Reveal BMW 7 2023 Fascinating Design Soon Before 2023

The BMW 7 2023 next generation will be one of the most fascinating cars to reveal before 2023. Josef Kaban, The BMW Opens in a new tab.Chief Desiger, was interviewed short after taking over the BMW design duties. He stated that BMW 7 2023 next gen will go out of the safe design, meaning that there will be changes and fresh design on the forthcoming model.

The recent spy photos taken on the model prototype show that this new limousine will definitely stand out. There will be safe and evolutionary design which is specifically done on the large kidney grille. So, it can be assumed that this model will continue to have the path of boldness and daring designs.


The design changes include the split headlights along with the revised grille which is even bigger in size, and some classic BMW old-school style but more rectangular body shape. BMW 7 2023 that will be probably launched in 2003 comes with the sportiness, luxury and sophistication. However, an extra trait shows the higher tech.

We can get the clues from the recent spy photos. Definitely, there are some additional details added behind the camouflage or through the body panels. This way, BMW 7 2023 is a rendering artist that master the digital camouflage well, allowing us to know get an early look at its design.

New BMW 7 2023
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Interior and Exterior

Some of the interior changes include the steering wheel with its industrial-looking metallic lower spoke along with the touch-sensitive controls. Looking at the spy photos closely allows for capturing the side of the steering wheels rim having curved ornamentation.

There is not anything shocking at the rear but the taillights design will be different from the current model. It seems that this trial car has a restrained design especially for the rear bumper, trim level and appearance package.

BMW 7 2023 Redesign
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The lower center console space which host the iDrive controller seems to be different from the IX series. However, 2023 BMW 7 series’ interior looks rather less expensive. Though you may look at the photos and find the details, you may not recognize the final production of the car.

Based on our photographers, the car is a regular combustion-powered model. Meanwhile, all electric types of the 2023 BMW 7 series will surely develop an identical exterior design. This way, all the models will be designed according to the new platform that is just the same to the iX architecture.


The production version is expected to come in 2022 with its use of gasoline, diesel, plug-in hybrid and fully electric powertrain. However, V12 and M760 will not be used anymore. Instead, the car will likely use to use battery-powered version. The electric motors could produce around 660 horsepower.

BMW 7 2022 Price
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Final Words

Finally, this BMW 7 2023 will be released in its fascinating design as the next generation of 7 series. It is likely predicted that the model will come out next year. The late of 2021 or the early 2022 will be the year when you can prove the design changes.


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