Explore the List of 11 Electric Cars with the Longest Range

With growing concerns over petrol prices, global warming and petroleum politics, electric cars are cropping up in the news as the way of the future. These types of vehicles use an electric motor rather than a gasoline engine they’re a great pollution solution, not to mention being far more economical.

01. Mini Cooper SE: 114 Miles

With a starting price of$,750, the Mini Cooper SE is one of the most affordable ways to get into a new electric vehicle. While its EPA- estimated 114- afar range limits usability, its hatchback is as fun and engaging as its gas- powered twin.

list electric cars with the longest range mini cooper se
list electric cars with the longest range mini cooper se

With the 2022 model came new standard stuff like8.8- inch touchscreen infotainment display and a heated steering wheel, along with minor outside upgrades. According to Mini, quick- charging allows the Mini Cooper Electric to charge to 80 percent in just 35 mins, while home- charging will restore full power from empty in a respectable four hours.

02. Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo: 215 Miles

The wagonized form of the Porsche Taycan comes standard with all- wheel drive and an adaptable air sustention. Power is supplied by two electric motors ranging between 469 and 750 power. Both the Taycan Cross Turismo 4 and 4S share an EPA- estimated 215 long hauls of range, the top for this model, but far out from the longest range EVs available moment. Range for the 750- hp Turbo S interpretation drops to 202 long hauls.

Although the cart has a slightly shorter range than its hydrofoil counterpart, it still uses Porsche’s 800- volt armature to turbocharge the DC presto- charging experience.

03. Audi e-tron: 222 Miles

Available as either an SUV or Sportback, the Audie- tron delivers typical Audi refinement in a gas-free package Power comes from two electric motors, which, when working in confluence, spear out a outside of 402 power.

During testing, thee-tron shot to 60 mph in the low five-alternate range. Speaking of range, our tester was only suitable to scrounge out 190 trace long hauls, 32 smaller than announced.

04. Volvo XC40 Recharge: 223 Miles

The Volvo XC40 Recharge gets extra range for 2022, though its driving range still falls short of the longest- range electric buses vended moment. Starting at$,395, standard outfit includes 402 power, all- wheel drive, adaptive voyage control, and automated exigency retardation. The 2021 XC40 we tested hit 60 mph in just4.3 seconds, a full two seconds quicker than its most important gasoline- powered interpretation.

05. Volvo C40 Recharge: 226 Miles

The Volvo C40 Recharge comes standard with all- wheel drive and gets an EPA- estimated 226 long hauls of range. The 402 power powertrain has a claimed zero- to-60-mph in4.7 seconds,0.6 alternate slower than the Polestar 2 we have preliminarily tested.

06. Nissan Leaf: 226 Miles

While the Nissan Leaf lacks the flash or emotional driving range of some other EVs, as one of the first mass- produced EVs vended in America, it was formerly a trailblazer. After 11 times, the Leaf, with its$,375 base price( making it the cheapest EV on the request for 2022), continues to offereco-friendly transportation to those with modest commutes and modest budgets.

Of the five available trim situations, we ’d choose the S Plus. Not only does it offer the longest range( 226 long hauls) in the Leaf model line, but it also comes with a more important 214- hp motor.

07. Porsche Taycan: 227 Miles

The Porsche Taycan is one of the many EVs on the request that moves like a sports auto. In our testing, a Turbo S hit 60 mph in just2.4 seconds and pulled0.99 g on the skidpad. Those are figures that border on hypercar area. All of this speed comes at a cost, however. The forenamed Turbo S starts at$,350.

The further economical among us, still, can still enjoy the gratuities of Porsche’s excellent EV. Entry pricing for a base reverse- wheel- drive model is a kindly more accessible$,050. The hinder- drive Taycan with the Battery Plus package starts at$,830 and gets an EPA- estimated 225- afar range.

The most range available for the Taycan is had with the 4S and voluntary Battery Plus package at 227 long hauls. Range is only part of the story Every Taycan uses an 800- volt armature that allows a peak charging rate of 270 kilowatts, making charging times reasonable when exercising DC presto- dishes.

08. Jaguar I-Pace: 234 Miles

The I- Pace is Jaguar’s first shot at a slice of the EV merchandise. We set up the dégagé crossover’s driving dynamics to be sharp and instigative despite its nearly 5000- pound check weight. Responsible for moving that weight around is a motor at each axle inclusively putting out 394 power and 512 pound- bases of necklace.

The I- Pace’s innards houses aggressive seats, a satiny dashboard, and lots of technology. The standard infotainment system boasts a10.0- inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

09. Audi e-tron GT: 238 Miles

The Audi e-tron can be had in two different power situations that do not really affect range important. The 522- hp e-tron GT gets the most range at an EPA- estimated 238 long hauls(the longest-range e-tron GT presently available); not far out from that’s the 637- hp R Se-tron GT with over to 232 long hauls.

The R Se-tron GT we lately tested actually beat its EPA- estimated range during our 75- mph trace route with 240 long hauls on a single charge. It also hit 60 mph in just2.9 seconds. That is one of the quickest buses we have ever tested. These e-tron GTs use 800- volt armature, like what is set up on the Porsche Taycan, to minimize charging when plugged into DC presto- dishes.

10. Kia Niro EV: 239 Miles

Crossovers similar as the Kia Niro EV give us a regard into an EV- dominated future. Void of pomp and circumstance, the Niro EV is simply a people transport powered by electricity. At its$,165 base price, the Niro EV has a64.0- kWh battery that provides a maximum EPA- estimated range of 239 long hauls, although our real- world testing returned just 180 long hauls.

Unlike some of its challengers, the Niro EV sports a fairly conventional- looking innards, although we set up its alternate row a bit tighter than we would prefer.

11. Chevrolet Bolt EUV: 247 Miles

The Chevy Bolt EUV shares the same underpinnings and 200- hp electric powertrain as the lower Bolt EV hatchback (mentioned further down this list).

The EUV is6.3 elevation longer with further commodious innards, but according to the EPA, gets 12 long hauls lower range than the lower Bolt. still, during our 75- mph trace test, we managed just 190 long hauls, 57 long hauls short of its EPA estimate.


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