2024 Infiniti Q50 and the Rumor about the Production

Although there is no detailed or official release about 2024 Infiniti Q50, rumor has it that it would highly likely be the carryover from 2023 model. The company has planned some crucial and significant changes, considering that sedans aren’t as popular as they were used to. Today is the era of SUVs and crossovers, which mean that the company needs to struggle hard if they want to keep up with the latest trend – and to make their sales numbers on top of the list.

About Infiniti Q50

This sedan is created and constructed as luxury, modern, and exclusive sedan. The company is working extra hard to keep the price as affordable as possible, but they won’t be offering Pure trim anymore. Refreshments are on the way and they are serious about making transformations for the new sedan.

If you take inspirations from the 2023 model, then expect minor updates for 2022MY. The 2023 model has got a redesigned touchup, so it’s likely that the 2024 will stay the same. If there are changes, they would be subtle and minor. But there are several trim levels change on the 2023 model, which is possibly be carried over to the 2024 model.

2024 Infiniti Q50 Price
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The exterior area will get the major touchup and change on 2023 model because it’s expected that new appearance will boost its appeal. It’s highly likely that the redesigned work will cover new front fascia, new (optional) wheels, and extra exterior colors. In the previous line, Red Sport option was offered. Who knows what’s in store for the upcoming 2024 model.

The Interior Cabin

Since 2020 model, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay have been included in the features. Not to mention that Infiniti has updated the infotainment system across trims and levels. It includes InTouch infotainment system, which has crisper and faster visuals, along with the over-the-air upgrade. As it was mentioned before, in 2023 model, all the upgraded integration and infotainment would be offered within the lineups, except for the QX60.

2024 Infiniti Q50 Redesign
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Safety features for the 2024 Infiniti Q50 will also likely be the carryover from the 2023 model. Expect improved active driving assists (they are the standard) while redesigned gauge cluster will be included in the Q80. It also includes metal speaker grilles and 7 inch display. Rumor has it that the Q50 would be getting dramatic upgrades, but there is no detailed info about it so we can’t deliver any detailed insight about it.

The Red Sport Q50

When it comes to powertrain and performance, it is possible that the upcoming would be coming with V6 twin turbo unit with 3.0 liter capacity, which would be offered in Sensory and Luxe trim. The unit is able to generate 300 hp and 295 Nm of torque. On another side, Red Sport variant will also use the similar engine, but the tune would be matching to the upcoming Nissan Z. because of that arrangement, the unit is able to generate 400 hp and 350 Nm of torque.

2024 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport
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Both of them would be coming with auto seven speed transmission. You can enjoy wheel mounted paddle shifter. But there is an option four wheel driving system that comes with independent suspension.

Release Date and Price

The 2023 model would start be offered in half 2022. The luxury sedan would be sold starting from the $43,000 while the special Red Sport package would be offered at around $57,000. The Q50 would compete against Caddy CT5 and Audi Q3. There is no confirmation about the upcoming 2024 Infiniti Q50, but considering its appearance as the carryover and not many changes would be done, the price shouldn’t be too far away from the 2023 model.

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