2024 Changan Huawei AVATR 11 EV Review – Better than the Genesis GV60 EV

Let’s explore a comparative study between 2024 Changan Huawei AVATR 11 vs Genesis GV60. China is regaining dominance in the global EV market, with more than 50 percent of the global sales. One of the most promising car manufacturing companies Changan Automobiles has finally broken the silence about their upcoming EV the “Changan Huawei Avatr 11”, which is going to be both a luxurious and powerful SUV providing tough competition to its rival cars. 

On the opposite side, the Genesis has already given a new standard in terms of the luxurious and sporty SUV; its Genesis GV60 which is a luxurious and powerful EV has proved itself worthy in the global markets. So let us see whether the new Changan Huawei Avatr 11 can survive in front of the upcoming Genesis GV60.

2024 Changan Huawei AVATR 11 vs Genesis GV60 EV

Changan Huawei Avatr 11 : It has already been reported that Avatr will operate as an independent entity and will assemble electric vehicles based on its proprietary architecture, utilizing automotive chips developed by Huawei. It began as a joint venture between Changan Automobile and Nio, under the name Changan Nio, at the beginning of its existence.

2024 Changan Huawei Avatr 11 EV vs Genesis GV60
2024 Changan Huawei Avatr 11 EV vs Genesis GV60

As you can tell by the name of this EV, you might be tempted to guess how many shares Huawei Corporation has in it. However, Huawei Corporation does not have any shares in this car at all. Aside from the extra connectivity features, Huawei is only responsible for its hardware as well as its software.

Genesis GV60: With its ambitious product, Genesis is delivering a delightful and whimsical crossover in 2023 that addresses the premium electric vehicle category. Just like the previous Genesis models, the GV60 is also beautifully styled with similar aesthetic cues.

However, it lacks the large trapezoidal grille that runs between the dual-element headlights, in favor of a narrower lower grille along the lower portion of the bumper. At the time of launch, consumers can pick between the 314-hp Advanced and 429-hp Performance variants, with anticipated driving ranges ranging from 235 to 248 miles per charge. The GV60’s attention to detail and funny embellishments make it an appealing and offbeat option.

Exterior Designs Comparison 2024 Changan Huawei AVATR 11 vs Genesis GV60

Avatr 11: It looks like the Avatr 11 might have been plucked from another planet. Aside from the thin headlights and smooth body shape, one of the main reasons for its uniqueness is its proportions.

2024 Changan Huawei Avatr 11 EV vs Genesis GV60 exterior design
2024 Changan Huawei Avatr 11 EV vs Genesis GV60 exterior design

The exterior of the vehicle has also received some pleasant touches, such as frameless glass, retractable door handles, a thin strip of light around the taillights, and so on. Avatr 11 also features R21 and R22 concept wheels, as well as Brembo brake calipers with four pistons.   

Genesis GV60: In spite of the fact the GV60’s giant-ass maw is slightly lower than on its gas-powered cars, the maw still occupies a central position on the front fascia, and the dual-level headlights and taillights also contribute to keeping the car’s looks within the Genesis family.

The GV60 was equipped with 21-inch alloy wheels which are among my favorite models on the market. It has a few crazy angles, but they are only used in small amounts; the zig-zag in the C-pillar looks slick, and the zag in the C-pillar looks very slick.

Interior Designs Comparison 2024 Changan Huawei AVATR 11 vs Genesis GV60

Avatr 11: The Avatr 11’s interior is sleek and trendy. It features three displays in its main console. The primary monitor measures 15.6 inches in diameter. Huawei’s Harmony OS powers it. This system’s advantages include voice and gesture control. The instrument panel and the passenger screen are both 10.25 inches in size.

2024 Changan Huawei Avatr 11 EV vs Genesis GV60 interior design
2024 Changan Huawei Avatr 11 EV vs Genesis GV60 interior design

A hexagonal sporty steering wheel is also included with the Avatr 11. The central tunnel features a large wireless charging pad for two phones as well as concealed cup holders.

As previously stated, the Avatr 11 has two-seat configurations. The base model has four seats, while the top-tier model has four.

Genesis GV60: The GV60, being the smallest SUV in the Genesis series, isn’t as roomy as the bigger GV70 and GV80 versions. The GV60 does, however, have a distinct internal design that appears more high-tech. Genesis has taken some risks here, incorporating some intriguing patterns and features, such as a gear selector that turns upside down while in the park and resembles a crystal ball.

2024 Changan Huawei AVATR 11 vs Genesis GV60 Engine & Performance

Avatr 11: There are two electric motors in the powertrain that are capable of delivering 578 horsepower as well as 650 Nm of torque. There are two motors: a front one generating 265 horsepower, and a rear one generating 313 horsepower.

It takes the Avatr 11 3.98 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100, and Huawei makes each of them. This Sporty and luxurious SUVOpens in a new tab. can reach up to a limited of 200 km/h as its top speed.

Genesis GV60: While the Advanced model yields 314 horsepower, the Performance trim produces 429 horsepower; when the Performance model’s Boost mode is activated, the power can be temporarily raised to 483 horsepower.

Changan Huawei AVATR 11 vs Genesis GV60 Price

Avatr 11: Starting at $52, 000, the Avatr 11 is the entry-level model.

Genesis GV60: It is a little higher than the Avatr 11, the GV60, which starts at $59,985, plus $1,095 at the destination.


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