2023 BMW i4 Sedan EV Review, Engine, Specs, Pricing & Release Date

In terms of BMW’s expanding electric vehicle portfolio, the BMW i4 sedan is an important part of the company’s growing EV line-up. With a battery powertrain and highly refined road manners, it runs with a style similar to that of the Grand Coupe of the BMW 4-series.

The i4 comes in a few distinct variations: The i4 eDrive35 and the i4 eDrive40 both offer a range of over 300 miles when using a single motor at the rear, whereas the i4 eDrive40 produces an estimated 335 horsepower and offers 260 miles of EPA range.

Aside from being an admirable daily driver, the BMW i4 is also an ab-exercising acceleration machine during short periods of time. The M5 is an exciting and refined sedan that offers a comfortable ride and satisfying sports-sedan handling, even though it lacks the steering feedback we prefer in other M vehicles.

Uniqueness of New Upcoming BMW i4 Sedan EV

Adding to the lineup is a new entry-level model called the eDrive35, which draws power from a battery pack weighing only 66 kWh and is advertised as achieving a range of 260 miles. In addition to the standard BMW M50 emblems, the M50 emblems are also available on the i4 M50. Due to the fact that the BMW i4 just debuted last year, only a small number of changes have been made to the 2023 model.

2023 BMW i4 sedan EV review engine pricing release date
2023 BMW i4 sedan EV review engine pricing release date

There is no longer an option to mount all-season tires on 18-inch M Bi-color Midnight Grey wheels. All-season tires cannot be mounted on 18-inch M Bi-color Midnight Grey wheels anymore.

The Sounds Electric option, which allows for a variety of synthesized sounds to be played through a variety of speakers as the car accelerates, will be sold separately from the Premium package. 

Designs of the upcoming BMW i4 Sedan EV

Exterior Designs of BMW i4 Sedan EV

From the unique BMW i4 front apron of the BMW i4, it emerges a vertically aligned kidney that is associated with the BMW i4. Their unique kidney grill has been designed in such a way that rather than just cooling air through its strikingly patterned structure, it actually conceals state-of-the-art sensor technology that you can use to collect real-time information about your vehicle.

This aerodynamically optimized shape and the flowing roofline of the BMW i4 define its sporty, elegant lines, which are an extension of the classic BMW proportions. The wheelbase of the BMW i4 is long with short overhangs and it has an aerodynamically optimized silhouette. 

Towards the side, the BMW i4 is closed off by sharply cut vertical aero lips, while below it is two expressive diffuser elements. The luggage compartment with a volume of 470 liters of the BMW i4 is generously sized for a sedanOpens in a new tab..

Interior Designs of BMW i4 Sedan EV

In the BMW i4’s interior, a long and sleek instrument panel creates a sense of luxury and modernism that is central to the overall appearance. Its high center console provides the vehicle with a sporty look and separates the driver and passenger areas by providing a separate space.

2023 BMW i4 sedan EV review engine design interior
2023 BMW i4 sedan EV review engine design interior

Despite being a five-seater, the BMW i4 is still able to accommodate three occupants in the rear seat thanks to its ample space. With ample legroom and headroom, all passengers will be able to experience a high level of comfort while sitting.

The new BMW i4 model comes with a new BMW Curved Display, which combines the 12.3″ instrument cluster with the large 15.9″ Control Display in an ergonomically designed display unit that curves ergonomically toward the driver as a result of the design.

Features of this upcoming BMW i4 Sedan EV

Installed with IDrive 8 Sensors

A new system from BMW has been launched with a lot more processing power and an OS that has been optimized for better human-machine interaction in order to improve efficiency. BMW’s Personal Assistant communicates with its users using new graphics that use new technology.

The Natural Dialogue feature, on the other hand, has now been enhanced, allowing passengers and drivers to communicate more effectively with the BMW i4 by using a combination of voices, gestures, and gaze in various combinations. 

