2024 Kia Forte Having to Wait after 2023 Is Launched

If you are looking for one, there won’t be any information or release concerning the 2024 Kia Forte. The company has just released the 2022 model, and it’s likely that they are focusing on the next 2023 model. It’s a sure thing that they haven’t made plan or further ideas about the upcoming 2024 Forte model.

If you want to know what the 2024 model would be, your best chance is to look at the 2023 model. From there, you can imagine what the 2024 model would be like, including the style, powertrain, and others. So, what should you know about the 2023?

About Kia Forte

When it comes to reliable and good car, Forte is an example of a perfect compact ride. The cabin is roomy and plush. Everything is made from high-quality material. It is also affordable, although some people say that its CVT isn’t so satisfying. But the firm driving quality, and the fact that it can get you to places quite comfortably, are just some of the fun things to expect from the ride.

2024 Kia Forte Turbo
Source : Caranddriver.com

In terms of price, the Forte may deliver a nice price tag, but you can also get other types from the similar tag, including Mazda3 or Honda Civic, especially if you are into sportier compact ride. Want to have more improved look? Hyundai Elantra would be a great option.

General Tag Price

The base Forte FE starts from around $17,900, which is quite low when compared to its rivals. The higher trim, the LXS, may cost you hundreds more, but you can also get more features. The next one would be the GT-Line and EX, with the starting price of $20,500 and $23,000. And the last one would be the GGT that may start from around $22,000. You can get high-quality parts and components, including touchscreen techs and leather seats.

Refined Cabin with Roomy Space

The cargo space is nice and satisfying. It’s a perfect family ride that will give you satisfying performance. The trunk space is also spacious, enabling you to carry tons of things. Even when you are going on a road trip, carrying all the big luggage, the trunk won’t disappoint at all.

2024 Kia Forte Interior
Source : Autoevolution.com

Another thing to like about the Forte is the quality interior cabin. Not only it is stylish and sleek, but it is also plush and comfortable. Thanks to the quality materials, the cabin has this exclusive vibe and somewhat luxurious feel. KiaOpens in a new tab. is able to think about the smallest details, such as circular air vent that differentiates this Forte from the others. The Forte is able to accommodate people conveniently, with generous headroom and legroom.

Powertrain and Performance

Before we get on to 2024 Kia Forte, we can focus on 2023 model first. Who knows? The 2024 may draw some inspirations from the previous model. Fuel economy is one of the biggest positive points of Forte. It is able to cover 40 mpg on the highway, and Forte is one of the many vehicles that are able to do so impressively. The compact ride is able to run on four-cylinder unit, generating 147 hp. It may not be the fastest ride in the market, but it is comfortable, trusted, and reliable enough to get you to places.

2024 Kia Forte Redesign
Source : Motorillustrated.com

The base trim may only offer 147 hp, but the higher one (with four cylinder 1.6 liter capacity) is able to generate 201 hp, matched with manual transmission. It is able to reach 60 mph in an average of 6 seconds.

As a compact ride, the Forte is able to deliver impressive fuel economy. The manual transmission offers 27 mpg for the city and 37 mpg for the highway, while the CVT has 31 mpg for the city and 41 mpg for the highway. If you go with GT trims, you can get 27 mpg combined, which is perfect if you want to save up more money for the gas.

So, that’s for the 2023 model Forte. Once Kia has provided a slight detail about their 2024 Kia Forte, we will deliver more.


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