2026 Lotus Elise Type 135: Electric Car Successor Detailed with Design

In this article, we will learn all the basic information about the future car 2026 Lotus Elise Type along with design, interior, exterior, etc. Lotus the automobile company from England is said to launch their latest car which will be an innovative car in the field of electrical cars.

In the early 1990s, Lotus and Bugatti were headed by Romano Artioli who was the chairman of Lotus and Bugatti at the time when the Elise was introduced. Elisa Artioli was Romano Artioli’s granddaughter 

The Lotus Elise was one of the most popular cars to be ever manufactured by the company, It is also one of the lightest cars that are available in the current times, the car was in production till 2021and was finally discontinued, but it is rumoured to make a return in 2026

About 2026 Lotus Elise

The car is said to be the company’s first car that will be working on the new platform that is created for new electric sports cars.

2026 lotus type 135 electric elise successor design
2026 Lotus type 135 Electric Elise successor design Image: Google

When it launches in 2026, it is predicted to be the brand’s entry-level sports car and will be conceived as a successor to the Elise, and will likely be the brand’s entry-level sports car. It is also important to note that the second most important takeaway here is that the new sports car from Lotus is every bit as Lotus-like as Elise has ever been, and maybe even better.

Release Date of 2026 Lotus Elise

As a successor to Lotus’ famous Elise sports car, the brand has teased a replica of the iconic car in the form of an all-electric version which is going to be the 2026 Lotus Elise.

There are still some four years to go until the car is available, and the main focus is at the moment to get the Emira to its dealers as quickly as possible. Lotus EV is due for release in 2026 on a new platform the British brand is currently developing to be used in future electric sports cars that will be developed by the British brand

Performance of 2026 Lotus Elise

The Lotus Elsie till its last model was a very reliable car and the new rumoured 2026 version is expected to be nothing different. The car is supposed to have at least double the power of any previous version.

The company has not revealed a great deal about the upcoming entry-level electric sports car that will serve as the successor to Elise in terms of its ideology.

2026 lotus type 135 electric elise successor design performance
2026 Lotus type 135 Electric Elise successor design performance Image: Google

The Lotus managing director Matt Windle, said that with the layout, the car would experience “the yaw control and stability it is used to have in its cars,” as well as provide a sports car feel. This new model allows the seat to be positioned as low as possible as in the Elise, but it also increases the seat height by some 100 mm as compared to the 2+2 variant, which has a 66.4 kWh “slab” battery that is located underneath the seats. The model should have a speed of 300 to 400-kilo meters per hour

Pricing of 2026 Lotus Elise

According to the rumours and the track record for the previous models of the Lotus Elise, the price of the car is said to than that of the other competitors in the market. The reason for this is that the car has borrowed form features from its older models and the lower price tag will also mean that it will attract a large number of people thus increasing the total sales of the car.

The estimated price is said to be somewhere $70,500 to $120,000 when the car is officially released.

Engine of 2026 Lotus Elise

Lotus recently announced a new electric sports car platform on which even this car will be based upon. This new platform is known as the Type 135 internally.

2026 lotus type 135 electric elise engine
2026 Lotus type 135 Electric Elise engine Image: Google

There are a number of things it will be able to do. There are a variety of configurations offered by the E-sports architecture, which can be configured with dual- and single-motors, but the least powerful offering is estimated to be around 470 horsepower. There is nothing in the world that can compete with the 240 horsepower provided by the Elise Sport 240 Final Edition.

 As a result, the Type 135 will be twice as powerful as the Elise Sport 240 Final Edition. Despite the fact that chances are that even in its best form, it will still be a single-motor, rear-wheel drive design that will hardly change the essence of what the Elise represented.

Uniqueness & Functionality of 2026 Lotus Elise 

With the company’s trademark handling and agility on track, this project is designed to be a true Lotus product that will be a true Lotus product. It is important to point out, however, that the propulsion for the Emira will be fully electric, as it is the brand’s last car to be powered by a combustion engineOpens in a new tab..

In terms of functionality, the E-Sports architecture will be offered in single- and dual-motor configurations with even the cheapest model based on it offering about 470 horsepower (346 kilowatts) of power. If we try to read between the lines, then it is apparent that the Elise successor will feature 240 horsepower (176 kW) from its 1.8-litre engine. There is also the possibility that the new platform will be able to accommodate an all-wheel-drive system, although it is unlikely that the Elise successor will be available with an AWD system.

Aerodynamics of 2026 Lotus Elise

There is still some mystery regarding whether or not the Type 135 will actually be marketed under the Elise name or not, but based on reports in the media, it seems that the team working on it is taking advantage of the compact dimensions of the electric powertrain in order to develop highly effective aerodynamics. Compared to Type 130, Type 135 offers not only twice the power but also improved handling and a more aerodynamic design that is extremely impressive.

Exterior Design of 2026 Lotus Elise

 With a fibreglass body shell overlaid on a bonded extruded aluminium chassis that keeps weight and production costs down, the Elise offers a rigid platform for the suspension system while keeping the weight down and production costs down as well. 

2026 lotus type 135 electric elise successor design exterior
2026 Lotus type 135 Electric Elise engine design exterior Image: Google

This vehicle features a durable windshield and a single wiper on the front, as well as a convertible roof on the back.

When Lotus will design the 2026 Lotus Elise, they have to make sure that production costs are kept to a minimum, which only added to the clever way the car was constructed. In addition to the fibreglass body shell, the car is also equipped with an aluminium chassis. As a result of the aluminium chassis, the car is especially structurally sound, which is needed for the suspension platform to be held in place.

In the earlier version, there were some flaws with the headlamps of the car as they used to magnify the sunlight and as a result, the interior of the housing and the lamps got melted by the sunlight. So it is estimated that the newer 2026 version will fix this problem and the headlamps will be changed and will be more durable than all other previous versions.

Interior Design of 2026 Lotus Elise

There is going to be a design for the car that has been influenced by the old Lotus Elise models, which means that the car will be a two-door vehicle with a two-seater layout.

 It is also possible that the dashboard has some intelligent features, such as a dashcam for parking purposes, an adaptive screen with artificial intelligence features, such as Alexa and Google Assistant, along with some leather seats inside the car.

Related News of 2026 Lotus Elise

The new Type 135 is expected to be as aerodynamically efficient as possible, and, as far as the company is concerned, it is its goal to make the aircraft as affordable as possible, and that is a goal the company is trying to accomplish as well.

There has yet to be an announcement related to the E-Sports platform, but it is expected to be built around a lightweight rear subframe that houses batteries and motors, developed by the dedicated Project LEVA team.

It was announced by Lotus that the Type 132 electric SUV will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show “in the coming months,” with three further electric vehicles on the way before the end of the year. There will also be three all-electric sedans by 2028.


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