2024 Lexus GX Redesign: Price, Release Date, Interior, Specs, Sale, Images

What’s happening to the future 2024 Lexus GX? Well, the second generation of GX has been around since long, so it’s due time for updates and changes. That’s why the 2024 redesign work is on its way, and the 2024 model would be ready by that time. Expect the next Lexus GX to arrive as a luxury vehicle, which goes hand-in-hand with the Land Cruiser Prado, set as the 2023 model. Many resources have stated that there would be changes happening to the 2024 model, so you should expect 2024 Lexus GX redesign work with spy photos.

The GX is a solid vehicle with a good look and impressive power. After it’s first launched, the vehicle is seriously in need of transformation and update, and this is what the 2024 redesign work is all about. It may not be a luxury ride with excessive (and grandeur) features, but you can be sure that the GX is comfortable and accommodative enough for safe driving and a comfortable trip.

2024 Lexus GX: Redesign, Review, Update & it’s Journey

The 2024 Lexus GX marks an exciting chapter in the history of this iconic luxury SUV. With a redesigned exterior, updated features, and a rich heritage, the GX continues to captivate automotive enthusiasts. In this article, we delve into the journey of the 2024 Lexus GX, highlighting its redesign, notable updates, and the enduring legacy that defines this remarkable vehicle.

2024 lexus gx review price overall cost release date specs interior images
2024 Lexus GX Redesign: Price, Release Date, Interior, Specs, Sale, Images
  • Redesign: The 2024 Lexus GX embraces a fresh and modern design language. Its exterior boasts a sleeker profile, bold lines, and a more aggressive front fascia. The distinctive spindle grille, accompanied by sleek LED headlights and taillights, adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the GX’s appearance. The redesigned body not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also improves aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.
  • Notable Updates: The 2024 GX comes equipped with advanced technology and luxurious features that elevate the driving experience. Inside the cabin, you’ll find a refined interior adorned with premium materials, comfortable seating, and cutting-edge infotainment systems. Additionally, the GX offers an array of driver-assistance features like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking for enhanced safety and convenience.
  • The Journey Continues: The 2024 Lexus GX carries forward the legacy of its predecessors, embodying the brand’s commitment to excellence and durability. With its renowned body-on-frame construction and robust off-road capabilities, the GX ensures a thrilling and reliable driving experience, whether traversing city streets or venturing into rugged terrains. Its powerful engine, advanced suspension system, and four-wheel drive capability make it a versatile companion for any journey.

What’s Redesign Work & 2024 Lexus GX Spy Photos

Rumor has it that it is GX 460 that will get the redesign touch-up. If you are thinking about getting a new car with impressive quality and promising performance, then the 2024 model all-new Lexus GX 460 would be the option. In fact, you should put it on the top side of your list. The ride has fancy exterior and luxurious (and exclusive) interior, earning it a luxury SUV designed as a family vehicle with sophisticated element.

2024 lexus gx review spy photos shots images
2024 Lexus GX Redesign: Price, Release Date, Interior, Specs, Sale, Images

Drivers should expect the newest Lexus GX to make quite a splash when it finally arrives in 2024. With combination of exciting exterior, luxurious design, high-end features, and promising performance, this model has tons of promising qualities and performances. No wonder if many auto experts and enthusiasts are looking forward for its availability.

Many can’t wait for the promised 2024 Lexus GX redesign work, because the new SUV would have a cutting edge performance and sleek styling. Will it be bigger? Definitely! Will it be better? Naturally, everything should be better, considering there are many updates and improvements being done to the SUV. The company claims that buyers should expect advanced technology and tons of luxury features although they haven’t said anything about the details of the offered specs or features.

2024 Lexus GX Overall Price or Cost and Release Date

2024 Lexus GX Overall Price or Cost

With the redesign work, expect the price for the 2024 model to increase from the previous model. You shouldn’t be surprised if the upcoming and all new Lexus GX may start from around $55,000. The new GS would be based on the (all new) Lexus LS platform. The offered unit would be the V8 unit or hybrid powertrain.

