2024 Dodge Challenger and the End of Gas Unit

It seems that the upcoming 2024 Dodge Challenger would no longer be available in gas, but in EV instead. Dodge has finally dropped the bombshells that they will no longer producing gas Challenger and Charger, and they are planning the EV. Within the next two years, Dodge would be busy planning the EV, the plug in hybrid, and also a third new vehicle.

Dodge Serious Updates

Before, we don’t know how serious DodgeOpens in a new tab. is concerning their next production with Challenger and Charger. With the many flying rumors about their discontinued, Dodge doesn’t seem to budge. But now, we can see that Dodge is pretty serious about their upcoming production. It seems that they want to reinvent electric American muscle cars. Back then in the beginning of 2022, they introduced the first ever Dodge electric muscle ride concept, and then followed by the plug in hybrid type, and another third new vehicle.

2024 Dodge Challenger Emuscle
Source : Motorauthority.com

Rumor has it that there would be gas unit buzz vehicles for the loyal fans and enthusiasts, especially following the 2024 model after the EV is launched. However, it is a sure thing that Dodge will stop producing the high-octane pair of the muscle rides: Challenger coupe and Charger sedan. Those rides would stop by 2024, being replaced by the still-mystery new car.

Tim Kuniskis, the CEO of Dodge, announced that Dodge would have its first ever pure EV in 2024 although it’s unclear when they are going to release it. We should let Dodge works on their expertise and skills in making the electrified version of the muscle rides. Would they be able to do so?

The General Information and Fact

If everything goes as planned, the 2024 Dodge Challenger should be ready for introduction and reveal in next year – or around 2023. In the meanwhile, the plug in hybrid ride should start producing before 2022 ends. Moreover, the company is working on the third new ride.

2024 Dodge Challenger
Source : Motor1.com

All of the electric rides would be coming with Fratzog symbol. Moreover, more of the buss models (for the gearheads) would be coming, going along with the specialized Direct Connection kits and parts. In the meanwhile, the gas muscle rides would end their production completely in 2024.

Difficult Decisions for Dodge

Stopping the gas muscle rides and switching to the electric rides isn’t exactly an easy decision for Dodge. According to Kuniskis, they are having difficulties making the choice. After all, there are two blocks of factions and both are important. That’s why they are dedicating 2 years for the production, and they want to make sure that they don’t disappoint anyone.

2024 Dodge Challenger Concept
Source : Supercars.net

It’s also the reason why Dodge is producing 3 different types of new ride, which include the electric muscle ride, the plug in hybrid, and a new mystery ride. It seems that Dodge will stop the gas engine rides completely, focusing on electrification – for the future reference.

For those who still want to get the gas engine muscle rides, they don’t need to worry. There are still many vehicles within their inventory (at dealerships). Dodge just wants to spend their supplies up for both Charger and Challenger, and they definitely won’t be making them anymore.

Kuniskis guarantees that the current muscle rides people know today would be out of production by 2024, although the exact demise date is unclear. But those legacy cars would be completely replaced by the new vehicle. Aside from not telling what kind of new vehicle as the replacement, Dodge doesn’t tell the new name either. Whether it would be the equity to Challenger or Charger, we aren’t sure. So, what would be the upcoming 2024 Dodge Challenger would be? We can only wait.


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