Volkswagen ID. AERO 2023 – Futuristic EV Design Specs and Release Date

Volkswagen is a German automobile brand and one of the world’s biggest car manufacturers. Recently, Volkswagen has entered the market for electric vehicles and they have announced some of their upcoming electric cars that are going to be launched in the near future.

One of those cars is the Volkswagen ID Aero 2023 which is going to be the German carmaker’s latest electric vehicle sedan. There is no doubt that this model will launch in the second half of the year 2023, and that it will be sold first in the Chinese market.

ID. Aero is based on VW’s MEB platform for electric cars which is capable of supporting multiple body styles and enables it to be designed in many ways. There is a possibility that the Aero will be the production version of the ID. And the concept which featured a sedan that was similar to a coupe in its shape.

Aerodynamics and Battery of the Volkswagen ID Aero 2023

It has been revealed by Volkswagen that it will have a new ID system. It is estimated that the AERO concept car will be about five metres in length and has been built using aerodynamic principles.

volkswagen id aero 2023 ev design specs release date
Volkswagen ID. AERO 2023 - Futuristic EV Design Specs and Release Date

As part of the concept car’s design, the roof slopes gracefully towards the back, giving the vehicle an appearance of a coupé, which, on the other hand, contributes to its excellent drag coefficient of 0.23 as well. With Volkswagen’s modular electric drive matrix (MEB), it is possible to minimize the overhangs, enjoy a long wheelbase, and have a very spacious cabin in the vehicle.

In order to ensure that air flows over the car in a smooth and efficient fashion, the front end and roof have been constructed aerodynamically. There is a separating edge at the rear setback that calms the airflow of the rear end because it is gently drawn in. It has a pair of 22-inch two-tone wheels, which have a turbine design and which are inserted flush into the wheel housings to create an aerodynamic look.

The Exterior of the Volkswagen ID Aero 2023

The Aero is one of the first cars in the premium midsize class to feature a design based on the ID. family for the first time anywhere else.

In order to ensure that air flows over the car in a smooth and efficient fashion, the front end and roof have been constructed aerodynamically. There is a separating edge at the rear setback that calms the airflow of the rear end because it is gently drawn in. In addition to the two tone design of the 22 inch wheels, the wheels are inserted flush into the wheel housings and feature a turbine design.

Aside from that, the automaker says the illuminated touch surfaces are replacing the traditional door handles, which has significantly reduced drag, as well. At the top of the silhouette, the design is shaped by the powerful tornado line and the downward sloping roofline that can be seen at the top of the silhouette.

This fastback-like tailgate features a connected LED tail lamp system that is again a familiar VW invention. The overall design of the vehicle is completed by a minimalist rear bumper. 

Painting of the Volkswagen ID Aero 2023

This electric sedan has a smooth and dynamic look thanks to the contour lines that make it appear flatter and more dynamic.

It has a unique type of metallic paintwork that is called Polar Light Blue Metallic and it is a light metallic shade of blue with colour pigments that create shimmers of golden colour in appropriate lighting conditions, giving the vehicle an air of elegance. A high-gloss black paint finish has been applied to the roof of the vehicle to create a contrast with its body colour.

The Interior of the Volkswagen ID Aero 2023

A distinctive feature of the front end is the Volkswagen ID Aero 2023 honeycombs which are a characteristic of the ID. family of products. An important aesthetic feature of the ID is the horizontal division of the front bumper into two sections. This is a distinctive aesthetic feature of the ID. Aerodynamic principles have been taken into account in the design of the vehicle.

Across the width of the front of the vehicle, a thin light strip stretches horizontally from the top to the bottom, extending above the unique IQ. LIGHT LED matrix headlights and wrapping into the wings and side panels, creating the Volkswagen model’s identity.

It is the uniqueness of AERO that makes them stand out. As long as you take a few breaks, this light strip is visible from the front all the way through to the back. A dramatic black light strip with LED tail light clusters of honeycomb construction gives the rear end a distinct appearance due to their honeycomb construction and black light strip.

Performance of the Volkswagen ID Aero 2023

The car does not have any performance numbers on it Volkswagen does indicate that the WLTP EVs have a range of up to 385 miles (620 kilometres), which would be enough for the ID. A significant advantage of Aero is that it has a much longer range than most other IDs, some of which have a range of fewer than 300 miles (483 kilometres).

Production of the Volkswagen ID Aero 2023

The production version of the ID is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2023. It is expected that in the year 2023, AERO for Europe will roll off the assembly line at the Emden plant.

As one of the first Volkswagen plants in Lower Saxony to produce electric cars in volume, Emden is expected to be one of the major players in electrifying VW’s model range and reducing the CO2 emissions of the Volkswagen fleet overall as a result of volume production of electric vehicles.

Pricing and buying guide for the Volkswagen ID Aero 2023

According to our expectations, the price and trim levels of the new ID.5 will be similar to that of the ID.4’s, with the base model probably being rear wheel drive as a standard feature, while all the other models are likely to feature dual motors and all wheel drive as options. The Estimated price will be around thirty five thousand United States dollars.

Related News: A Chinese offensive on electric power:

Volkswagen, as part of its ‘accelerate’ strategy, has stepped up its electric offensive in China with the ID AERO concept car, which is on its way to production. By 2023, AERO is expected to become the fourth fully electric model series in China, which will be available for purchase in the second half of the year.

A total of two versions are planned there, one for each joint venture between Volkswagen and Audi. With a regional strategy in place by Volkswagen, the company aims to become one of the leaders in the supply of sustainable vehicles to China based on its regional strategy. In 2030, it is expected that China will be able to sell at least every second vehicle that it manufactures as an electric vehicle.

In order to reach the goal of ZERO by 2025, Volkswagen is continuing its global electric offensive. In the future, the ID AERO will be the new flagship model of the ID family, which will therefore be available not only in China but also in Europe and North America in addition to China in the near future.


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