The Promising New 2024 Range Rover Sport

There has been a solid (and official) confirmation about the 2024 Range Rover Sport, following some spyshots of the suspected Sport going through the testing stage. It’s confirmed that Land Rover is testing their new generations of Range Rover, including the Sport. The latest spyshots have shown that the company has the Sport out there, especially for the SVR trim.

About Range Rover Sport

The current Sport SVR has been one of the most likable performance crossovers ever existed in the industry. The increasing popularity doesn’t happen without a good reason. One of the most crucial factors is the perfect combo of track capability and luxury factor. It’s safe to say that Range Rover Sport has been proven as a crossover that isn’t only promising and fast, but also exclusive, comfortable, and plush. Imagine what the upcoming 2024 model would be if the current one already supports such good traits. You can only imagine how good the 2024 model will be since those qualities would be improved.

2024 Range Rover Sport Redesign
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The Suspected Sport SVR

A lot of auto enthusiasts and experts are sure that the spotted prototype is the SVR, mostly because of the signature style on the extra intakes (on the front fascia) along with the diffuser, which is connected and integrated to the rear fascia. It houses good looking exhaust tips pair which would be located on either side. If you take a closer look, you will see enlarged calipers and also brake rotors filling the wheels.

2024 Range Rover Sport Svr
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Land RoverOpens in a new tab. has prepared a special architecture platform for the Range Rover as well as the Sport, considering that they are redesigning it. It could be coming with Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) architecture that has special design so that both electric powertrains and internal combustion can fit nicely. Not to mention that it is lighter from the platform it replaces, which is the D7 platform. The lighter feature is crucial because it will assist 2024 Range Rover Sport SVR in performance improvement and aerodynamics.

Powertrain and Performance

The SVR will likely run on V8 supercharged unit with 5.0 liter capacity, which is also used in Jaguar Land Rover, but it’s more likely that the V8 is Beemer-sourced. This V8 supercharged unit is able to generate 575 hp and 516 Nm of torque. Besides such a powerful unit, the redesigned Sport SVR can make use of the tweaks done to the anti-roll system, suspension, and also transmission.

2024 Range Rover Sport Electric
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It is SVO that is responsible for SVR development. SVO is the special personalization department for Jaguar Land Rover. Any ride with SVR tags would be competing against AMG Mercy, Beemer M, and Audi Sport. Competitors for (Range Rover) Sport SVR would include X6 M Beemer, Mercy Coupe AMG GLE63, and also RS Q8 Audi. Buyers may also consider Cayenne Turbo Coupe from Porsche and Urus from Lambo.

Release Date and Price

For the release date, Land Rover has its own schedule. The regular Range Rover is set as the 2023 model, which means that it would launch somewhere in 2022. The Range Rover Sport SVR is designed as the 2024 model, meaning that it will launch a year after the launch to Range Rover takes place. Expect the launch to take place sometime in 2023, followed by sales period soon enough.

For price range, there is no confirmation or information about it. We need to remember that the Sport SVR is still in the development stage, meaning that we should know more about the details about it. It’s also possible that some of the known details would change soon enough. Let’s just wait and see for further details of 2024 Range Rover Sport.


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