Bigger, Bolder, and Better 2023 Honda Pilot with Spy Shots

There are rumors, expectations, and spy shots regarding 2023 Honda Pilot which is claimed to get a new redesigned feature for the upcoming model. Set as the fourth generation of Pilot, the SUV is said to be different from the third generation in terms of designs and styling. Moreover, the upcoming 2023 model is designed to be bigger and bolder, with 3-row seating arrangements. In an overall sense, the Pilot should have a good balance and combo of great design, attractive appearance, good boost of power, and also generous space.

The Upcoming Plan of 2023 Honda Pilot with Spy Shots

Honda hasn’t released the redesigned photos or detailed specs. That’s why there’s no exact information about the horsepower, the transmission, and all of that stuff. However, there have been several spy shot images that seem to confirm Honda’s claim to make it bolder and bigger. From the silhouette alone, you can tell that the upcoming 2023 Honda Pilot would have a boxier profile and design. It’s possible that the new Pilot would be sharing style inspirations and designed with the Ridgeline, which is the pickup variant from the company.

2023 Honda Pilot Redesign
2023 Honda Pilot Redesign

A Glimpse of Exterior Appearance for 2023 Honda Pilot

From the photos alone, the new Pilot would have a more masculine and rugged design, compared to the current one. The current Pilot is said to have soft lines that resemble a minivan instead of an SUV. Maybe you can also check the company’s Ridgeline variant for the 2021 model, and imagine how those lines and contours of the pickup truck would look great on the Pilot.

The Pilot is able to accommodate the more robust and rugged design because it would be constructed on a new proportion. The new structure would be similar to the Acura MDX 2022 (also experiencing a redesigned work) which would support the overall performance and balance. This platform would be more solid and rigid, and it would affect the overall dynamics of the new Pilot.

2023 Honda Pilot spy photos
2023 Honda Pilot spy photos

Keep in mind that the redesigned MDX would have longer wheelbase up to 2.8 inches in length. This means that the new Pilot will have more space within the cabin. It also means that people could access the third row even easier. With such generous space, expect convenient seats that can accommodate 8 people comfortably

Power and Performance of 2023 Honda Pilot

Again, there is no detail from Honda, so we can only predict what the power (and performance) would be about. The new Pilot may be running on V6 unit with 3.5 liter capacity that is able to produce 290 hp and 267 Nm of torque. It would be likely paired with auto 10 speed transmission. If HondaOpens in a new tab. does use this arrangement, it means that Pilot would be the same as the redesigned MDX. The standard driving system would be front wheels, but all wheel is also optional and offered. What about plug-in hybrid system? Well, it’s always possible to develop the powertrain, but we can’t really be sure until Honda releases the official update.

2023 Honda Pilot Release Date
2023 Honda Pilot Release Date

Price and Release Date of 2023 Honda Pilot

The Pilot may not be as popular as the CR-V, its smaller ‘sibling’ in the line, but Pilot is one of the most crucial members in the lineup. So, it’s only logical to expect the Pilot to be available for the upcoming years to come. The price isn’t known but expect a slight increase considering that it experiences a redesigned work. Some predictions state that the increased price may start from around $6,500 and possibly more. But hey, we can’t be really sure until the company says so, can we?

For the release date, it is expected to happen somewhere in 2022 as the 2023 model. The exact launch time isn’t known for sure, but let’s wait for further news about 2023 Honda Pilot, shall we?


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