Plans for 2024 BMW X5 Luxury SUV

The X5 from Beemer has always been known as a luxury SUV, and the new 2024 BMW X5 would be coming with more improvements. Reliable sources have stated that the new SUV would get light refreshment on the exterior, but the biggest changes would be happening inside the cabin. Thanks to iDrive 8, not only the X5 will get new face, but expect many tech additions to the SUV.

The Journey of New X5

Last year, Beemer revealed their upcoming plan of their (new) X5, but they only want to produce it for the Chinese market. There is a reason for it: The new reveal would be the long wheelbase type, which is super popular in Chinese auto market, but not so much in other markets. Since their reveal, many people have wondered whether there would be new X5 for other markets too.

2024 BMW X5 Redesign
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It’s a good thing that there would be a new X5 type for other markets. There are spyshot images that have spotted the (high performance) X5 M going through the testing stage for the cold weather. From there, many auto enthusiasts know that there would be the regular X5 prototype soon enough as the development test is underway. And this is what is happening: the regular BMW X5 has been spotted going through the development stage. And it’s also a good thing that the vehicle has several expected changes too.

The Updated Changes to the 2024 Model

From the spyshots, the 2024 BMW X5 is likely getting some updates. It’s basically the same refreshed (design) language that was happening to X3 and also X4. Expect the lower squared side intakes to go away. They would be replaced and improved by vertical intakes instead. Because of these changes, the central grille would also be updated and redesigned. It will have sharper look. It is even narrower, having upturned corners within every end.

What about the headlights? Are they getting some redesigned work too? The headlights would get significant change with slimmer design. It’s basically inspired by the look from 4 Series – and the same design too. For the overall profile, it seems that there won’t be any obvious change. However, the entire profile shows that the prototype is a hybrid type. The evidence is clear: you should be able to see a charging port (located on the driver’s number plates, having E ending).

2024 BMW X5 Cost
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At the end of the design, there is likely the redesigned graphics for the vehicle’s taillights. The remaining of the rear fascia seems to be unchanged, so it’s safe to assume that it would be the same (designed as a carryover from the previous model).

The Interior Cabin

The changes on the exterior side may not be overly obvious because they are quite slight and not significant. However, the most obvious changes would be happening on the inside. When you take a look at the inside, you will be sure that it’s the updated model. Starting from the 2023 X5, the vehicle would get the advanced iDrive 8 infotainment system, complete with the refreshed graphics and the dual screens.

2024 BMW X5 Colors
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If everything goes as planned, this system would be incorporated by each new BMWOpens in a new tab. types for the next production. It’s highly likely that the new X5 would be getting the same iDrive technology, but it’s unclear when. Once Beemer is sure about the entire arrangement, they will likely reveal it.

Price and Release Date

The source states that production will start in next year, which means that it will start in April 2023. If this is the case, then it’s confirmed that the upcoming X5 would be coming as the 2024 model. The information and price tag for 2024 BMW X5 hasn’t been provided, so let’s wait for further info.


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