2024 VW Atlas and the Possibility of EV Power

It should be interesting what Volkswagen has in store when it comes to their upcoming 2024 VW Atlas. In general, Volkswagen Atlas is designed as a midsize (sport) utility vehicle with middle price (of the lineup) and promising performance. A lot of people say that the engine collection is somewhat underpowered, but the Atlas is able to maintain the position on the top spot. You need to consider the positive features of the vehicle, including the amusing multimedia offers, excellent interior cabin, and powerful performance.

Another beneficial factor about the vehicle is the fact that it’s quite affordable, despite the punch and the power. Let’s not forget that the vehicle has 3 rows layout, which means that it is able to accommodate several passengers for one trip.

The Electric Model

It’s interesting how VW is expanding their electric lines within their ID. variants. Their latest one would be the 2024 VW Atlas ID.8 which would be designed as a big SUV. It’s often referred to as Atlas variant because the electric SUV will come in similar size and dimension as the Atlas. Right now, VW has electric variants including the ID.3 (which is coming in hatchback size in the size of the Golf), ID.4 (which is an SUV in the size of Tiguan), and ID.6 (the SUV in the size of Passat). There are also ID.Buzz (an MPV with T7 size) and ID.5 (an SUV coupe). These last two would be introduced in 2023.

2024 VW Atlas Dimensions
Source : Autoevolution.com

VW Atlas was first launched in 2016, and then it got a facelift in 2020. The vehicle is made with MQB construction platform. The overall dimension would be 198.3 inches in length, 69.6 inches in height, and 77.9 inches in width. The ID.8 ‘Atlas-electric variant’ would have the same dimension. However, it has more space for the interior, thanks to the absence of upfront internal combustion engine and MEB electric architecture. It means that the vehicle would be able to accommodate 7 people.

The Interior Cabin

The regular Atlas can ‘only’ accommodate 6 people, but as you read the description of the electric type, this Atlas-electric version can accommodate 7 people. The dimensions of both vehicles are the same, but the electric variant has the upper advantage of more spacious interior cabin. Not only the 2024 model would be coming with more spacious cabin, but you can also expect a better upgrade in terms of technology and features. The details are still unclear, but we should hear more about the regular Atlas as well as the electric version before 2023.

2024 VW Atlas Cross Sport
Source : Caricos.com

Powertrain and Performance

A basic four-cylinder turbocharged unit has enough punch for short distance coverage, but driving ability is pretty limited with also limited power. This is another reason why auto manufacturers often go with V6 unit. VW Atlas is designed to take you to places without compromising safety. A clean but massive power is expected from the midsize vehicle. That’s why it’s possible that the 2024 Atlas may be coming with a turbocharged unit with 2.0 liter capacity.

2024 VW Atlas All Wheel Drive
Source : Autoevolution.com

However, V6 unit may not be too speedy when it is on the open road. It’s expected that the fuel rating system would be around 17 mpg for the city and 24 mpg for the highway, which isn’t exactly impressive. Hopefully, VolkswagenOpens in a new tab. is able to find a solution to this issue.

Price and Release Date

If everything goes as planned, then the upcoming Atlas would be set at around $32,000 from the base trim. The price tag ranges up to $49,000 for the highest trim. The company hasn’t said a word related to the release date or further details of the Atlas. If Volkswagen finally releases more information and update concerning the 2024 VW Atlas, you should hear more.


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