2024 BMW I8 M Price, Release Date, Interior, Concept & Review

Let’s explore 2024 BMW I8 M Price, Specs, Release date, Interior, Concept etc.! The future BMW i8 M is currently being developed for 2024. According to the most recent reports, the new model should perform significantly better than the existing model.

We have to admit that the i8 M looks appealing and futuristic in some of the renderings that are currently available. In contrast to the standard model, the i8 M will feature greater interior quality and a sportier exterior design. The M will, nonetheless, use the same plug-in hybrid powertrain as the i8 variant.

2024 BMW I8 M Redesign

The 2024 BMW i8 has been set as the next gen hybrid sports ride. As it was mentioned before, Beemer has promised a lot of new and interesting things for their 2024 model although they haven’t said anything in details. So just have to put our faith in Beemer so that they can produce a ride that lives up to the company’s promises.

2024 bmw i8 m price release date redesign specs interior
2024 BMW I8 M Price, Release Date, Interior, Concept & Review

Similar to the recently unveiled BMW Vision M Next concept car, the new 2024 BMW i8 M emphasizes the same appealing body lines. In general, we appreciate that this design preserves the same silhouette as the standard one. Even just taking a peek at this powerful car might elicit excitement. This sports car’s body has a futuristic, ultra-low, streamlined, and sleekly contoured appearance.

2024 bmw i8 m exterior design specs images
2024 BMW I8 M Price, Release Date, Interior, Concept & Review

The new vehicle will be offered in coupe and roadster configurations. In addition, both models will have distinctively designed laser headlights and the same wide, low stance. There is also the split rear wing and the stylized V-shaped cooling hood vent that are trademarks of BMW.

The interior of this fantastic sports automobile will look even more futuristic. When we first look at the dash, we can tell that the manufacturer incorporated never-before-seen technologies. All pertinent information and the infotainment system are located above the elegant steering wheel. The new BMW uses a transparent display that looks amazing, much like the Audi with its virtual cockpit. We are really excited to see this model completed.

2024 bmw i8 m interior design images
2024 BMW I8 M Price, Release Date, Interior, Concept & Review

In contrast to the ordinary model, there is more standard equipment. From what we’ve gathered, the new M will come equipped with a pre-collision system and a 360-degree video system that gives a bird’s-eye view of the area around the car. This model will also come with a ton of new driver aids.

Hopefully, the company would have lower side sill and front-hinged door, creating easier access to the cabin. But then again, the company is free to do anything they like, but it would be great if they can combine impressive designs, amazing features, and better materials. Although it’s likely that cargo and storage capacity will still be limited, there would be a front truck that can provide extra space for the luggage.

2024 bmw i8 m interior specs
2024 BMW I8 M Price, Release Date, Interior, Concept & Review

For passengers, though, the cabin is designed to be quite comfy. Tech features are still a mystery, but if you expect something regular and ‘ordinary’, you won’t find it here. Rumor has it that high tech safety features and advanced features would be jammed into this futuristic ride. Beemer only shows glass screens and Head Up Display (HUD) for their Boost Pod. Hopefully, the new 2024 BMWOpens in a new tab. i8 won’t be disappointing.

2024 BMW I8 M Price & Release Date

Since this i8 has been set as the 2024 model, it should be coming somewhere in 2023. Detailed info about the exact launch date hasn’t been stated, so we just have to wait for it. For the price, the coupe is estimated to sell at around $160,000 while the Roadster is likely set at around $180,000. However, it’s still predictions. After all, it’s unclear whether Beemer would release it as a ragtop roadster or the fixed-roof coupe type. Whether the company decides to keep the current lineup, it hasn’t been decided just yet and we still need to wait for official confirmation.

2024 bmw i8 m price release date
2024 BMW I8 M Price, Release Date, Interior, Concept & Review

With its arrival in 2024, the new BMW i8 M will unquestionably reshape all markets throughout the world. The incoming i8 M will face competition from a number of vehicles in its sector thanks to its alluring look and potent engine. The vehicle will be offered in the coupe and roadster body styles, says the manufacturer.

2024 BMW I8 M Engine, Powertrain and Performance

The plug-in hybrid system may follow the similar setup as the current i8, meaning that there would be one electric motor that drives the front wheel and also a mid-mounted gas unit as well as an electric motor on the rear wheels.

2024 bmw i8 m engine options specs
2024 BMW I8 M Price, Release Date, Interior, Concept & Review

The basic setup would be coming with gas three cylinder turbocharged unit with 1.5 liter capacity, but Beemer also provides a new unit with four cylinder turbocharged unit. With the combined electric and gas power, the output would be around 591 hp. This is far greater than the current i8 output with 369 hp. Considering that this i8 would compete against Polestar 1, Lexus LC500h, and Acura NSX, such an output is definitely crucial.

2024 BMW I8 M Driving Range

You have to admit that the current i8’s driving range is far from being satisfying. But Beemer is about to change it although they have been hush-hush about it. The new i8 is said to be able to cover 62 miles, which means that Beemer has found a way to generate more coverage or they may include bigger battery and more space to make it happen.


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