5 Top Tesla Car to Buy in 2023: Would You Like to Buy a Tesla Car?

What would be the best top Tesla car to buy in 2023? Tesla may not have the decades of experience, unlike the Toyota or Mazda, but the company is increasingly popular from day to day. Because of its innovation and technology, Tesla brings out a new atmosphere in the auto industry, especially related to electrification technology and other advanced systems.

It’s no wonder if Tesla is now considered one of the best (and also the toughest competitors) that is able to deliver sophisticated outcome. Up until now, Tesla has produced several lines that have become the talk of the sector. Of course, you can still expect more productions in the future. So, what would be the best 2023 model that you can consider?

Top Tesla Car to Buy: Tesla Roadster

The roadster was first introduced and revealed in 2017, but it takes around 6 years for production. Rumor has it that the anticipated Roadster’s production would be pushed to 2023. Covid pandemic is also one of the many reasons for the delayed production. The pandemic affects the supply of parts, which are also responsible for the delay.

top tesla car models buy tesla roadster
5 Top Tesla Car to Buy in 2023: Would You Like to Buy a Tesla Car?

This one of the best Tesla to buy in 2023 would also be produced together with the CybertruckOpens in a new tab.. It is likely that the Cybertruck will start manufacturing in 2022 where volume production should be reached in around 2023. The Roadster isn’t the first gen as this is actually the second one. From the start, the production has been delayed because of the (advanced) battery technology and the novel powertrain with tri-motor arrangement. But now that they have managed to overcome the issue, these technologies would debut in new SUV and saloon models.

Top Tesla Car: Tesla Model X (Prototype)

This one is still in the prototype stage, but TeslaOpens in a new tab. is sure enough to produce it for their future production. One thing that makes this type different from the others is the Falcon-wing door. It is especially designed in such a manner so that it would be the center of attention, for sure. It involves theatrical part on how the door opens and closes. It may be a prototype, but it shows how extraordinary the design is. Unlike the regular gullwing door, this Falcon-type door doesn’t require a lot of space. This is definitely handy when you have to park in a right spot. Not only you can open the door quite easily, but you aren’t required to squirm or duck to get into the ride.

top tesla car models buy tesla model
5 Top Tesla Car to Buy in 2023: Would You Like to Buy a Tesla Car?

Of course, the Falcon-wing door isn’t the only thing interesting or fascinating about the car. You can expect other features and sophistication. The overall architecture would be amazing. There would be two different sizes of battery packs in 60 kWh and 85 kWh. The battery pack is able to help the X cover ranges between 214 miles and 267 miles. Design is also cleverly managed so that the car has enough room without making it too bulky or too big. Although there isn’t any detailed info about the speed and power, this one would be a fast ride. It is able to reach 60 mph within 4.4 seconds, which speak volumes of its performance and ability. Because of the technologies and stuff, it is no wonder if the X is said to be one of the best Tesla to buy in 2023. It is a prototype now, but expect real production to take place soon enough.

Top Tesla Car: Model S Plaid

If you think that the Model XOpens in a new tab. is super sophisticated and high-end, you haven’t read the details of the S Plaid. Well, the S Plaid is said to be super fast because it is able to reach 60 mph in only 2 seconds! Imagine having to drive the car with a parachute on the back because it may go too fast and you won’t be able to stop at all! You can’t really blame the Plaid as it is designed as a 1,020 hp vehicle.

top tesla car models buy tesla s pllaid
5 Top Tesla Car to Buy in 2023: Would You Like to Buy a Tesla Car?

Although it may seem like a good and super cool production, you need to realize that you don’t need that kind of speed in the real life. Although the ride is said to be one of the best Tesla to buy in 2023, it may end up being underused or it may be a bad production. Now the question is: If you can’t really buy the sedan for its functionality, then why would you need to buy it from the first place? Well, if you have heard about the bragging rights, that’s basically the main reason for people to buy the Plaid. The officials at Tesla all claim that Plaid is super fast. It may be the fastest sedan ever made, but it is also packed with the high-end technologies and safety features, including the (electronic) stability control and others. But then again, the question remains: Would the Plaid be an engineering overkill in the end?

Top Tesla Car: Tesla Cybertruck

The name really does represent the overall look and design of the ride. It is designed as a truck in a cyberOpens in a new tab. construction and frame, making it look futuristic and sophisticated at the same time. It looks like a futuristic tank instead of a regular truck. The exterior area is made from stainless steel that is resistant to dent and scratch. And as if it weren’t enough, the truck is powered by electricity, making it a ‘green’ tough truck. It has a towing ability up to 14,000 pounds and the electric power is able to cover more than 500 miles.

top tesla car models buy tesla cybertruck
5 Top Tesla Car to Buy in 2023: Would You Like to Buy a Tesla Car?

Top Tesla Car: Model 2 Hatchback

If you have been waiting on the hatchback, this is good news as the hot hatch is designed as a tough competitor against VW ID.3 in 2023, although it is rumored that it would be focused on Australian market. But the good thing is that this futuristic ride is set at around AU$33,000 or US$25,000 which is affordable enough for the majority of buyers. If the Model 2 is set as VW ID.3 rival, it means that it would be designed as a small hatchback with electric power. There hasn’t any detail about the production, but this one would be available in two wheel and all wheel driving system.

top tesla car models buy tesla model 2 hatchback
5 Top Tesla Car to Buy in 2023: Would You Like to Buy a Tesla Car?

In the end, those are some of the best candidates for the future TeslaOpens in a new tab. production. Have you decided which of these best Tesla to buy in 2023?


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