What’s the New Plan for 2024 Toyota Sequoia?

What’s the New Plan for 2024 Toyota Sequoia? What will you expect from it?

Here’s the thing: For some people, the 2024 Toyota Sequoia is also known as the 2023 model, considering that it would start be introduced on the second half of 2022. Despite the timeline, some people say that it would be a 2024 model. So, don’t confuse the year of the model and simply focus on the good features and advanced technologies only, shall we?


The new Sequoia would be constructed with body on frame platform, and having a full boxy frame. This is the same constructed as the Tundra. This platform is known as the TNGA-F, and it was first used in (ToyotaOpens in a new tab.) Land Cruiser 300, which is now being used by Lexus LX.

2024 Toyota Sequoia
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Just like Tundra, the upcoming Sequoia would get an independent front suspension. It will also adopt a new electronic steering system (with rack mounted system) that would significantly improve the steering wheel. Moreover, it will also get AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension) and Rear Height Load Leveling Control Air Suspension which would affect the towing ability, and improving it altogether.

Interior Cabin

In terms of interior, the Sequoia would be quite similar to the Tundra. However, some of the plastic elements and trims would be ‘decorated’ with glossy paint or faux wood panels to meet buyers’ demands. Expect captain’s chair or the bench seat for the second row, designed to boost comfort and luggage carrying capacity. The third one would have reclining abilities, allowing around 6 inches of adjustment control and range to take place. There is also adjustable (cargo) shelf system with folding third row seats (this is optional) to ensure cargo and its effective storage, regardless the sizes and configurations.

2024 Toyota Sequoia Price
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The Capstone

Just like Tundra, the new 2024 Toyota Sequoia would be offered in new Capstone grade too. This one is offered as a luxurious type, having extra comfort and sophisticated style. It comes with unique accents (from chrome) and also bigger wheels up to 22 inches. Thanks to extra features, it will have an upscale and better appearance. For the interior, expect the similar luxury to be found too. With perforated black and white seats, Capstone logo (on the dash), luxury grade stuff, and exclusive (acoustic) glass for the front doors, the Sequoia will definitely look more luxurious. Let’s not forget that the center console and the dashboard (on the passenger side) would be accented with American Walnut, and topped off with open pore finish.

Powertrain and Performance

The upcoming Sequoia should be coming with V6 hybrid twin-turbo iForce Max unit with 3.5 liter capacity, which can generate 437 hp and 583 Nm of torque. This arrangement is also used by the Tundra. It is paired with auto 10 speed transmission, with the motor being placed inside the bell housing. The bell housing itself is set between the transmission and the engine. In Tundra, they are using the Nickel-Metal 288V hydride battery.

2024 Toyota Sequoia Trd Pro
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Although Toyota hasn’t mentioned the numbers for their fuel efficiency, they assure that it would be a huge improvement from the current one. It is offered as a two or four wheel driving system, with the higher trims having the four wheel driving systems. They would have an extra lever (which is driver selectable mode), allowing drivers to switch between the two wheels, four wheels High, or four wheels Low. Drivers can also choose between the Sport, Normal, and Eco mode, while the (rear height) control air suspension would include Custom, Sport S+, and Comfort. When you go with Sport+, the engine would use the instantaneous responsiveness from the electric motor to speed up. The sprint time, though, is unclear.

The information about Sequoia is actually very limited for now, so we should hear more about 2024 Toyota Sequoia once Toyota is ready to reveal more.


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