2024 Lexus GX Redesign: What are All Improvements Expected from this Car?

What’s happening to the future 2024 Lexus GX? Well, the second generation of GX has been around since 2009, so it’s due time for updates and changes. That’s why the 2024 redesign work is on its way, and the 2024 model would be ready by that time. Expect the next Lexus GX to arrive as a luxury vehicle, which goes hand-in-hand with the Land Cruiser Prado, set as the 2023 model. Many resources have stated that there would be changes happening to the 2024 model, so you should expect 2024 Lexus GX redesign work with spy photos.

The GX is a solid vehicle with good look and impressive power. After it’s first launched, the vehicle is seriously in need of transformation and update, and this is what the 2024 redesign work is all about. It may not be a luxury ride with excessive (and grandeur) features, but you can be sure that the GX is comfortable and accommodative enough for safe driving and comfortable trip.

Upcoming Platform of 2024 Lexus GX

If everything goes as planned, then third generation 2024 Lexus GX would be coming with its ladder frame construction. But its body on frame structure on the luxury SUV will adopt the GA-F, which is the new platform available in TNGA family.

The GA-F platform has been used in the new Land Cruiser, and it enables the car to achieve lower center of gravity, leading to better axle weight distribution. When Land Cruiser 300 is being constructed on TNGA architecture, it improves safety, handling, noise insulation, and comfort. Its frame and body is more rigid up to 20%, way better than the LC200, with lighter body up to 200 kg. The new Lexus GX should benefit from these aspects too when it uses GA-F platform. It is expected to boost the dynamics.

New 2024 Lexus GX
Source : Thecarconnection.com

The future Prado will come with mild-hybrid and full-hybrid options. The mild-hybrid type would be running on diesel unit of 2.8 liter capacity, while the full-hybrid one would be using the gas unit with 2.5 liter capacity. It’s possible that Lexus will ‘borrow’ the next electrified gas unit for the next generation GX.

What are Expected Release Date of 2024 Lexus GX?

Because this new GX 460 is set as the 2024 model, you should expect this next generation SUV to be available by the end of 2023, or the very beginning of 2024 at the latest. Again, the company hasn’t said anything about the details of the upcoming GX but they promise that there would be different design incorporated within the new GX, along with punchier and more powerful powertrains.

It’s highly likely that they are going to utilize turbocharged unit for the new crossover. If that’s the case, then this new ride will have faster performance and more powerful outcome, especially when compared to the previous GX models.

2024 Lexus GX Redesign
Source : Motor1.com

According to Toyota, buyers can also expect hybrid version, but if they want the hybrid type, it would be ready in 2025. Hybrid technology won’t be offered before 2025, so you should be content with the regular arrangement only.

2024 Lexus GX: Is Pricing Matter?

With the redesign work, expect the price for the 2024 model to increase from the previous model. You shouldn’t be surprised if the upcoming and all new Lexus GX may start from around $55,000. The new GS would be based on the (all new) Lexus LS platform. The offered unit would be the V8 unit or hybrid powertrain.

Hopefully, the new 2024 Lexus GX will be running on V8 unit for European and American market, but the hybrid should be offered in other areas. It’s possible that the company would also incorporate the V12 unit with 6.0 liter capacity (which was used within the previous generation), but this is only speculation as it still remains unclear of what kind of powertrain the company use for their GX.

2024 Lexus GX 460
Source : Motor1.com

What are the New Design in 2024 Lexus GX?

The new vehicle would be coming with big windows, slightly (raked) D-pillars, simple doors, broad body, and a boxy structure. The vehicle’s DNA would be new, along with L-shaped DRL, sleeker headlamps, and new designed grille. There is an extended hood for the new logo. In the cabin, the dashboard would be smaller and slimmer with new buttons being arranged in new configuration. Further details would be revealed soon about the 2024 Lexus GX.

What’s Redesign Work & 2024 Lexus GX Spy Photos

Rumor has it that it is GX 460 that will get the redesign touch-up. If you are thinking about getting a new car with impressive quality and promising performance, then the 2024 model all-new Lexus GX 460 would be the option. In fact, you should put it on the top side of your list. The ride has fancy exterior and luxurious (and exclusive) interior, earning it a luxury SUV designed as a family vehicle with sophisticated element.

Drivers should expect the newest Lexus GX to make quite a splash when it finally arrives in 2024. With combination of exciting exterior, luxurious design, high-end features, and promising performance, this model has tons of promising qualities and performances. No wonder if many auto experts and enthusiasts are looking forward for its availability.

2024 Lexus GX Redesign
Source : Motor1.com

Many can’t wait for the promised 2024 Lexus GX redesign work, because the new SUV would have a cutting edge performance and sleek styling. Will it be bigger? Definitely! Will it be better? Naturally, everything should be better, considering there are many updates and improvements being done to the SUV. The company claims that buyers should expect advanced technology and tons of luxury features although they haven’t said anything about the details of the offered specs or features.

2024 Lexus GX: The Claimed Evolutionary Design

The new Lexus GX would come with revolutionary design, and it will change the way luxury SUVs is being viewed and perceived. Not only the new GX would come with sleeker design, but it will support better aerodynamics. When compared to the previous model, these two factors are definitely better and more improved. Rumor has it that the new SUV would have prominent grille and also angular headlights.

The GX is bigger (when compared to the current one), focusing more on sportier design and more imposing existence. There would be a reshaped rear (quarter) glass panels, shark-fin antenna, and also rounded side mirrors. More details would be available and revealed soon. The interior would be somewhat more modern with more luxurious vibe, and expect to have more safety features and the newest advanced technology.

2024 Lexus GX Spy Photos
Source : Thetorquereport.com

The Interior Design of 2024 Lexus GX

The interior for Lexus GX would be coming with slimmer dashboard and smaller designed buttons. They would be neatly laid out and arranged. When it is paired with the advanced interface infotainment system from Lexus (complete with its 12.3 inch touchscreen with floating mode), the overall ambiance is definitely promising. As a result, the interior cabin will have high-tech appeal land more luxurious arrangement. Expect to find an enhanced (and better) driving experience in GX, allowing you to gain easy (and direct) access to all functions and features while being on the road.

2024 Lexus GX Interior
Source : Carscoops.com

You won’t be disappointed with the new infotainment system because the 2024 model has been designed as the most advanced system – even better than the current models. The interface isn’t only intuitive, but also sleek. It is user friendly with easy to use system, providing access to various functions and features. Expect to get more info about 2024 Lexus GX redesign soon.


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