2024 BMW 5 Series Spotted Prototype and the Potential Good Look Design

Although the 2024 BMW 5 Series is still far from being revealed, the sightings of its camouflaged prototype have sparked up some interest and curiosity. The upcoming 5 Series would be the eight generation of the line, the premium sedan still creates interest among its loyal fans. As if it weren’t enough, Magnus.Concepts has created a speculative and fictional rendering of the appeared prototype ride, providing better insight of what the sedan would look like.

The Updated Design

The current 5 Series was introduced in 2016 and a facelift had taken a process in 2020. That’s why a new redesigned vehicle is expected in 2023. Based on some insider hint, the new gen would be constructed on CLAR platform. It is coming with plug-in hybrid, diesel, petrol, and also all electric variants, while the all electric type would be coming as i5 moniker.

New 2024 BMW 5 Series
Source : Caricos.com

The Possible Exterior Design

The 5 Series’ prototype (with its plug-in hybrid) has been spotted in Munich. Although it comes fully covered with the camo, you can see the silhouette. It showed dynamic look with traditional 3-box proportions. The body is somewhat more sculpted than the current model, and yet it still retains the popular Hofmeister kink. There are aggressive headlights with bigger kidney grille. On the rear side, the roofline comes with coupe-style design and thinner taillights connected with the LED strip.

The Interior Cabin

What about the interior cabin of 2024 BMW 5 Series? Expect to find Curved Display that would be combined together with digital instrument cluster with 12.3 inch and 14.9 inch for the infotainment system. Expect the arrangement to help you gain easy access to the latest techs offered in 5 Series, including the semi-autonomous driving ability.

2024 BMW 5 Series Interior
Source : Caricos.com

It seems that the new 5 Series would be coming with a curved dashboard. The steering wheel seems different to the current one, so it’s highly likely that Beemer is developing a new style. The current one comes with matte buttons, while the one spotted on the prototype has touch-sensitive piano black buttons. Beemer may be inspired from VW Golf Mk8. If it’s true that the interior cabin will definitely have new aesthetic.

Powertrain and Performance

The 5 Series would be coming with four and also six cylinder units, which can also be found on the current production. But the upcoming 5 Series would be coming with mild-hybrid system to boost efficiency. The plug-in hybrid system, for a starter, would mix six cylinder turbocharged unit of 3.0 liter with one (or two) electric motors, generating 500 hp. But the company also offers internal combustion unit for those who want regular powertrain instead of the electrified ones.

In the meantime, the full electric M car (which would replace M5) is coming with plug-in hybrid unit, which combines V8 twin-turbo 4.4 liter capacity and electric motors, generating 750 hp.

2024 BMW 5 Series Release Date
Source : Caricos.com

What about the full electric i5? You can differentiate it from the others, thanks to the aerodynamic wheel designs, blue intake accents, different grille, and the absence of exhaust pipes. The basic trim is likely the RWD and electric motor, generating 300 hp. The xDrive50 would be coming with 2 electric motors, generating 500 hp. The full electric sedan would compete against EQE Mercy, Tesla Model S, and Audi A6 eTron.


Beemer hasn’t made any confirmation just yet, but it’s likely that the Touring (5 Series) would launch after the four-door sedan, which offers more practicality and power. As a 2024 model, it’s likely that availability will likely happen in 2023 despite the fact that exact date hasn’t been known. Price isn’t known either, so we need to wait for official release about BMWOpens in a new tab. .


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