2025 Jeep Avenger Review: An EV to get excited about!

By 2025, the American brand will launch four electric vehicles in Europe, including a small B segment crossover 2025 Jeep Avenger that will be similar in size to the Peugeot e-2008. The machine will go on sale next year and can be pre-ordered now.

As Jeep unveils its first pure electric vehicle, the Avenger, it continues to push toward its goal of becoming the number one electrified SUV brand. SUV maker Jeep says its new EV concept delivers best in class off and on-road capabilities for the future.

What’s New in 2025 Jeep Avenger EV

Due to its small dimensions, the Avenger is well suited to European markets. In fact, it’s about half a foot shorter than the already stubby Jeep Renegade. It has 18 inch wheels and measures about 4.1 meters long, which is about 161 inches. Because of its short overhangs, it has a 20 degree approach angle and a 32 degree departure angle.

2025 jeep avenger review ev get excited about
2025 jeep avenger review ev get excited about

Additionally, it has a ground clearance of about 7.9 inches. There are even skid plates and hill descent control, according to Jeep. The Avenger is unlikely to confront terrain that is truly treacherous.

Features of Jeep Avenger 2025

Interior Design of Jeep Avenger 2025

Interior features include a body color panel connecting the front pillars & integrated air vents, and a sleek dashboard design. Also, the dash is divided by a parcel shelf that is perfect for storing small items. Though tiny electric Jeeps can be cool, especially ones that look like the Avenger, the fenders and track are wider, and the tires are chunkier.

2025 Jeep Avenger review EV interior design
2025 Jeep Avenger review EV interior design

Additionally, the fronts are lit with additional LEDs & there is a black decal on the hood and a blue trimmed vent, which matches the blue accents on the front tow hooks. With more ground clearance, steeper approach, and departure angles, the Avenger 4 by 4 concept improves on the regular Avenger’s off road capabilities.

Engine for Jeep Avenger 2025

The power comes from a 54kWh battery, which contains 17 modules and 102 cells. On the ‘city’ test cycle, the range increases to 342 miles, from 248 miles. In 24 minutes, the battery can be charged from 20 percent to 80 percent at speeds of 100kW. A European focused, front wheel drive small SUV isn’t something you might equate with Jeep’s high capacity off roaders. The firm insists that the Avenger is capable of going off road.

Jeep Avenger Battery

One electric motor powers the front wheels of the Avenger’s 400 volt electrical system; a dual motor, all wheel drive 4xe model will also be available. An unusual option will also be available at launch, although it will only be available in Italy and Spain. No matter which drive-train you choose, the front drive Avenger EV has 154 horsepower and 192 pound feet of torque.

2025 Jeep Avenger review EV battery
2025 Jeep Avenger review EV battery

With a gross capacity of 54 kWh, its lithium-ion battery pack powers its electric motor. Fast charging speeds range up to 100 kW for the Jeep, with an approximate charge time of 24 minutes

Jeep Avenger 2025 Off Road Driving

Jeep is known for its high capacity off roaders, which might seem strange for a front wheel drive, Europe focused small SUV. In spite of this, the firm insists that the Avenger will be capable of going off-road.

This SUV features a Selec Terrain system, which includes six different modes of drive, including Normal, Eco, Sport, Snow, Mud, and Sand, as well as Hill Descent Control. Jeep offers a decent ground clearance of 200mm thanks to its EV architecture and large wheels, which facilitates 20 degree approach and breaker angles, and a 32 degree departure angle. If you have to drive your Avenger through a ford or along a rough trail, it will be able to handle it.

Performance of Jeep Avenger

Any details on the powertrain of the upcoming all wheel-drive Avenger are still under wraps, as are performance stats. The AWD Avenger’s range will probably be closer to 220 miles with the additional electric motor for the rear wheels. Avenger will have a heat pump that will help warm the cabin and pre-condition the battery for charging.

2025 Jeep Avenger review EV performance
2025 Jeep Avenger review EV performance

Infotainment System

Drivers are presented with either a 7 or 10.3 inch digital gauge cluster along with a 10.3 inch touch screen infotainment system. Among the options are a sunroof, electronically adjustable seats, & a big central console designed to provide plenty of interior storage space. A 380 liter boot with a lowered rear saddle is also included on the Avenger. A foldable magnetic cover protects the front of the center console, and the area it protects has a wireless charging pad and can hold a 1.5 liter bottle. Thirteen cubic feet of junk can be stored in the rear cargo area.

Pricing of Jeep Avenger 2025

The Avenger will be offered in Sport, Longitude, and Limited trim levels in the UK, but pricing and equipment lists have not yet been announced. Also available at launch will be a First Edition model with all the bells and whistles. Approximately £30,000 is expected to be the starting price for the Jeep Avenger. From January 2023, UK customers will be able to reserve their Jeep Avenger, with deliveries not expected until the summer of that year.

Crazy Customization of Jeep Avenger 2025

In a special First Edition, which will be available until the end of November, the Jeep Avenger is available for pre order now, and features a two tone livery with a Volcano roof that’s actually a paint color, not a real volcano, just to clarify, privacy glass, 18 inch wheels, full LED lighting and special interior trim. The car comes with automatic air conditioning, a rear camera and sensors, heat able mirrors, and a bigger 10.25in infotainment screen.

In addition to customizing and accessorizing its vehicles, Jeep also claims that the Avenger will be available with over 100 accessories. It has not yet been revealed how much the product will cost. Assembling the Jeep Avenger will take place at Stellantis’s Polish factory in Tychy.

CMP Platform of Jeep Avenger 2025

FCA brands have new avenues to explore after merging with Groupe PSA into Stellantis. A low cost platform Groupe PSA has developed with Chinese company Dongfeng Motors is the CMP or Common Modular Platform. There are several advantages to the CMP platform over the Small Wide 4×4 platform of the upcoming entry level Jeep SUV.

On the other hand, CMP platforms do not allow the four-wheel drive to be installed. The Jeep could still be offered, with a four-wheel drive version with an electric motor powering the rear axle, after it undergoes what could be a lengthy reengineering process.

The real advantage of the CMP over a smaller 4by 4 is its ability to be fully electrified. In the European front-wheel drive portfolio, Opel, Peugeot, Citroen, and DS all use a variant of this platform called CMP.

An electric variant of the new small Jeep SUV was unplanned in June 2018, probably due to technical reasons with the Small Wide 4 by 4. The baby Jeep is now future-proof and electric ready thanks to CMP.

Wrapping it Up

As Jeep’s parent company, Stellantis, announced its future EV plans in March. The chunky, yellow model that accurately predicts the Avenger’s appearance caught anyone’s attention more than anything else.

Last month, Jeep announced the upcoming Recon and Wagoneer S as well as the Avenger’s official name, its production design, and the fact that it would not be available in the United States. In a bold off road concept shown at the Paris Motor Show, the new Jeep Avenger is the company’s first battery electric vehicle.


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