Hopefully, the new 2024 Lexus GX will be running on V8 unit for European and American market, but the hybrid should be offered in other areas. It’s possible that the company would also incorporate the V12 unit with 6.0 liter capacity (which was used within the previous generation), but this is only speculation as it still remains unclear of what kind of powertrain the company use for their GX.

2024 lexus gx overall price cost sale release date
2024 Lexus GX Redesign: Price, Release Date, Interior, Specs, Sale, Images

2024 Lexus GX Release Date or Ready for Sale

Because this new GX 460 is set as the 2024 model, you should expect this next generation SUV to be available by the end of 2023, or the very beginning of 2024 at the latest. Again, the company hasn’t said anything about the details of the upcoming GX but they promise that there would be different design incorporated within the new GX, along with punchier and more powerful powertrains.

It’s highly likely that they are going to utilize turbocharged unit for the new crossover. If that’s the case, then this new ride will have faster performance and more powerful outcome, especially when compared to the previous GX models.

According to Toyota, buyers can also expect hybrid version, but if they want the hybrid type, it would be ready in 2025. Hybrid technology won’t be offered before 2025, so you should be content with the regular arrangement only.

What are the New Design in 2024 Lexus GX?

The new vehicle would be coming with big windows, slightly (raked) D-pillars, simple doors, broad body, and a boxy structure. The vehicle’s DNA would be new, along with L-shaped DRL, sleeker headlamps, and new designed grille. There is an extended hood for the new logo. In the cabin, the dashboard would be smaller and slimmer with new buttons being arranged in new configuration. Further details would be revealed soon about the 2024 Lexus GX.

2024 lexus gx review new design development
2024 Lexus GX Redesign: Price, Release Date, Interior, Specs, Sale, Images

2024 Lexus GX: The Claimed Evolutionary Design

The new Lexus GX would come with revolutionary design, and it will change the way luxury SUVs is being viewed and perceived. Not only the new GX would come with sleeker design, but it will support better aerodynamics. When compared to the previous model, these two factors are definitely better and more improved. Rumor has it that the new SUV would have prominent grille and also angular headlights.

The GX is bigger (when compared to the current one), focusing more on sportier design and more imposing existence. There would be a reshaped rear (quarter) glass panels, shark-fin antenna, and also rounded side mirrors. More details would be available and revealed soon. The interior would be somewhat more modern with more luxurious vibe, and expect to have more safety features and the newest advanced technology.

2024 Lexus GX: Interior Design and Comfort

The 2024 Lexus GX combines elegant design with luxurious comfort to create an exceptional interior space. From premium materials to innovative features, the interior of the GX is crafted to provide a first-class driving experience. In this article, we will explore the interior design and comfort aspects of the 2024 Lexus GX.

2024 lexus gx review interior design specs images
2024 Lexus GX Redesign: Price, Release Date, Interior, Specs, Sale, Images
2024 lexus gx review interior specs images
2024 Lexus GX Redesign: Price, Release Date, Interior, Specs, Sale, Images
  • Sophisticated Design: The interior of the 2024 Lexus GX is meticulously crafted with attention to detail. The cabin features high-quality materials, including soft-touch surfaces, supple leather upholstery, and rich wood trim. The sleek and modern design elements create an ambiance of refined luxury that elevates the overall driving experience.
  • Spaciousness and Versatility: The GX offers generous space for both passengers and cargo. The second and third-row seats can be easily folded to create additional cargo space, providing versatility for various transportation needs.
  • Advanced Comfort Features: Lexus has equipped the 2024 GX with a range of comfort features to enhance the driving experience. These include heated and ventilated front seats, multi-zone climate control, and power-adjustable seats with memory settings. The advanced suspension system of the GX ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, even on rough terrain.
  • Technology and Connectivity: The GX offers a host of innovative technology features to keep passengers entertained and connected. The infotainment system includes a large touchscreen display, smartphone integration, and a premium audio system. When it is paired with the advanced interface infotainment system from LexusOpens in a new tab. (complete with its 12.3 inch touchscreen with floating mode), the overall ambiance is definitely promising. Additionally, the GX provides convenient features like wireless charging and multiple USB ports for seamless connectivity.

