2024 Ford F150 Lightning Future Electric Truck

It’s pretty surprising when Ford stated that their upcoming F150 would be coming as hybrid and EV only, and the electrification would start from 2024 Ford F150. The signature pickup truck from Ford has finally gone all electric. Sadly, it means that the gas unit of the powerful and masculine F150 would end soon. Expect the upcoming F150 to be available as the full electric or the half breed electric (pickup) trucks.

The 2024 model won’t be the first truck to come with eco-friendly engine, but it’s definitely the first ever with pure electric power. Ford has created a hybrid F150 before, and they are pretty confident that they would be able to deal with future electrification. They are also sure that their upcoming F150 would be promising.

2024 Ford F150 Lightning Redesign

Known as Ford F150 Lightning, this upcoming truck would be released soon enough. Some sources say that it would be a 2024 model, while others say that it would be 2025. Nevertheless, you should only pay attention to the features and abilities. Many have said that the truck would be furnished with tons of conveniences, such as reinforcement generator. Many have also said that Ford would improve the design and style on the back.

2024 Ford F150 Lightning
Source : Autoevolution.com

The current F150 line has included hybrid power, but the upcoming F150 Lightning is said to come with completely different battery from the current one. Ford promises that the performance won’t be lame or lousy ‘just’ because they are using the electric power. They don’t say anything about the upcoming F150, but considering their seriousness about their ride, expect only good things from it.

About 2024 Ford F150 Lightning

This future electric pickup truck would be coming with all wheel driving system, and it is set as the standard. Even the base model would be coming with dual electric motors that are able to generate 426 hp and 775 Nm of torque. Aside from being eco friendly, the truck is also powerful and punchy.

2024 Ford Lightning Review
Source : Autoevolution.com

GM is planning on their upcoming Ultium (battery) pack. They have formed collaboration with Honda to create e: Architecture for electric arrangements. They want to make sure that their upcoming platform would be able to accommodate the electric unit, and it should be able to fit nicely with different models and styles.

The upcoming truck is known wearing the design of TE1 truck, and it is especially designed for EV technology. This special structure should be able to support electric design, even making it less costly. They are going to do two battery stages: one is for the light vehicles and one for SUVs and trucks. The assembly stage should be utilized across various models, leading to a more straightforward construction way and also less expensive manufacturing process.

2024 Ford F150 Lightning Price
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Unfortunately, these stages and process are pretty complex and complicated. That’s why some sources are sure that 2024 Ford F150 Lightning won’t be available before 2025. However, some are sure that the company would be able to go through the obstacles; thus, they would be ready with the 2024 model.

The Price Range of 2024 Ford F150 Lightning

The base trim, Maverick, is set at around $20,000. The price may seem low, but you need to remember that it is a basic working truck. XLT is a higher trim with higher tag, up to $23,800. For the Lightning, it is set at around $40,000 and it excludes the destination fees. The Lightning Extended Range is said to cover 300 miles of destination within one charge.

FordOpens in a new tab. said that users should be able to charge the truck overnight for the following day of activities, including towing stuff. When it comes to electric trucks, you can say that F150 Lightning is pretty affordable. At least, it is less expensive when compared to the others. We should know more about 2024 Ford F150 once more info is available.


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