2024 Firebird: Will It Ever Be Produced?

If you are interested in Pontiac, you may be wondering about 2024 Firebird and whether there is such a ride for the model. In case you don’t know it, Pontiac Firebird has set itself as an iconic and legendary ride whose reputation is similar to other popular brands, such as Mustang or Camaro. The firebird comes with its signature style and unique look. It has reached its own glory time and its period. It doesn’t mean that the classic ride can’t get a modernized style because that’s what happening to the classic name.

2024 Firebird: Learn About Pontiac Firebird

Those who are into vintage and retro rides would be familiar with this name. Whether there would be 2024 Firebird (or not), getting the idea that it would be manufactured is definitely exciting. Firebird has a solid reputation that makes it level with other iconic names, such as Mustang, Camaro, or Charger.

2024 firebird will it ever be produced
Source : Motortrend.com

The Firebird got its popularity through the classic movie Smokey and the Bandit, starred by Burt Reynolds. The car was catchy with its iconic and memorable hood decals. Since then, the car has experienced hit popularity. Despite the fact whether a new 2024 model would be produced or not, there are several rendering images of the ride, produced by rendering artist. The images have shown the muscle ride with modern designs and styling. You can find those images at an IG account, the @tuningcar_ps

The Real Deal – 2024 Firebird

It’s just too bad that GM discontinued the Firebird back then in 2002, and then followed by PontiacOpens in a new tab. itself in 2010. As a result, the Firebird has never been treated with contemporary and modern styles – unlike other GM’s other muscle rides like Chevy Camaro. But these images series are the proof that it’s possible to combine the signature Firebird styles with the modern gloss.

About the Rendering Images of 2024 Firebird

From the look, the ride looks super handsome and stylish. It has a very well-balanced combination of the old and the new. The car still retains its classic and somewhat retro design while adding modern elements to the overall design. The rendering images show different models. There is an image with black coupe-like roof while another image shows a complete sedan in all white design. These images show how good looking the Firebird would be in real life.

2024 firebird redesign exterior design specs
Source : Pwowrestling.com

Is it solid and masculine? Definitely. Does it come with great features and advanced technologies? You can bet on it. If the car does come to production stage, it would be an extremely stylish and good looking ride!

As it was mentioned before, the artist has posted some versions of the modern Firebird, which cover convertible and coupe. If you take a look at the new front fascia, it comes with swept back and narrowed brow, along with lower chin spoiler and tight central intake. The spoiler would be covered in black. There would be dual (rounded) intakes on the hood, with forward lights incorporate unique (and stylish) unique signatures. These elements are responsible for the modern Firebird design and aesthetic appeal. The (classic) Firebird emblem can be found on the front fender.

2024 Firebird Trans Am design
Source : Chicagomotorcars.com

The different rendering images show different front fascia design and also wheel treatments. It seems that the rendering is inspired by the Camaro (the sixth generation one) with its proper proportions for the modern (and yet classic) muscle ride.

There are even some renderings showing off the modern cabin of Firebird. Again, it was inspired by the Camaro with new graphics and accents. Again, there is no confirmation whether Pontiac Firebird would be produced – especially anytime soon. The renderings are just virtual predictions. We should know more about 2024 Firebird if the company ever re-makes it again.


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