2024 Lexus GX: Exterior Design

The 2024 Lexus GX combines luxury and ruggedness in its exterior design, making a bold statement on the road. With its distinctive styling cues and attention to detail, the GX stands out as a sophisticated SUV built to withstand challenging terrains. In this article, we will explore the notable exterior design elements that define the 2024 Lexus GX.

2024 lexus gx review exterior specs images
2024 Lexus GX Redesign: Price, Release Date, Interior, Specs, Sale, Images
2024 lexus gx review exterior design specs images
2024 Lexus GX Redesign: Price, Release Date, Interior, Specs, Sale, Images
  • Striking Front Fascia: The front fascia of the 2024 Lexus GX exudes confidence and elegance. The signature spindle grille, flanked by sleek LED headlights, creates a commanding presence. The grille’s bold design, combined with chrome accents and a sculpted hood, gives the GX an unmistakable identity on the road.
  • Robust Body Structure: Built on a sturdy body-on-frame architecture, the 2024 GX offers exceptional durability and off-road capabilities. The body structure not only enhances safety but also contributes to the SUV’s rugged appearance. With muscular wheel arches, prominent fender flares, and chrome-accented side mirrors, the GX exudes a sense of strength and adventure.
  • Premium Lighting Features: The 2024 Lexus GX incorporates advanced lighting features that enhance both aesthetics and functionality. LED taillights with intricate design elements not only improve visibility but also leave a lasting impression. The distinctive illuminated door handles not only provide convenience at night but also add a touch of luxury to the overall exterior design.
  • Aerodynamic Excellence: Despite its robust and imposing presence, the 2024 GX pays attention to aerodynamics. Carefully sculpted lines, smooth body contours, and strategically placed aerodynamic features contribute to improved fuel efficiency and reduced wind noise, making the GX a well-rounded SUV.

2024 Lexus GX: Engine, Transmission, Acceleration & Power

The 2024 Lexus GX is a luxurious SUV that combines style, comfort, and powerful performance. With its robust engine, smooth transmission, impressive acceleration, and ample power, the GX offers a thrilling driving experience. In this article, we will delve into the engine specifications, transmission options, acceleration capabilities, and power outputs of the 2024 Lexus GX.

2024 lexus gx review engine options configurations power
2024 Lexus GX Redesign: Price, Release Date, Interior, Specs, Sale, Images
  • Engine: Under the hood, the 2024 Lexus GX boasts a 4.6-liter V8 engine, delivering an exhilarating performance. This engine generates 301 horsepower and 329 lb-ft of torque, providing ample power for both on-road cruising and off-road adventures. The V8 engine ensures a seamless and responsive driving experience.
  • Transmission: The 2024 GX comes equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission that enhances the overall driving dynamics. The smooth and efficient transmission seamlessly transfers power to all four wheels, ensuring optimal performance and control in various driving conditions.
  • Acceleration: The powerful engine combined with the responsive transmission enables the 2024 GX to accelerate swiftly. It achieves a 0 to 60 mph acceleration in around 7.8 seconds, showcasing its ability to swiftly merge into highway traffic or overtake slower vehicles.
  • Power and Towing Capacity: With its capable engine and sturdy construction, the 2024 Lexus GX offers a substantial power output and impressive towing capacity. It has a maximum towing capacity of up to 6,500 pounds, making it suitable for hauling trailers, boats, or other recreational vehicles.

2024 Lexus GX: Wheels, Tires & Brakes

The 2024 Lexus GX is a luxury SUV that combines elegance with off-road capability. As an integral part of the vehicle’s performance and safety, the wheels, tires, and brakes of the GX are engineered to provide a smooth and secure driving experience. In this article, we will explore the specifications and features of the 2024 Lexus GX in terms of its wheels, tires, and brakes.

