2023 Toyota RAV4 and the Confirmation of Hybrid Line

What can you expect for the 2023 Toyota RAV4? Well, it’s said that the vehicle would add a hybrid line to the existing variant. ToyotaOpens in a new tab. hasn’t said anything about their new production although many auto enthusiasts have talked about the hybrid unit – and focusing on that.

The Current Condition

The RAV4 is a popular SUV in Australian auto market, and Toyota has plans for their upcoming RAV4. If everything goes as planned, production should start somewhere in December 2021, but it’s unclear whether everything will go as planned or not. With pandemic and everything, it’s pretty normal if everything is put on delay. That’s why the company hasn’t said anything about the details, including price, because they are about to do it close to the launch date.

2023 Toyota RAV4 Price
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The Updated Plan

There are several rumors flying around concerning 2023 Toyota RAV4, especially their hybrid line. Rumors have it that there would be new front end style with new color palette. Engine department would also be the focus of Toyota’s next upgrade.

It’s confirmed that all models would have refreshed work, including LED fog lights that affect the appearance. There is also new wheel design made from alloy. For the hybrid unit, however, there is a slight difference in the headlight. Somewhat it is made better to improve the night time vision.

2023 Toyota RAV4 Release Date
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Hybrid Option for New RAV4

With new hybrid option with this cruiser, expect the addition of convenience and luxury features into the trim. Those features were only available to the limited Edge, the top-spec line. But now, you can enjoy everything in all trims. All trims would definitely add extra 3-stage ventilation (on the front seat), digital mirror for the rear view, and also 8-way power seat for the front side (for the passenger). The 2021 model has already come with 10-way power seat for the driver as well as the heated (front seat), so the addition of the 8-way power is definitely good for the new line.

Power and Performance (in General)

It’s predicted that torque and power would remain the same, but auto start and stop would be added to the line. In fact, it would be the standard for all petrol variants. If nothing changes, the vehicle would be coming with four cylinder unit with 2.0 liter capacity that churns out 127 kW of power. The hybrid unit may be likely coming with four cylinder engine of 2.5 liter capacity that can generate 160 kW for the front wheel driving system and 163 kW in all wheel driving system. But then again, we can’t be really sure about it because the company hasn’t said anything in details about it.

2023 Toyota RAV4 Refresh
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Release Date and Price

Rumor has it that the new 2023 RAV4 would be ready as the 2022 model launch. It’s possible that the ride would be available in 2022, possibly in the early year, but there’s no way to justify it. When it comes to the price, there are only predictions (and also expectations). It’s highly likely that the hybrid may start from around $30,000 up to less than $38,000 for the limited grade. We just have to wait for official confirmation about 2023 Toyota RAV4.


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