2028 Lamborghini Electric Crossover: Design, Uniqueness, Engine, Release Date

What we didn’t know until now is just how far the Lamborghini brand is going with this electrification process. It was always assumed that the low-hanging fruit of electrification was being picked first, with the hybridization of existing engines being the first step toward a greener future.

What we have learned today is that the Italian carmaker Lamborghini is going even further, with the development of a completely new hybrid powertrain, which is claimed to push efficiency to a level never seen before. In recent days, Lamborghini has announced its next-generation electric Urus.

By 2028, the Company is expected to have moved all of its products over to electrified powertrains until its first fully-electric model is scheduled to arrive. According to a new report from Autocar, we have more details to share about the automaker’s radical first electric car while we already knew it was planning a radical project. 

It will still have the Italian brand’s famous scissor doors, but it will have a much more futuristic profile. It will be designed to be all about luxury, speed, and of course, electric efficiency. The company is committed to offering a zero-emission, green luxury car that doesn’t come at the cost of performance.

Lamborghini’s next model will likely be revealed in early 2021, and it will be sold alongside its other models for a few years before being replaced by a new hybrid or electric model.

According to officials, Lamborghini’s audience can choose the platform, battery, and motor technology for their EV and no technical details will be shared.

About the 2028 Lamborghini Electric Crossover

A new generation 2+2 crossover from Lamborghini is expected to be the first electric Lamborghini in 2028, and it will be designed in a very unconventional manner. This is a well-known fact that the Sant’Agata company has long been caught up in trends and has long been carried away by the huge profits they bring in terms of profits that make them a major player in the market.

2028 lamborghini electric crossover design engine release date

In 2028, Lamborghini will release its first electric crossover, called the Urus, which will be the largest model in the Lamborghini lineup, being the first fully electric Lamborghini. However, it is not known when the new Urus will emerge, or if it will even be available at all by then.

No matter how things turn out, the Urus will certainly not take long to become electric if the brand’s first electric arrives in 2028, and its arrival at the end of 2030 at the latest is expected.

A couple of months from now, the Italian manufacturer will be introducing the refreshed Super SUV, which is set to add a hybrid version to its range and will be made available to the public.

It is estimated that the Aventador replacement could arrive in the next few months, but the Huracán replacement will not be ready until the end of the decade at least.

Related News of the new Lamborghini Electric Crossover 2028

  • Before Lamborghini launches the electric Urus, they will make a decision about the first electric car they will launch by the end of this year. The car’s name will be announced by the end of the year.
  • There will be a ground clearance that is higher than that of a conventional sport sedan, such as a GT, but Lamborghini will be the first brand to use its first EV to return to a segment it abandoned long ago the 2+2.
  • It was discontinued in 1979 when Lamborghini made the Urraco, a 2+2 GT that could accommodate four people. Since then, Lamborghini has only made the Urus and the LM002, which have more seats than two.
  • As per the company’s officials, the project is expected to begin at the beginning of the year once they have decided exactly what type of car they will be manufacturing. As per the reports that the next Bentley electric vehicle may be similar to the first EV Bentley will introduce in 2024, a saloon based on the Audi Artemis, a very high-riding saloon that is intended to replace the all-electric A8 equivalent sedan.
  • Lamborghini’s first EV is, according to the latest estimates, expected to arrive in the same year or in 2026 as Bentley’s first EV will be built at Lamborghini’s Crewe plant starting in 2025. According to the experts, there is also a good chance that the platform will be based on Artemis.
  • According to Urus’ development boss, the company is planning to leave the diesel engine at the moment and go all-electric as soon as possible because of regulations that require switching to emissions-free powertrains and because EVs are becoming more accepted by society as well. In comparison with supercars, models like the Urus seem to make more sense for electrification than supercars themselves.

The future plans of Lamborghini

There is no combustion engine in Lamborghini’s range anymore, despite the company exploiting the limiting factor to the maximum and ultimately exchanging combustion engines from the market by the year 2035.

2028 lamborghini electric crossover design future plan

It’s the final chapter of an era, the last hurrah for a technology that has powered cars for more than a century. The company’s new Urus SUV comes with a gas-powered V8 as standard, but it can be optioned with an electric motor. With this car, Lamborghini stretches the presence of combustion engines in its range to the maximum, exploiting the limit to the maximum and withdrawing combustion engines from the market in 2035.

Anyhow, we must also not forget that before this law can be passed, there is still one more vote that needs to be taken in order to pass it. The sale of new combustion engines may still be banned in 2035, although there is no guarantee that any kind of decision that is not favorable to the sale of new combustion engines will be taken, although that will be quite a surprise.

Additionally, Lamborghini will be subject to different regulations because it is a low-volume manufacturer and so will be subject to different requirements.

According to the records, the officials have also confirmed that the brand has been discussing the use of synthetic fuels as a means of maintaining combustion engines and that the use of electrification further reduces the emissions from combustion engines by introducing the use of synthetic fuels.

There are also some conversations taking place between the member states that are believed to be one of the arguments that will help them to accept the ban on combustion engines by 2035 that will be imposed on all those that include themselves in the European Union.

Design of the new 2028 Lamborghini Electric Crossover

The 2028 Lamborghini electric Urus SUV is going to take the crossover approach to design and could take inspiration from the infamous Lamborghini sedan concept car from over a decade ago that was never approved for production even though we have not received any news regarding its design.

2028 lamborghini electric crossover design

It’s likely that the first fully electric vehicle, the new Urus, will take a crossover approach to design, and it’s likely to be influenced by that concept car.

It is possible, however, that the vehicle will end up having only two doors, as the second-generation Urus SUV EV will also eventually be available in four-door form, so it is possible that the vehicle ends up having only two doors as well.

Lamborghini is set to introduce the all-new Aventador successor later this year, followed by the Huracan, and the Urus. All three of these models will become plug-in hybrids by 2024, beginning with the new Aventador successor to appear later this year.

New Integrated Platform

According to the VW Group CEO, the company’s Scalable Systems Platform architecture will fully support all future vehicles from the second half of this decade, including the second-generation Urus electric SUV, which will be released later this decade.

By using a single mechatronics platform, the platform will be able to handle vehicles with 85 to 850 kW, and by doing so, the complexity of future vehicles will be greatly reduced by 50%, for example, making the Urus electric SUV more economically produced. 

Price and Approximate Launch date of 2028 Lamborghini Electric Crossover

There is an expectation that these Electric 2028 Lamborghini Electric Urus vehicles will go on sale by the year 2030. The price of the 2028 Lamborghini Electric Crossover Urus is supposed to be at a price tag of approximately $501,953.  


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