hasn’t said anything about the range. But with the promising features and abilities of the small SUV, you can include it into the best 2023 small SUVs.

06. Lyriq from Cadillac

This is the first electric SUV from GMC. After all, their motto is about the current state of their electric production. Among the many plans concerning the release of their 2023 model, the Cadillac Lyriq seems to be coming with already solid concept and plans. For now, the company is planning on the 2022 model, but there is always a possibility that it may finally be released as the 2023 model.

Lyriq from Cadillac
Source : Motorauthority.com

Well, whatever model it is, the SUV would be premium and it will be using electric power. The crossover would be using electric battery covering 300 miles of range. There is a possible lighter version, starting off with 50 kWh motor, lower price tag, and shrunk range. And as a premium SUV, expect premium features too within the interior cabin.


These are the options for the smaller SUV lines in the industry. Now you know the candidates for the best 2023 small SUVs.


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