  • Wheels: The 2024 Lexus GX comes with stylish and durable alloy wheels that enhance both the aesthetics and performance of the vehicle. These wheels are available in various sizes, typically ranging from 18 to 19 inches, depending on the trim level. The GX’s wheels are meticulously designed to withstand the rigors of both on-road and off-road driving, ensuring a comfortable and stable ride.
  • Tires: Equipped with all-terrain tires, the 2024 Lexus GX is ready to tackle various road conditions. These tires provide excellent grip and traction, enabling the GX to handle different terrains with confidence. The all-terrain tires strike a balance between on-road comfort and off-road capability, ensuring a smooth and controlled driving experience in any environment.
  • Brakes: The braking system of the 2024 Lexus GX is designed to deliver reliable stopping power and enhanced safety. The GX features a sophisticated anti-lock braking system (ABS) that prevents the wheels from locking up during sudden braking, allowing the driver to maintain control. Additionally, the GX is equipped with electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) and brake assist (BA) systems, which optimize brake-force distribution and provide additional assistance in emergency braking situations.

2024 Lexus GX: Performance and Handling

The 2024 Lexus GX is a luxury SUV that combines elegance with exceptional performance and handling capabilities. Designed to deliver a smooth and powerful driving experience, the GX offers a range of features and technologies that enhance its performance on both city streets and off-road adventures. In this article, we will explore the performance and handling characteristics that make the 2024 Lexus GX a standout choice in its class.

  • Robust Engine Power: The 2024 Lexus GX is equipped with a formidable engine, typically a V8. The engine’s responsiveness ensures a dynamic driving experience, whether merging onto highways or maneuvering through challenging terrains.
  • Advanced Suspension System: The GX boasts an advanced suspension system that combines comfort with stability. With features like adaptive variable suspension, the vehicle adapts to road conditions, delivering a smooth and controlled ride. This suspension system also enhances off-road performance by providing optimal traction and stability on uneven terrain.
  • Off-Road Capability: The 2024 Lexus GX is engineered to tackle off-road adventures with confidence. It features a full-time four-wheel drive system, a robust frame, and advanced off-road technologies such as Multi-Terrain Select and Crawl Control. These systems allow the GX to traverse challenging landscapes while maintaining control and stability.
  • Precise Handling: Despite its size, the 2024 GX exhibits precise and confident handling. The vehicle’s precise steering and well-tuned chassis contribute to its nimble maneuverability, making it easy to navigate through tight turns and crowded urban environments.

2024 Lexus GX: Trim Levels

The 2024 Lexus GX is a luxury SUV that offers a range of trim levels, each designed to cater to different preferences and needs. With a perfect blend of elegance, performance, and advanced features, the Lexus GX provides a versatile driving experience. In this article, we will explore the various trim levels available for the 2024 Lexus GX, highlighting their unique features and benefits.

  • Base Trim: The base trim of the 2024 Lexus GX sets the foundation for luxury and performance. It comes equipped with features like leather upholstery, tri-zone automatic climate control, a power-adjustable driver’s seat, and a high-resolution infotainment system with smartphone integration. Additionally, it offers advanced safety features such as forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and lane departure warning.
  • Premium Trim: The premium trim of the 2024 Lexus GX enhances the luxury and comfort of the SUV. It includes all the features of the base trim and adds amenities such as a sunroof, heated and ventilated front seats, a navigation system, and a premium audio system. The premium trim also offers additional safety features like blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert.
  • Luxury Trim: The luxury trim of the 2024 Lexus GX elevates the SUV to new heights of opulence. It includes all the features of the premium trim and adds enhancements like semi-aniline leather upholstery, heated second-row seats, a wood-trimmed steering wheel, and a rear-seat entertainment system. The luxury trim also offers a range of advanced driver-assistance features for added safety and convenience.

2024 Lexus GX: Security Characteristics

The 2024 Lexus GX is a luxurious SUV that not only offers exceptional performance and comfort but also prioritizes the safety and security of its occupants. With advanced security features and cutting-edge technology, the GX sets new standards in vehicular security. In this article, we will explore the security characteristics that make the 2024 Lexus GX a reliable choice for discerning drivers.

