2023 Estrema Fulminea Design, Concept, Engine, Release Date

In this article, what we know so far for 2023 Estrema Fulminea design, concept, engine, release date, etc. have been captured. Gianfranco Pizzuto, who founded Estrema, an Italian brand of niche cars, is the man behind this project. This company was established in 2020, and the brand focuses primarily on producing high-end supercars and electric hyper cars due to their recent origins.

This car will definitely be one of the fastest cars to ever be produced when it releases into the market in the near future.

About the 2023 Estrema Fulminea

In the year 2020, the entrepreneur Gianfranco Pizzuto founded Automobili Estrema, a company which is specialized in building electric hyper cars and was founded by the future legend of car design, Fulminea.

2023 estrema fulminea design concept engine release date
2023 estrema fulminea design concept engine release date Image: Google

This car is defined as the “fast technology laboratory on wheels” and, Automobili Estrema, whose headquarters are located in Modena, is dedicated to setting the Fulminea as “the fastest technology laboratory on wheels” in order to develop and produce exclusive hypercars in limited numbers.

The Pricing of the 2023 Estrema Fulminea

The company has not confirmed the actual price of this supercar, however, the rumors are that it might be priced at around 2 million US dollars, which would be an effective price for a supercar of this calibre.

The Release Date of the 2023 Estrema Fulminea

The Estrema Fulminea 2023 will be launched on the market towards the end of 2023.

The Weight of the 2023 Estrema Fulminea

According to leaks and rumors, the Fulminea will be the first Italian hyper car to offer an electric motor that will be able to generate 450 Watts of power per kilogram of battery pack, making it the first electric car to feature an electric motor. The car is expected to be quite light for an electric car, as it will weigh around 1,500 kg.

The Design of the 2023 Estrema Fulminea

The exterior of 2023 Estrema Fulminea

The Fulminea is no different from any other hyper car in terms of its appearance. As well as being aerodynamically streamlined, its compact silhouette also has a beautifully streamlined appearance.

2023 estrema fulminea design concept exterior
2023 estrema fulminea design concept exterior Image: Google

With its rounded body panels, this car is reminiscent of the classics from the 1960s, in a way, and its carbon fiber body panels, on the other hand, add an extra degree of aggressiveness to the already angular design of the car. Frontally, it appears like it was made to cut through the wind, facing the ground and looking like it was made to cut through the wind.

On the side profile, this is an equally spectacular plane, with a lot of lines and volumes coming out from the front and rear wings, intersecting in the middle, which gives it the appearance of a lightning bolt. From the front, the wings start to widen up and then begin to narrow down as they approach the cockpit. Toward the rear wings, it again widens.

The cockpit has been created to guarantee that the automobile has the best aerodynamics possible, boosting airflow throughout the vehicle. Butterfly doors are installed on the Fulminea to make entering and exiting the car simple.

Automobili Estrema’s emblematic color is inspired by the stunning shades of azurite crystals, which are perfectly matched to the carbon fiber that forms its bodywork. There are LED and laser headlights that are equipped with the latest technology on the market.

Interior of 2023 Estrema Fulminea

When it comes to the wheel arches, it rises upwards a bit, giving it the appearance of a teardrop, which is easily associated with the shape of a teardrop. There is something surreal about the rear profile of this car like it belongs on a movie car reflecting the future of cities and transportation in the future. When it comes to the proportions, a lot of attention has been paid to the details, with a lot of consideration given to how the vehicle will be distributed to the masses.

2023 estrema fulminea design concept interior
2023 estrema fulminea design concept interior Image: Google

While EST-mobile produces the rear headlight fins in Turin, the third brake light is sunken into the transparent shark fin elements. With highly transparent recycled methacrylate panels and RGB LED lights, the rear lights create a distinctive optical fiber like appearance – perhaps the most appealing aspect of the car.

The Engine of the 2023 Estrema Fulminea 

It is estimated that the range of this top vehicle is 520 km, and the battery weight is only 300 kg, which means that having a battery weight of 300 kg, the total weight of this top vehicle is only 1500 kg.

It is also worth noting that the Fulminea is also known for its aerodynamic and compact shape, as well as the fact that it uses some of the most advanced technologies available to the automotive industry as a whole.

This aircraft has been constructed using a lightweight composite material which has been optimized through the use of CFD testing and features active aerodynamic elements, such as the front air inlet and the retractable rear wing, which have been included in the design.

Due to the speed at which electric vehicles are taking over the automotive industry, Fulminea has one of the most advanced technologies available in the industry today.

The Drive Train of the 2023 Estrema Fulminea

With four electric motors, one for each wheel, the Fulminea is capable of producing a total of 2,040 horses when it is powered by four electric motors. This feature allows the hyper car to sprint from a standstill to 200 mph in just under 10 seconds by taking advantage of this particular feature

Even though the top speed of the car has not been announced as of yet, there is no doubt that it will be as impressive as any other top speed that has been revealed so far in the world of supercars.

The battery of the 2023 Estrema Fulminea

In order to ensure maximum performance by combining ultra capacitors with solid-state Li-ion cells in a single-performance super battery, we have developed a hybrid battery pack technology that incorporates multiple high tech solutions.

2023 estrema fulminea design concept battery
2023 estrema fulminea design concept battery Image: Google

The company is able to produce ultracapacitors with the highest specific power, which matches the solid-state Li-ion cells that are produced by ABEE (Avesta Battery Energy Engineering) Group, as one of its partners.

Nothing in the EVOpens in a new tab. industry has an energy density as high as 500 Wh/kg, which makes it the most efficient vehicle on the market. The solid state electrolyte in this device was developed in collaboration with IMECAR Elektronik and is not only very safe, but it is non-flammable as well.

There are two different cells contained in two separate, high strength battery packs with carbon fiber shells that protect the cells from damage. During the design of the car, the ultra capacitors and the bigger battery pack were placed on the front axle, while the larger battery pack was placed behind the cockpit to ensure a good center of gravity distribution.

In terms of dynamics, preliminary data indicates that the hyper car can accelerate from zero to hundreds in around 2 seconds and from 0-200 mph (320 km/h) in less than 10.0 seconds. The car produces 2,040 horsepower, and weighs 3,300 pounds, All four wheels receive power and are driven by the same engine.

The Number of units to be built for 2023 Estrema Fulminea

The brand is known to make extremely premium and rare supercars, and the 2023 version of the Estrema Fulminea will not be any different and the units that will be manufactured will be also very limited.

It will be built in Modena, Italy, by Automobili Estrema, the manufacturer of the Fulminea.

There will be 61 examples of the Fulminea produced by Automobili Estrema in total. During the course of around three years, the company is planning to produce two cars a month.

Amongst the 61 cars that are to be made and the first one will be for the firm’s founder and CEO, Gianfranco Pizzuto.

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A blue shield is used as part of the logo to symbolize the historical tradition of the coats of arms, brought to life in a modern way using the coats of arms of the past. As a symbol of electricity, speed, and clean energy, the shield consists of lightning bolts that are piercing through it with all the power they possess.

It has a slightly technical appeal due to the light blue backdrop with a hint of carbon fibre and the lightning bolt, which is coloured in the Italian flag’s colors. Polished steel is used to create the Fulminea logo.


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