New Nissan Micra 2025 EV: Review, Release Date, Price, Specs

It has finally been revealed, and Nissan released its first look for the all new Nissan Micra 2025 EV at the Alliance Digital Conference on January 27, 2022. With its convenience and performance, it is the perfect electric car. Designed for small families, the new Micra is Nissan’s latest small hatchback. The redesigned new car will have a more powerful engine and more freedom than ever before.

By 2030, the Alliance plans to launch 35 new electric vehicles based on 5 common platforms, with a planned investment of EUR 23 billion over the next five years. The Micra EV and other compact electric vehicles will be built on the CMF-BEV platform, Nissan announced.

Design & Features of Nissan Micra 2025

It appears that Nissan Micra EV has a split roof due to its unique C pillar design. In addition to a sleeker design, new colors are expected to be added. Nevertheless, the design will be very strict to ensure that the products look unique and distinctive.

nissan micra 2025 ev review release date price specs
New Nissan Micra 2025 EV: Review, Release Date, Price, Specs

Micra have a design with sculpted surfaces, while Renault 5 has square edges. Aside from teasing its silhouette and lights, Nissan has not revealed the specifications of its entry level EV in Europe. Individual LED modules resemble the design of the third generation Micra from 2002, but overall, it appears to be a conversion to the previous generation.

Micra EV will have many curves and roundish elements, especially the light fixtures, which are similar to the third generation model. A complete glass roof is optional, and the interior is expected to be spacious and practical.

Nissan Micra 2025 Engine & Performance

This Nissan Micra EV 2025 features a powerful electric motor, a powerful motor generator, and multiple battery storage options that allow it to be a great daily commuter car. With a number of features without a heavy price tag, Nissan’s Micra EV is designed to appeal to customers who want a practical and trendy car.

nissan micra 2025 ev review engine performance
New Nissan Micra 2025 EV: Review, Release Date, Price, Specs

It has been confirmed that Nissan will produce an electric successor to the Micra based on the CMF-BEV platform. We expect the Micra EV’s specs to include a 100 mile range from its 50 kWh battery pack, as well as a 135 horsepower output.

Costs will be reduced by 33 percent thanks to the CMF-BEV. With its outstanding aerodynamic performance and superior efficiency, it will be 10 percent more energy efficient than the Renault Zoe. It could generate significant savings for battery EVs by sourcing sixty percent of the non electric components from a CMF-B platform, which would measure from 3.9 to 4.2 meters long.

Nissan Micra 2025 Battery & Range

An 80 to 100 kW single motor would power a Nissan Micra Electric successor with front-wheel drive. Nissan Motor Company will not switch to LFP cell chemistry to save money.

nissan micra 2025 ev review battery range
New Nissan Micra 2025 EV: Review, Release Date, Price, Specs

Similar to the Renault Group, it will use NMC cell chemistry across the product lineup. First time EV buyers will find it convenient to charge their EVs using the Plug & Charge feature of the CMF-BEV platform.

Nissan Micra 2025 Infotainment System

You can commute to work or take it on the road with the new Nissan Micra EV 2025, along with its many features. There is more to it than just a car-it’s a smart car, so it is a car packed with the latest technology.

nissan micra 2025 ev infotainment system
New Nissan Micra 2025 EV: Review, Release Date, Price, Specs

Nissan Micra 2025 Release Date & Cost

EV models of the Micra are expected to enter showrooms in the first half of 2025. A concept preview may precede the actual vehicle. Until incentives kick in, you can expect the Nissan Micra 2025 to cost around 25,000 Euros.

nissan micra 2025 ev release date
New Nissan Micra 2025 EV: Review, Release Date, Price, Specs

Nissan expects that the CMF-BEV will make significant sales. Brands are expected to benefit from the volume it generates and profit from it. A total of 250,000 vehicles will be sold annually under the Renault, Nissan, and Alpine brands on the basis of the CMF-BEV. This platform will be used by Micra EV, Renault R5, Alpine R5, and Renault 4 starting in 2024. 

Other Related News regarding Nissan Micra 2025

According to a Nissan announcement in November 2021, 15 electric vehicles will be introduced globally by 2030. Despite not providing a model lineup, Nissan confirmed it will produce a Nissan Micra Electric replacement for Europe based on the Alliance’s CMF-BEV platform. Over the years, Nissan’s supermini has offered a low cost mass market vehicle for the mass market. 

With Nissan’s continued development of solid state batteries, other alliance partners will benefit from Nissan’s expertise. Although the technology is still developing, many automakers feel that solid state batteries have yet to realize their full potential.

As part of its plans for 2025, Renault will build a fully software based vehicle using a centralized electrical and electronic architecture. Future alliance partners will benefit from Nissan’s leadership in solid state batteries. Solid state batteries are still in their infancy, but many car manufacturers believe their full potential has not been realized.


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