  • Robust Anti-Theft System: The 2024 Lexus GX is equipped with a comprehensive anti-theft system designed to deter theft and protect your investment. This system includes features such as an alarm system, engine immobilizer, and a vehicle tracking system. With these advanced security measures, the GX provides peace of mind, ensuring your vehicle remains secure at all times.
  • Advanced Safety Features: The 2024 GX prioritizes the safety of its occupants with a wide range of advanced safety features. These include adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, forward collision warning with pedestrian detection, and blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert. These technologies work together to prevent accidents and mitigate potential risks, making every journey in the GX safer.
  • Secure Access and Connectivity: The 2024 Lexus GX offers secure access and connectivity options to protect your personal information. With features like keyless entry with push-button start and encrypted Bluetooth pairing, you can enjoy convenient access while safeguarding against unauthorized entry. The GX also provides secure connectivity options, ensuring the privacy and security of your data while connecting to your smartphone or other devices.

2024 Lexus GX: Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Luxurious and Comfortable: The 2024 Lexus GX offers a premium interior with high-quality materials, comfortable seating, and advanced features, providing a luxurious driving experience
  • Off-Road Capability: The GX excels in off-road performance with its robust four-wheel drive system, adjustable suspension, and advanced traction control, allowing for confident exploration of challenging terrains
  • Advanced Safety Features: The 2024 GX comes equipped with a wide range of advanced safety features, including adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and a comprehensive airbag system, prioritizing the safety of occupants
  • Reliability and Durability: Lexus has a reputation for producing reliable and long-lasting vehicles, and the GX is no exception, providing peace of mind and a high level of durability


  • Fuel Efficiency: The GX’s larger size and powerful engine result in lower fuel efficiency compared to some of its competitors, making it less economical for daily commuting
  • Limited Cargo Space: While the GX offers ample room for passengers, the cargo space is somewhat limited, which may be a drawback for those requiring extensive hauling capabilities
  • Outdated Infotainment System: The GX’s infotainment system lacks the modern features and user-friendly interface found in some rival SUVs, potentially impacting the overall driving experience

Upcoming Platform of 2024 Lexus GX

If everything goes as planned, then third generation 2024 Lexus GX would be coming with its ladder frame construction. But its body on frame structure on the luxury SUV will adopt the GA-F, which is the new platform available in TNGA family.

The GA-F platform has been used in the new Land Cruiser, and it enables the car to achieve lower center of gravity, leading to better axle weight distribution. When Land Cruiser 300 is being constructed on TNGA architecture, it improves safety, handling, noise insulation, and comfort. Its frame and body is more rigid up to 20%, way better than the LC200, with a lighter body of up to 200 kg. The new Lexus GX should benefit from these aspects too when it uses GA-F platform. It is expected to boost the dynamics.

The future Prado will come with mild-hybrid and full-hybrid options. The mild-hybrid type would be running on diesel unit of 2.8 liter capacity, while the full-hybrid one would be using the gas unit with 2.5 liter capacity. It’s possible that LexusOpens in a new tab. will ‘borrow’ the next electrified gas unit for the next generation GX.

People May Ask: FAQs

What are the engine options available in the 2024 Lexus GX?

The 2024 GX comes with a powerful 4.6-liter V8 engine, delivering impressive performance and towing capacity.

Does the 2024 GX have off-road capabilities?

Yes, the GX is equipped with advanced off-road features such as full-time four-wheel drive, multi-terrain select, and a Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System for superior off-road performance.

What safety features are available in the 2024 Lexus GX?

The 2024 GX offers a range of safety features, including adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, and a comprehensive airbag system.

How is the reliability of the 2024 GX?

Lexus is known for its reputation for reliability, and the GX is built with high-quality materials and components, providing a reliable and durable SUV.

Is the 2024 GX suitable for family use?

Yes, the GX offers a spacious and luxurious cabin, seating for up to seven passengers, and various entertainment and convenience features, making it ideal for family use.


The 2024 Lexus GX is a remarkable luxury SUV that offers a combination of comfort, off-road capability, and advanced safety features. With its premium interior, impressive off-road performance, and reliable build quality, the GX delivers a luxurious driving experience. However, it is important to consider the drawbacks such as its lower fuel efficiency, limited cargo space, and outdated infotainment system. Ultimately, the decision to choose the 2024 Lexus GX will depend on individual preferences and priorities. If you value luxury, off-road capability, and prioritize safety, the GX is an excellent choice. However, if fuel efficiency and ample cargo space are crucial factors for you, exploring other options may be worth considering.

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