Next-gen BMW M5 will arrive as a Performance Hybrid in 2024

These fresh spy shots capture what looks like a plug-in hybrid 2024 BMW M5 in testing in Munich.  It was caught testing at the Nürburgring in Germany that an almost undisguised prototype of the next BMW M5 was being prepared.

The front lights on this M5 are production ready, but the rest of the body is camouflaged. There is a large grille visible to the side of the concealment that completely covers the nose. A riveted panel adorns the center of the hood. 

2024 BMW M5 V8 Hybrid Engine

Plug-in hybrid power-trains with V8 petrol engines will be available for the 2024 BMW M5. The next generation BMW M5 boasts 750 horsepower and 737 lb-ft of torque thanks to a single rear axle mounted electric motor generating 200 hp and 220 lb-ft. In this model, there will be a 4.4 liter twin turbo V8 engine used for internal combustion.

next-gen 2024 BMW M5 review performance hybrid
next-gen 2024 BMW M5 review performance hybrid

Under the rear seat bench of the test mules is a 12 kWh battery, keeping the trunk space intact. The plug-in hybrid engine may receive a high discharge battery in the final version that would enhance its electric output and performance.

There is a possibility that BMW will offer a plug-in hybrid version of the M5.

An electric motor would be mounted on the gearbox and would be connected to a 3 liter turbocharged straight six engine. Therefore, the system would produce 338 horsepower and 442 pounds feet of torque.

2024 BMW M5 Engine & Transmission

It will also come with an eight speed automatic transmission, like the current generation BMW M5. BMW’s Sequential Manual Gearbox and a six speed manual transmission will likely be available.

next gen 2024 BMW M5 review engine transmission
next gen 2024 BMW M5 review engine transmission

Autonomous driving would not be possible with an M5. It would be a pure driver’s machine that demanded full control and attention. It is still expected that the sedan will have a number of features by the time it arrives, as autonomous driving will be more common than it is today.

2024 BMW M5 Performance

Despite being an electric vehicle, the BMW M5 is powered by a 4.4 liter V8 bi-turbo engine with 750 Nm of torque and 1800 and 5860 RPM. This car has insane performance throughout the entire rev range, with turbo lag well controlled. Its midrange is terrific, and it’s redline is a shade above 7000 RPM, and it gets there fairly quickly.

Like almost every BMW, this car is well equipped with advanced technology. All the BMW bells and whistles, such as the 360 degree camera, are on display here.

2024 BMW M5 Spy Photos or Shots

Let us see a few glimpse of 2024 BMW M5 spy photos:

2024 BMW M5 spy photos or shots
next gen 2024 BMW M5 spy photos or shots

Interior & Exterior Design BMW M5

You can expect the next generation BMW M5 to have a more distinctive visual appeal than the current model. The new M5 will have an aggressive stance and a sporty kidney grille. In addition, it will feature large air intakes and low profile tires.

2024 BMW M5 Interior

The M5’s interior will be equipped with bucket seats with contrast stitching and M Performance badge, colored display graphics, a red start or stop button and M1 and M2 buttons for driver specific chassis settings.

next gen 2024 BMW M5 interior
next gen 2024 BMW M5 interior

2024 BMW M5 Exterior

Small inlets are located in the corners of the lower fascia and a large trapezoidal opening is located in the middle. It is possible to see the wheels on the side of the vehicle. They seem to be elements of the final design. It is designed with spokes that combine Y and V shaped shapes. A lot of panels cover the car, but two exhaust pipes can be seen underneath the bumper, so it’s hard to tell if the lamps are there or not.

2024 BMW M5 Infotainment System

One glimpse of the cabin suggests there are two screens hidden in a single bezel. An infotainment monitor and a driver’s display of 12.3 inches are reportedly included. This device on the car should be able to run the I-Drive 8 application.

Next generation BMW M5 hybrids will feature most of the features found in the latest large BMWs. BMW’s Curved Display will combine infotainment and navigation into one large black panel with Ultra Wideband technology.

2024 BMW M5 Release Date

There will be a new generation of the whole 5 Series range. The M models are generally released after the regular models. It is rumored that the M5 might not arrive until 2024 and that there may even be an M5 Touring.

next gen 2024 BMW M5 release date
next gen BMW M5 release date

BMW may introduce an all electric i5M, but it is unclear whether it will outperform the next generation M5. Thus, BMW must develop significant battery technology and reduce weight. EVs are inherently heavy. 

Wrapping it Up

A plug-in hybrid model of the BMW 5 Series is available in the United States in two variations: the 530e and the 530e xDrive sedan. The former has an electric range of 21 miles, while the latter has an electric range of 18 miles. They both have twin scroll turbo petrol engines with 181 hp and 288 hp when electric assistance is turned on. With the combined torque of 258 lb-ft, both engines produce a tremendous amount of power. There is also a 530e Touring version available in Europe.


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