The Completely New Design for 2023 Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger has gained its own popularity as the tough and trusted mid-size pickup truck, so it should be interesting to learn that there is a new 2023 Ford Ranger on the way. Ford has planned on redesigning this line for the 2023 model. It’s highly likely that the bigger F-150 would be the inspiration of the redesign theme. Expect the new Ranger to be bolder and tougher on the front-end appearance. Although Ford hasn’t released much information about this line (well, except for several teaser photos), but you can expect tons of many good things from this manly pickup truck.

The Updated Plan

Again, since Ford hasn’t said anything about their new 2023 Ford Ranger, many auto enthusiasts can only predict, guess, and expect. For the powertrain, for instance, the new Ranger may be using the same four cylinder turbocharged unit with 2.3 liter capacity, which is just the same as the current one (with its standard rear wheel driving system). It’s also possible that Ford gives optional four wheel driving system and also a hybrid unit. From the teaser images, there are two possible distinct body styles with rear half doors, crew and extended cab four door, and others.

2023 Ford Ranger Price
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Price and Release Date

If everything goes as planned, the Ranger debut would start from around November the 24th 2021, which means that sales will soon follow. FordOpens in a new tab. has officially confirmed the debut within the date, but it is being focused on the Australian market.

There are four different trims being offered, with four different price tags. The basic XL will likely start from around $27,000 while the higher XLT would be around $31,000. The Lariat would be sold at around $35,000 while the highest one, the Tremor, would be set around $40,000.

2023 Ford Ranger Interior
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Ford hasn’t released the details about each trim’s specifications and standard features, and all of these price tags are just estimation or prediction, so none of them are true. For has officially confirmed that Ranger would be revealed

Powertrain and Performance

The new Ranger would likely use the same power arrangement, which means that the four cylinder turbocharged unit with 2.3 liter capacity would be incorporated. So far, such power arrangement has been proven solid enough to haul such a mid-size vehicle. And just like the Maverick pickup type, the new Ranger will have a hybrid powertrain soon although the exact data or period is yet unrevealed.

New 2023 Ford Ranger
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The powertrain for Ranger is something that most auto enthusiasts love. The arrangement with auto 10 speed transmission is solid enough to deliver powerful towing (and also hauling) abilities as well as the swift and responsive acceleration. Fuel economy system is pretty decent; if not impressive. Ford’s plan to maintain the engine is smart enough. At least, people won’t be disappointed about it. If Ranger is going to take inspiration from F-250, it’s even possible that Ranger would have the battery-powered version. And although Ford provides diesel power in some of the auto markets, such option may not be available within the American auto market.

Pros and Cons

Some of the greatest things about this new Ranger are the possibility of electric and hybrid powertrains, along with the fact that it is actually a new and a ‘fresh’ truck. Expect improvements on driver assist as well as the technologies to make driving experience fun and exciting.

On the downsides, though, Ranger may not be as efficient as Maverick. It isn’t as powerful (or capable) as the F-250. Moreover, the specs for American market are still yet to be determined. However, if you want a mid-size (pickup) truck with good performance and completely new design, then you should wait for 2023 Ford Ranger.


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