2024 Kia Soul Not Making It to the U.S. Market

There have been flying rumors about 2024 Kia Soul not making it to the U.S market although you may find one elsewhere. In case you don’t know it, Kia Soul is a compact and small crossover with plenty of features and extra benefits. You can say that it’s a good looking and comfortable ride that will keep you stay convenient, even for the longest trip. But what’s going to happen to the 2024 model? Will there be one?

The Rumors

First of all, the first rumor is about the Soul EV. Considering that the Soul has been doing just well, it’s quite logical if loyal fans are excited about the possibility of EV version. However, the second rumor is about Soul EV won’t be available for the U.S market, which means that if you live in America, then forget your dream about driving the EV version. So, what’s happening to Soul and the possibility of its EV version?

2024 Kia Soul Awd
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Kia has the ‘habit’ of updating two rides at the same time. For instance, they released the second gen of Soul and then they introduced the first gen of Soul EV. Yes, the EV version that won’t be coming to America is the second gen. You can still find the first gen of Soul EV in several states, but the vehicle didn’t get a lot of attention. Plus, not many people have been interested in buying one.

The Journey of Soul

The regular Soul got its appearance with a redesigned work taking place in 2019. And then the Soul EV got a redesigned project within 2020. The second gen had won several awards, obviously designed in better manner than the first one. No wonder if the performance is believed to be improved and better. One of the main reasons for the impressive performance is because of the features. It’s running on 64 kWh (battery) pack, able to cover 243 miles of distance. It’s definitely longer than the many competitors.

2024 Kia Soul Recall
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For the price range, the second gen of the EV would be having similar price tag as the first gen (of the regular type). It means that its starting price is set at around $40,000, which is quite affordable for many families. If Kia does provide Soul EV in the U.S soil, then Kia fans would definitely be happy about getting Soul’s benefits, but with the extra bonus of an EV.

The Reason for Cancelation in America

There are several reasons why 2024 Kia Soul EV won’t be coming to America. First of all, they experience a supply issue. During the production of the EV, it has done on difficult times. The company simply didn’t get enough batteries. The actual production year should have taken place in 2020, but because of the short battery supply, they finally decided to delay the production of the EV until 2021.

However, from the delay, here comes the complete cancelation – for American market, at least. The company decided that they are going to cancel the Soul EV completely in the U.S. so they won’t bother making any replacements or hurried up to speed up the process. Wait, aren’t they worried that their model won’t make it to the desired sales numbers?

2024 Kia Soul Accessories
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Kia believes that their Niro EV is much better, so they prioritize the batteries for Niro EV. And with Soul EV ‘being dead’ in America, it means that Niro EV doesn’t have any worthy rival from Kia name, allowing the company to focus on making their products the best so they can compete well with other brands.

What Fans Can Do?

Well, it seems that you don’t have much choice, after all. You can either drive the regular Soul or go with Kia Niro EV, if you want EV so much. Niro is also a good vehicle and it has similar good performance as the Soul. So, either you pick the regular 2024 Kia Soul or you go for Niro.

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