2024 Toyota Tacoma and the Possibility of Electrification

It’s said that the upcoming Toyota 2024 Tacoma would be coming with electric power, and it gets people excited. It’s pretty understandable considering that Tacoma is one of the best trucks ever existed out there. And people have been waiting eagerly for the new (and the fourth gen) of Tacoma. As one of the best trucks, the sales numbers have never been disappointing. The midsize truck isn’t only responsive and punchy, but it comes with handy (and fun!) features. With the combination of high resale value, formidable build quality, strong performance, and good looking design, it’s quite understandable if people love the truck so much.

Upcoming Plans for Toyota 2024 Tacoma

Everyone loves Tacoma – we get it. But they also want the midsize truck to have punchier performance and better outcome so it can ‘challenge’ other competitors, such as Jeep Gladiator Rubicon or Colorado ZR2. It would be great if the new midsize truck would be friendlier for families. If it can come with better fuel economy and more spacious cabin (families would definitely love this), then it would add the positive points to the Tacoma.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Concept
Source : Autoevolution.com

It puts ToyotaOpens in a new tab. in a hot seat. Not only the company is under extreme pressure, but they also need to make sure that the upcoming next generation Tacoma would meet all the wish lists of the buyers, without sacrificing all the features and technologies that make the truck so popular and likable today. As if the pressure weren’t enough, Toyota still has to think about the electrification and the future technology. They need to make Toyota remains tough and powerful with the electric technology, while adding up all the new things that buyers expect from the truck. It’s a hard day for Toyota, for sure.

The Next Gen 2024 Tacoma

It’s highly likely that the next gen Toyota 2024 Tacoma would be coming with electric powertrain. After all, they have planned it within its lineup. The company will still produce the gas type one, which would be launched earlier before the Electric. If everything goes as planned, the Toyota Electric would be ready for sales a year (or 2 years, the latest) after the gas unit is launched.

2024 Toyota Tacoma
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The details about the Electric line are unclear. And Toyota hasn’t said anything about the upcoming production. But it’s possible that Toyota would introduce the Electric at the public event. But when and where, that’s not clear just yet. The company hasn’t said anything about their electric plan either. How would the new construction take place? It’s still a mystery and a bit confusing. It’s possible that Toyota may take the same approach as the Ford (with their full size electric vehicle F-150 Lightning). The F-150 would be running on a special powertrain which shares body panels as the gas units.

Toyota Tacoma 2024
Source : Japanbullet.com

It’s possible that Toyota may want to save up money by incorporating similar construction frame for both electric and gas powered Tacoma. For the upcoming Tacoma, it may cover 200 miles of distance and powerful towing ability without compromising performance. The performance should be similar, or even exceed, the gas powered types.

Next Gen 2024 Tacoma Price Ranges

The new Tacoma would be coming in various trims, along with several different price tags. The base trim would be the SR5, which is estimated to be set at around $50,000. The higher trim would be the TRD Offroad, which would be set at around $55,000. And then the highest trim would be the Limited, with a tag price of around $60,000.

Next Gen Toyota 2024 Tacoma Trims

Toyota hasn’t released any specific information about each of the trim. The Electric would be definitely different from the others as it isn’t included in the regular line-up. Many auto enthusiasts predict that the 2024 Tacoma Electric would be exclusive, coming as a four door model with crew cab model. We should wait further for new details of 2024 Toyota Tacoma when the info is available.


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