2024 BMW 5 Series: The Eighth Generation of Premium Sedan

When 2024 BMW 5 Series would be manufactured and launched, it would be the eighth generation of the sedan. The ride is actually scheduled for the release for 2023, but there have already been sightings of the premium prototype sedan (in disguise, of course). Not to mention that there are also several reports about the ride, so we know what to expect and to wait. There is also a (speculative) rendering image made by Magnus.Concepts, and it is created based on the prototype. You can have a clearer picture of what the 5 Series would look like.

About 5 Series

The current premium ride was first unveiled in around 2016. In 2020, it got a facelift. It’s only common to expect a new design in 2023. The upcoming 2024 model would be constructed on CLAR platform. Since this Bavarian automaker is about providing various choices to the users, expect different powertrains. There would be full electric power, plug in hybrid, and petrol. The full electric one should adopt the i5 specialty.

2024 BMW 5 Series Release Date
Source : Caricos.com

The Spotted Prototypes

The prototypes for the plug in hybrid system were spotted on Munich roads. You can see a dynamic silhouette, along the (traditional) three box proportions. If compared to the current model, the prototype has more sculpted body while still retaining the popular Hofmeister kink, which was gone from the 4 Series.

On the front side, there would be a tad bigger kidney grille and two aggressive headlights. On the back, the roofline would be constructed in a more coupe-style form with thinner taillights (most likely connected to LED strip).

The Interior Cabin

For the 2024 BMW 5 Series interior cabin, you can see the Curved Display (which is found within iX) which combines digital instrument cluster (with 12.3 inch) and infotainment system (with 14.9 inch). The system runs on Beemer Operating System 8 with high-end advanced connectivity technologies, including the newest offering for semi-auto driving capabilities.

2024 BMW 5 Series Redesign
Source : Autoevolution.com

Powertrain and Performance

The engine is about updating the current six and four cylinder unit by adding mild-hybrid technology. It is done to improve efficiency. For the plug in hybrid, the vehicle would be running on six cylinder turbocharged unit with 3.0 liter capacity, paired with one (or even two) electric motor. It would be able to generate 500 hp (or 507 PS or 373 kW). For the full electric M ride (which is planned to replace the M5), it would use the plug in hybrid system by using the V8 twin-turbo unit of 4.4 liter with electric motors. It is able to deliver punchier output up to 750 hp. The acceleration numbers would be able to compete against the supercar variant.

The full electric i5 would be made different from other variants. From the blue accents (found on the intakes), the absence of exhaust pipes, different grille design, and aerodynamic wheel designs, you can tell that it would be fully electric than the others. The base trim may be the rear wheel driving system with only one electric motor located at the rear axle. It would generate 300 hp and 70 kWh battery pack, inspired by the iX SUV.

2024 BMW 5 Series Images
Source : Motor1.com

The more powerful and stronger xDrive50 may be coming with two motors, in which one is located on each axle. It is able to generate 500 hp, combined with 100 kWh battery. It is able to cover 373 miles for a single charge. The full electric sedan would be competing against Mercy EQE (which was just unveiled in Munich), Tesla Model S, and Audi e-tron A6.

The Touring Trim?

What about the 5-Series Touring? It’s possible that the Touring will follow the four-door sedan footstep, by offering more practicality and cargo room. We should hear more about the details once the 2023 launch time is close. We should hear more about 2024 BMW 5 Series when the company has more insight.


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