2023 Toyota Crown Review, Pricing, Specs: What We Know So Far?

A world famous automotive brand, Toyota, is all set to return to the United States where it will release the new version of its hybrid car, the Toyota Crown, in 2023.

This 2023 Toyota Crown is one of a kind hybrid vehicle that is quite in many ways as compared to the other hybrid vehicle in its standard. The Toyota Crown nameplate has made a return to our shores after decades of absence from our shores in North America.

The new Avalon is a pretty impressive sedan, even though it is very likely to get replaced with the release of this new Toyota Crown.

The Crown 2023, on the other hand, is positioned in the middle of the line between sedan and SUV, perhaps in an effort to broaden its appeal to shoppers who are looking for a wider range of vehicle options than a full size sedan. 

Brief about the 2023 Toyota Crown

Toyota Crown 2023 is not going to be the traditional sedan that you would expect. Instead, it will most likely be a high riding crossover coupe with a high-riding suspension. In 2023, there will be two conventional hybrid power train options available when the Crown goes on sale.

2023 Toyota Crown review pricing specs what we know
2023 Toyota Crown review pricing specs what we know Image: Google

It is a familiar arrangement on its entry level model, which operates on a 2.5 liter four cylinder engine coupled to three electric motors and a continuously variable automatic transmission, along with an automatic braking system. 

The Crown comes with a distinct look and a unique body style that is complemented by what appears to be a spacious interior, which is equipped with a host of premium features. Compared with other manufacturers, Toyota is supposed to offer a generous list of driver-assistance and unique technologies as standard equipment on all Toyota Crown models.

In terms of height, it is slightly more than four inches taller than its competition, but it is shorter, wider, and has a shorter wheelbase by half an inch, so it doesn’t feel as spacious inside as its competitors’ cars.

Toyota managed to retain amazing trunk space with all that tall sheet metal, which meant that you can still stuff all your suitcases inside and have a great long trip to Costco with the whole family.

Features of 2023 Toyota Crown

Below mentioned a few features of the 2023 Toyota Crown:

  • Crown models come standard with a state-of-the-art Electronic on-demand All Wheel Drive interface that comes with dedicated motors at each of the four wheels so that no matter how the road conditions turn out, you will feel confident. 
  • Exceptional comfort comes standard with the 2023 Toyota Crown, accompanied by an exterior that combines style and comfort together.
  • On Platinum models like this car, Toyota’s flagship system comes with a host of features aimed at providing greater convenience and connectivity, including Cloud Navigation Vehicle Access with a Digital Key and many more interesting features, which is an added convenience feature. 
  • Active safety systems with improved detection capabilities are standard on Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 vehicles.

Designs of the 2023 Toyota Crown

Interior Designs of 2023 Toyota Crown

As far as the interior of the 2023 Toyota Crown is concerned, it looks like it is of high quality. There is a good chance that drivers who trade in their other sedans will receive a better deal than they are used to, especially if they buy a Limited or Platinum model of Toyota.

2023 Toyota Crown review pricing specs interior
2023 Toyota Crown review pricing specs interior

The Crown differs noticeably from full-size sedans that follow more conventional formulae with a more conventional driving position in that it has a lowered driving position comparable to that of a compact SUV.

Toyota’s latest and much-improved software interface is also included in this car’s 12.3-inch LED touch screen feature. As part of the standard equipment on all models, you will find power-adjustable eight-way front seats with heat, automatic dual-zone climate control, and ambient interior lighting.

There are a few trim levels that do not offer a panoramic sunroof, leather upholstery, and ventilated front seats, which you may want to consider in your next car. No matter how enthusiastic you are about cars, if you are looking for both premium and sporty cars then this might opt for you.

Exterior Designs of 2023 Toyota Crown

It is usually the exterior design of Toyota products that represent the family look of the company. It looks stylish and sleek while avoiding the unfinished, fish-mouth appearance of some other manufacturer’s products.

2023 Toyota Crown review pricing specs exterior
2023 Toyota Crown review pricing specs exterior

This vehicle has been cleverly disguised for its height by incorporating things like black wheel arch rims and big wheels and tires, so it doesn’t look like it’s a high riding vehicle, but it actually rides pretty low profile in comparison to most tall vehicles these days. 

On the Platinum trim, Toyota offers an option of two-tone black trim, which is an interesting option, and it is unlikely to cause Toyota any trouble for offering something so unusual.

We must appreciate any effort the automaker makes to customize the car’s appearance into something much more appealing by experimenting with paint and color. Which is something that has never been normal for any conservative company like Toyota has done before, and it might be a boost in its sale.

Engine and Performance of the 2023 Toyota Crown

All Crown models feature a hybrid power train, but only the Platinum model with the highest level of equipment has Toyota’s new Hybrid Max configuration, which combines an electric motor on the back axle with a turbocharged 2.4 liter four cylinder for a total of 340 horsepower.

2023 Toyota Crown review pricing engine performance
2023 Toyota Crown review pricing engine performance

Limited variants come standard with a 2.5 liter four cylinder engine and three electric motors that produce 236 horsepower. 

On the Limited version of the car, the automatic transmission is a continuously variable unit whereas on the Platinum version it is an automatic with a six speed transmission; all-wheel drive is standard on every trim level.

It is reported that Toyota has turned the Crown suspension for a relaxing ride, so don’t expect it to perform in corners like a supercar, but it does boast adaptive dampers in the Platinum model. 

This hybrid car is Toyota’s familiar hybrid system that consists of two motors and one internal combustion engine linked together by a planetary gear set. It enables the car to deliver power to the front wheels continuously by automatically adjusting the transmission ratio to generate power.

Furthermore, the Crown has an all-wheel drive system with three electric motors, one each driving the front and rear wheels.

Mileage of the 2023 Toyota Crown

According to Toyota, when fitted with a base hybrid powertrain, the Crown will be able to return up to 38 miles per gallon, which is higher than the EPA estimates. A more powerful Hybrid Max powertrain is available on the Platinum model, and it is claimed that it can deliver around 25 plus miles per gallon.  

Related News of 2023 Toyota Crown

  • For its 2023 model year, the Toyota Crown introduces two hybrid powertrains, standard all-wheel drive, plenty of modern features, and an unorthodox lifted sedan design.
  • As a full-size sedan with a long and celebrated history, the Toyota Crown will provide all of the technology, comfort, safety, and convenience you would expect of a full-size sedan back in the day – and everything that made it so innovative at the time, and now all of that has been rethought to provide the highest standard of safety, technology, and comfort available.
  • The Platinum has several luxury amenities, including a JBL sound system, heated and ventilated front seats with leather trim, and two-tone paint choices.

Release date & expected Price of 2023 Toyota Crown

The Hybrid Crown will join the Toyota U.S. lineup as a new model in 2022 or early 2023, so it is expected that the Hybrid Crown will go on sale sometime between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

A Toyota Crown is expected to be available in the lower price range of about $35,000 to $40,000 for the new model for the upcoming 2023 model year, where the premium segment can be available for around $50,000.


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