First Drive Experience: 2025 Volkswagen ID Life Design Concept Review

The experience of riding in a concept car that costs millions of dollars is rarely anything more than fleeting at best. In many ways, this concept car is not to be laughed at: it will have a significant impact on the brand’s future small cars, which depends heavily on its success. VW’s design team has invested a great deal of effort into creating the ID. Life goes far beyond just casual exercise. This electric car represents a budget electric option that may mark the entry point into VW’s range of electric vehicles.

The concept uses many sustainable materials and materials that are made from renewable resources for the design of its components. Additionally, it incorporates technology that may be used in future Volkswagen electric vehicles.

About the Volkswagen ID. Life

Sustainability has been a key consideration in the design of the Volkswagen ID. LIFE. You just need to look at the organic transparent layer of paint applied to its body to understand how. The paint has been infused with blue-dyed recycled wood chips to help it leave a distinctive mark. 

2025 Volkswagen ID life design concept review
2025 Volkswagen ID life design concept review

VW’s ID. Life seems to be a mixture of a hatchback and a micro-SUV from the outside, and as we always say, appearances are subject to the individual’s perception. There is a classic touch to the ID. Life even gives a hint of a Volkswagen Golf, which adds to its modern-retro appeal. 

A lot of the raw materials used in the vehicle’s tires, like natural rubber and rice husks, are renewable raw materials that contribute to the vehicle’s ability to glide smoothly down the road. A result of this type of technology is a form of mobility that is low-noise and carbon dioxide-free.

Designs of Volkswagen ID. Life

Exterior of Volkswagen ID. Life

With its timeless design, the Volkswagen ID is designed to last a lifetime. There is no better way to describe Volkswagen ID’s life than to drive it. Due to its monolithic design and lack of ornamentation on the exterior body, the exterior body appears to have been cast from a single mold as a whole. 

2025 Volkswagen ID life design concept review exterior
2025 Volkswagen ID life design concept review exterior

As well as a front-wheel drive system, WV ID. LIFE also offers an electric front-wheel drive system, making it the first VW ID model to be equipped with an electric front-wheel drive system, which will give you and your luggage a great deal of freedom and space when you are traveling. 

As part of the renovation process, the body was painted with a clear-finish paint that was made from recycled wood chips. A Volkswagen official believes that this method of painting may one day completely replace the need for traditional chemical paint finishes on automobiles.

There is a two-layered textile air chamber fabric made of plastic bottles that is used for this car’s roof and bonnet. There is a textile roof on the ID Life that can be easily removed using a zipper, allowing it to turn into a convertible of sorts once it has been stowed when it is not needed.

Volkswagen ID. Life Interior

When you use the VW ID to open the car, the journey into the future begins. Life employs a camera to determine who will operate the vehicle. Cameras, monitors, and a touch-sensitive steering wheel are also used in place of traditional mirrors and buttons in the smaller cockpit.

2025 Volkswagen ID life design concept review interior
2025 Volkswagen ID life design concept review interior

The VW ID. Life has a trick up its sleeve for gamers and series buffs; a gaming console, projector, and screen are built into its infotainment system and offer the finest entertainment, among other things, while the car is being loaded. 

The dashboard, which has been pared down to a minimum, contributes greatly to the airy feel of the interior. It is also very easy to use. Aside from the fact that there are virtually no switches and no buttons on the device, there is also a docking port for smart phones instead of the main display.

Volkswagen ID. Life Power and Performances

As Volkswagen is eager to demonstrate the potential of its newest electric vehicle, a GTX performance edition may be in the works if there is an increased demand for a performance vehicle of this type.

2025 Volkswagen ID life design power performance
2025 Volkswagen ID life design power performance

As a result, it’s unlikely that it will have such powerful reserves in the production version, and there will also be no four-wheel-drive version available. The Volkswagen ID. Life has a 0-100 kilometer time of 6.9 seconds, a top speed of 180 km/h, and a range of more than 400 kilometers according to Volkswagen.

Moreover, the packing will be more convenient because there will only be a trunk to fill up, so the space in the back can be used for other purposes.

Battery Range of Volkswagen ID. Life

One of the many various-capacity units that the production version of the entry-level VW ID. life model is anticipated to provide is a 57kWh battery. With lithium-ion phosphate cells replacing the more expensive lithium-ion nickel manganese cobalt cells now used at Volkswagen, it employs a different chemical process than the ID.3.

Price of Volkswagen ID. Life

Volkswagen plans to introduce the new car in 2025 for 20,000 Euros, which is roughly equivalent to $21,061. 


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