Nissan Ariya SUV Design, Engine, Power, Performance

In this article, Nissan Ariya SUV design, engine, power, performance, etc. Nissan is a leading Japanese automobile brand and was known once for being the world’s biggest electric vehicle manufacturer at one time. Though they might have lost its number one spot, the company is still well known to build some of the best and most reliable electric vehicles that are currently present in the market.

About the Nissan Ariya SUV

The Nissan Ariya SUV will be on sale in the U.S. in the fall of 2022, as part of Nissan’s efforts to expand its line of electric vehicles. This new Nissan Ariya will take the place of the Leaf hatchback in the Nissan showroom and will offer a range of up to 300 miles, which is much better than the maximum range of 226 miles available in the Leaf.

Power, Performance & EV Motor of Nissan Ariya SUV

Nissan has developed features found in other cars, such as the torque-split system found in the GT-R sports car, to provide optional all-wheel drive via a dual-motor configuration that makes use of both front and rear electric motors. The Nissan Ariya front-wheel drive model offers a claimed zero-to-60-mph time of 7.2 seconds according to Nissan, while the all-wheel drive Ariya is significantly faster and offers more performance.

nissan ariya suv design engine power performance

It is estimated that the vehicle will be able to sprint from zero to 60 mph in less than 5.0 seconds, a feat similar to some of the higher-end electric vehicles on the market today.

Ariya offers an excellent ride with a calm and stable ride that should be appreciated by most buyers. However, some consumers might miss the sports car look and nature that some people like their cars to look like.

Range of Nissan Ariya SUV

The EPA estimates that the Ariya will receive approximately 300 miles from the EPA in the United States. There is a peak power of 130 kW for DC fast charging, but to date, there has not been a release of the charging times. It can be seen in the table below that American buyers will have the option of choosing either a 2WD or an AWD configuration.

Design of Nissan Ariya SUV

Nissan’s all-electric SUV-coupe displays powerfulness with grace and simplicity, easily relatable to Japanese design, making it stand out from other Nissan models. The Ariya follows a new design theme which is being called the Timeless Japanese Futurism. The slim silhouette and smooth, seamless surfaces give it the appearance of cutting through the air with ease.

nissan ariya suv design

In addition to its chic design, the Nissan Ariya also embodies dominance and sportiness. A small LED headlamp, the giant “aerodynamic shield” in place of a grille, and the drop-down LED DRLs alert onlookers to what is to come. As part of the sci-fi first impression, the new brand logo is illuminated in the centre of the aerodynamic shield.

It complements the chunky alloy wheels with black underbody cladding from the front to the rear. An angled C-pillar merges flawlessly into the deck at the rear. The Nissan Ariya is characterized by a low-slung, sporty stance thanks to its fast-sloping roofline and the fast-sloping sides. Blackened treatment on the combined light blade ensures drama like the front combination lamps.

Interior of Nissan Ariya SUV

In terms of identity, the Nissan Ariya has its own identity, laying a foundation for future Nissans to follow. Due to the fact that the dedicated BEV platform has a flat floor, it allows for a more spacious and functional cabin that allows for more legroom and easier interaction between occupants in the front and the back of the vehicle.

nissan ariya suv design interior

However, there are some raised sections in the middle of the harness, and those are due to the harness for some of the systems that are powered by the sub-battery, so it is necessary for them to be powered by the harness.

Other Interior Factors of Nissan Ariya SUV

Nissan claims that the interior of the new vehicle is more similar to that of a sleek lounge on a starship than to that of an ordinary cabin in a vehicle. A new dashboard has been created with a sleeker look and seamless integration with the door panels to create a seamless look.

A minimalist design adheres to the greatest extent possible and there are few physical controls on the device to match the car’s minimalist nature. With the help of capacitive haptic switches, the company has integrated the primary climate control functions into a wood centre dash that has a natural feeling to it.

It is worth mentioning that a steering wheel is a two-spoke unit that illustrates the “less is more” philosophy. An instrument cluster with fully digital instrumentation, as well as a central touch screen display that is positioned upright, are two large displays. The information displayed on these displays is easily accessible by the driver and facilitates the process of viewing the information.

Battery Life, Changing and Range of Nissan Ariya SUV

 A Nissan Venture+ is said to provide a driving range of up to 300 miles on a single charge, which is a significant improvement over the Leaf, where the maximum driving range is only 226 miles. Liquid-cooled batteries are used in the Nissan Ariya as opposed to metal-cooled batteries in the Nissan Leaf.

nissan ariya suv design engine battery

The top-spec Platinum+ model is reportedly good for up to 265 miles per charge, whereas the Evolve+ and Premiere models come with up to 285 miles per charge.

The Jaguar I-Pace and Audi E-Tron are both similarly sized and have 234 and 204 miles of range, respectively, which is similar to what Jaguar’s I-Pace and Audi’s E-Tron have. In comparison with Tesla, some of its key rivals claim to have a range of over 300 miles. There will be an option for the Ariya to be charged at home via 110- or 240-volt outlets, as well as at public charging stations or even through DC fast charging ports at public charging stations.

Economy of Fuel of Nissan Ariya SUV

Nissan has yet to release any MPGe figures for the Ariya, nor have they released any EPA fuel economy estimates for it. This information will likely become available when the Ariya gets closer to its launch date. The Ariya will also be tested by us on a 200-mile highway route, which will give us the chance to evaluate its efficiency in the real world using actual data.

Connectivity and Entertainment Factors of the Nissan Ariya SUV 

A dual display of 12.3 inches is used for both the digital gauge cluster and the infotainment system. There should be a standard feature list that includes Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, as well as in-dash navigation.

It was shown that the Ariya concept car had a feature that would permit it to sync with the driver’s schedule, so whenever the driver is in the car and the car is charged, the interior could be pre-heated or pre-cooled, eliminating the need to use the battery while the car is parked and charging.

As part of the concept, ProPilot, which is a system similar to Tesla’s Smart Summon feature, demonstrated technology that would allow the driver to use their phone to use the Remote Park feature to park the Ariya from a nearby location using ProPilot’s Remote Park. As of yet, Nissan has not confirmed if these features are going to be integrated into the production model of the car.

Pricing of the Nissan Ariya SUV

The Pricing of the Nissan Ariya SUV is not officially revealed by the company but according to the news and rumors the price could be somewhere around $43,000 – $46,000

The Driving Assistance and Safety Features to be provided in the Nissan Ariya SUV

Nissan’s second generation of its semi-autonomous ProPilot technology, ProPilot 2.0, will be available as an option on the Ariya and is described as Nissan’s second generation of ProPilot tech. In certain driving scenarios, a driver can opt for the system so they do not have to hold the wheel.

Our expectations are high for Version 2.0, even though we have not tested the updated setup yet, but we enjoyed the original ProPilot system when we used it in 2017 and if it is any indication of how version 2.0 will perform, then we expect a lot from it.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) have both published a detailed overview of Ariya’s crash-test results that can be found by visiting their respective websites. The following are some of the key features that contribute to safety:

  • The vehicle is equipped with an automated emergency braking system with pedestrian detection as standard
  • There is a standard lane-departure warning system with lane-keeping assistance as well
  • With the available adaptive cruise control, you will be able to drive semi-autonomously.


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