Genesis GV70 EV: A Great Fantasy for it’s Ultra-Fast Charging, High-Power Boost Mode

Genesis has joined the electric cars bandwagon and it is time for the Genesis GV70 EV model to get the same treatment. Genesis already announced two of its electric cars the G80 Sedan and the GV60 an all electric SUV.

With its familiar styling, eco-friendly interior and ultra-fast charging capability, the GV70 electric vehicle boasts a high output Boost Mode and low drive torque.

Power and Performance of Genesis GV70 EV

Genesis will introduce a brand new nameplate, the Electrified GV70, as a new nameplate to its line-up in 2023, with sales starting somewhere in late 2022 for the Electrified GV70. The Electrified GV70 will be standard with all-wheel drive, and to ensure that it is able to achieve that, it will use two motors, one on each axle, to achieve that.

genesis gv70 ev brings ultra fast charging high power boost
Genesis GV70 EV brings ultra fast charging high power boost Image: Google

According to the manufacturer, the maximum horsepower is 483 horsepower. With its 4.5 second acceleration time of 60 mph, the Genesis Electrified GV70 would be the fastest compact SUV available. Tests revealed that it took 4.9 seconds for the 2022 GV70 with the optional twin-turbo V-6 to reach 60 mph.

Using a Boost Mode setting, the SUV should generate 360 kilowatts of power, which is equivalent to 483 horsepower. Boost Mode, also available on the Genesis GV60, boosts the SUV’s power output with the touch of a button; the GV70 is expected to sprint from 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds when the mode is activated.

A dual motor, all wheel drive setup will be the only vehicle configuration Genesis says it will offer for the GV70. The purpose of this is to maximize the range, which is undisclosed

As part of the Disconnector Actuator System, the vehicle automatically switches between two-wheel drive and all wheel drive depending on the driving conditions. As an additional feature of the vehicle, a regenerative braking system optimizes efficiency, depending on the driving conditions, and enables one-pedal operation.

Interior Cargo and Comfort of the Genesis GV70 EV

It is expected that the EV version of the GV70 will have an interior that will be similar to the gasoline version, which means it will have an impressive design and upscale ambiance. It appears that the Electrified GV70 will have a comfortable interior space although Genesis has not released details on its trunk space or photos of it.

genesis gv70 ev brings ultra fast charging interior cargo
Genesis GV70 EV: A Great Fantasy for it's Ultra-Fast Charging, High-Power Boost Mode

Just like the gas model, the interior layout of the GV70 EV remains the same as the one of the gas model.  The car boasts an interior that is finished in Glacier White and features eco-friendly materials, such as recycled nylon and wool woven seats, inside the vehicle. Despite the fact that the cockpit layout of the new GV70 looks the same as the current one with its standard 14.5-inch multimedia touchscreen display, 8-inch digital instrument cluster, and shift-by-wire system dial in the center console, it appears to be the same as the new GV70.

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Connectivity and the Infotainment features of the Genesis GV70 EV

This car is equipped with a large widescreen infotainment display that takes pride of place on the dashboard and runs the latest version of Genesis’s software interface. A Wi-Fi hotspot as well as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and even a Wi-Fi hotspot are all expected to be included as standard equipment, and Lexicon stereo systems should be included on the options sheet as well.

genesis gv70 ev brings ultra fast charging connectivity
Genesis GV70 EV: A Great Fantasy for it's Ultra-Fast Charging, High-Power Boost Mode

Range, Battery life, and Charging of Genesis GV70 EV

Despite the fact that Genesis has not yet disclosed information about the Electrified GV70’s battery pack or the driving range, it is estimated that the SUV will be able to travel about 300 miles on a single charge, but the company has confirmed that it will get a very fast onboard charger.

With the system’s 350 kW charging rate, Genesis claims that the battery will be charged from 10 percent to 80 percent in less than 20 minutes at a public charging station, thanks to the system’s rapid charging technology

This rapid charging system allows the GV70 to charge its battery from 10% to 80% in just under 20 minutes thanks to its 800-volt rapid-charging system.

genesis gv70 ev brings ultra fast charging battery range
Genesis GV70 EV: A Great Fantasy for it's Ultra-Fast Charging, High-Power Boost Mode

The GV70 EV comes equipped with a load to vehicle feature, which enables it to be charged using a 3.6 kW charge to power a variety of electric appliances outside the vehicle. It is worth noting, however, that the Ford F-150 hybrid, with its Pro Power Onboard system, can be used as a 7.2 kW generator when it is in hybrid mode.

Warranty of the car

Hyundai, the company from which Genesis is derived, offers a very attractive warranty policy across the board. As part of the warranty coverage, the GV70 comes with a five year or 60,000 mile warranty, 10 years or 100,000 mile powertrain coverage, as well as complimentary scheduled maintenance for 36000 miles or 3 years.

Pricing of the car

Genesis is not specifying pricing or when it expects the electrified GV70 to arrive in North America. The company says more information about the GV70 will be available at a later date, as it will compete in a rapidly growing field of electric sports utility vehiclesOpens in a new tab..

As of right now, the Genesis GV70, which is powered by gas, will start at $42,045 when it is released in 2022. So by looking at the competition and previous pricing of Genesis models, the price might be around $55,000 for the base variant.


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