Strong connectivity

With the help of an eSim, the BMW i4 and the iX have become the first BMWs to have 5G capabilities by enabling the use of an eSim. An EV can be equipped with an eSim that can be added to a mobile plan of your choice. This can be utilized to turn your car into a WiFi hotspot by using its 5G antenna.

2023 BMW i4 sedan EV review engine features
2023 BMW i4 sedan EV review engine features

T-Mobile, a big name in the world of mobile phones, has also introduced a unique eSim plan for BMW customers known as Magenta Drive. This eSim is linked to the BMW user ID of the customer, and this means that any time that the customer signs into their account, the eSim will be present.

Additional safety concept

The BMW i4 was designed with artificial sounds so that pedestrians and other road users will be alerted if the vehicle is approaching. This infotainment system can be used to alter the sound and different outputs are available depending on the mode of driving, such as Comfort and Sport.

There is an authentic output even when the throttle pedal is tapped lightly; BMW claims the sound has been tuned in collaboration with Hans Zimmer to the minutest detail. The brand claims that it is accurate up to the very slightest tap.

Ample controls

A sports steering wheel and a sports seat are standard features on the BMW i4 and come at no additional cost. There is a noticeable number of buttons in the cabin, and that is one of the indications that BMW hasn’t eliminated physical controls. Play and pause buttons are located on the center console which also houses the magnetic iDrive controller, drive modes, traction control, auto start & stop assist, a camera, and parking sensors.

There is also a button to operate the e-parking brake and the traction control as well as the auto start or stop assist. Located under the central air conditioning vents are two secondary buttons for controlling the music and temperature.

Average Mileage of BMW i4 Sedan EV

With its 18-inch wheels, the eDrive40 i4 model is one of the most efficient models in the i4 model lineup. In addition to that Ferrai model was rated at 109 MPGe combined city or highway and 108 MPGe combined city or on the highway. As the wheels on the 19-inch model are larger, those figures are lowered somewhat, as is the power rating of the more powerful M50 model.

2023 BMW i4 sedan EV review engine mileage
2023 BMW i4 sedan EV review engine mileage

As part of our extensive testing routine, we haven’t run every model of the i4 through the 75-mph highway route that we test on a regular basis, in order to determine its real-world efficiency, but our test vehicle of the i4 eDrive got 280 miles of range when we put it through the route.

Engine of BMW i4 Sedan EV

The third i4 variant offers an estimated 260 miles of EPA range when using a single motor at the rear. When it comes to the fiery, all-wheel-drive, 536-horsepower i4 M50 with four-wheel drive, that figure drops to 245 miles.

Performance and Power of BMW i4 Sedan EV

If you have the extra cash to drop, the i4 M50 is a great choice for enthusiasts who don’t mind paying a little more for more horsepower. It churns out a whopping 469 horsepower and 538 pound-feet of torque thanks to the two motors.

In order to increase the combined power and torque by 67 hp and 48 lb-ft, respectively, over the span of ten seconds, the driver needs to switch the vehicle to Sport drive mode, which will increase the combined power and torque to 536 hp and 586 lb-ft, respectively.

A gauge-style icon shows the amount and duration of boost power in the instrument cluster. For a 0-60 mph sprint, the M50 takes just 3.7 seconds, and it can reach 140 mph at its top speed.

Battery Range of BMW i4 Sedan EV

Based on initial testing, customers should be able to expect the 10-80% charge time for the upcoming BMW i4 variant to be 32 minutes at 180kW, based on early testing of the vehicle. With the eDrive40 and M50 versions, you can charge up to 200 kW with your DC charger. On direct current, the battery pack takes 31 minutes to charge from 10 to 80% SoC.

Price and Release date of BMW i4 Sedan EV

BMW expects to start the deliveries of the base variant in the first few months of the year 2023. The Expected price of this base variant of the BMW i4 is expected to be around $ 60,000.


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