2023 Honda Odyssey Release Date, Price, Specs, Review

The upcoming 2023 Honda Odyssey is said to come with new extra part that will make driving with this minivan even more comfortable and fun. We have captured 2023 Honda Odyssey release date and price along with pros and cons. The redesign plan may include the Magic Glide, the second row chair designed as outboard seats that can glide. Its mechanism is to glide side to area that can make transfer easier and more comfortable.

Not only kids can have better access or entry to the minivan, but getting to the third row won’t be complicated anymore. The Magic Glide can also provide more room to the middle seats, which is just convenient – considering that the ride alone is enough to accommodate 8 people quite comfortably.

2023 Honda Odyssey: Overall Design & Appearance

It’s unclear how the new Odyssey will look like considering that there are several spyshots out there showing off the camouflaged designs. And keep in mind that those camos are pretty heavy. Be advised that both hybrid and gas model would have similar design, so there’s nothing different about it.

2023 Honda Odyssey Elite
Source : Caricos.com

Despite the camo, there are several minor things that are obvious to watch. For instance, the minivan has this new design for its LED headlights. The front fascia also looks new and a bit different. The rear bumper may likely get minor updates, including the side mirrors as well.

On the inside, expect more techs, including the advanced ones. Second row seats are easier and more convenient to fold. In the Elite trim, you can enjoy extra features and leather seats. Climate controls are obviously improved, along with more technologies and features to make driving more fun.

2023 Honda Odyssey Release Date & Price

2023 Honda Odyssey Release Date

As for the 2023 Honda Odyssey release date, the debut has been delayed from the original plan. It was said that if everything goes smoothly, the new Odyssey will launch around August 2022. However, the best part is the car has started to sell since May 2022.

2023 honda odyssey release date
2023 Honda Odyssey Release date

2023 Honda Odyssey Price

The details about the price was shady, but the standard Odyssey was predicted to be around $36,000 for the base trim. For the hybrid version, it was predicted as $38,000. Since, the models are already released, let us check the price of different models on the market:

Honda ModelsPrice
2023 Honda Odyssey EX$39,000
2023 Honda Odyssey EX-L$42,000
2023 Honda Odyssey Sport$43,000
2023 Honda Odyssey Touring$46,000
2023 Honda Odyssey Elite$51,000
Honda Odyssey Price

2023 Honda Odyssey Interior Technologies

On the interior cabin, technologies are significantly improved and made better. everything is set not only to be effective, but also functional and even fun! There would be extra USB ports 2.0 inside the car, along with extra storage sports for electronic products that are scattered all over the car. There is also a display screen with touchscreen system.

The car has its own movie camera, called the CabinWatch, to monitor everything on the back. As if it weren’t enough, there is also CabinTalk, where the driver or anyone on the front can talk to those on the back through the rear-side loudspeakers or through the earphones (with WiFi connection, of course). Sounds high tech? You bet it is!

2023 Honda Odyssey Redesign
Source : Motor1.com

Engine and Power of 2023 Honda Odyssey

The upcoming 2023 Honda Odyssey would likely be coming with V6 unit with 3.5 liter capacity, able to churn around 280 hp and 262 Nm of torque. The transmissions would be different, depending on the trims. The EX, EX-L, and LX would be coming with auto 9-speed transmission while the Elite and Visiting would come with programmed 10-speed setting. Unfortunately, the fuel economy isn’t promising as it will still have the similar 19 mpg for the city and 28 mpg for the highway, and with 22 mpg for combined number.

2023 Honda Odyssey Touring
Source : Carsbase.com

What about the hybrid power? Well, the minivan will use the similar powertrain as Pacifica Hybrid, which means that it will come with V6 unit and integrated to electric motors. However, Odyssey will produce more horsepower. It even exceeds Pacifica’s all electric driving range of 32 miles. But for the details, you have to wait for HondaOpens in a new tab. to have more official announcement.

2023 Honda Odyssey Fuel Efficiency

The fuel economy of this minivan is 22 mpg in combined city/highway driving, which is not the best definitely. In case of only highways, it gives around 28 mpg.

Mileage in city19 MPG
Mileage in long drive28 MPG
Mileage in Average/combined22 MPG
2023 Honda Odyssey Fuel Efficiency

2023 Honda Odyssey Pros & Cons


  • Very strong V6 engine
  • Good stability
  • Safe to drive
  • Lot of additional features
  • Good sound system
  • Changable 2nd row seats
  • Many configurations
  • Lot of air bags
  • Lot of safety features


  • Less fuel efficiency
  • It doesn’s have power-folding third-row seats
  • In many models, overly vigilant forward collision warning system is creating issues

FAQs on 2023 Honda Odyssey

Will the Honda Odyssey be redesigned in 2023?

The 2023 Honda Odyssey has already been released with a nice and bold look. It was redesigned with respect to its old model in terms of the front grille and headlights. The vehicle got a very nice and aggressive look with its front grilles which is basically an update and they have redesigned the headlight with LED light to have a perfect & smart look.

Are 2023 Honda Odyssey out yet?

Its 2023 and it is already released on the market.

How much is a Honda Odyssey 2023 USA?


Where is 2023 Honda Odyssey made?

Models are made at Honda’s Lincoln, Ala.

Is the 2023 Honda Odyssey reliable?

Yes, it is reliable.

What is the release date of 2023 Honda Odyssey?

2023 Honda Odyssey model is already released in the market since May 2022.


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