BMW iX3 Review 2023: Design, Performance, Charging, Price & Release

Let’s explore about 2023 BMW iX3! BMW had up until now relied on old fashioned petrol and diesel to generate power cars, but now they have discovered that electric cars work a whole lot better and can even make you smile. A decade after the i3, BMW launched its second fully electric production car, which looked more normal than its predecessor. A variety of fuel options are available for the X3, including petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid, and now full electric.

2023 BMW iX3 Engine

The E-tron and EQC feel normal to drive, although Audi and Mercedes are known for making smooth and quiet electric crossovers. Yet, they failed to accomplish it because they made the cars super normally fast. There is almost everything remarkable about the iX3.

BMW ix3 review 2023 design performance engine price release
BMW ix3 review 2023 design performance engine price release

Battery & Range of BMW iX3 2023

In addition to improved energy density, faster charging, and longer range, the sixth generation battery will provide a 20 percent improvement.  BMW iX3 can travel up to 461 km or 286 miles with fifth generation cells. BMW’s next generation iX3 may achieve WLTP ranges of close to 600 km with cylindrical lithium-ion cells.

BMW iX3 is expected to feature module less battery packs in the next generation. Most electric vehicles use a battery pack made of modules & the cells are enclosed in these modules. There should be better volume utilization efficiency with the upcoming module less battery pack. A method Tesla used for its Model Y was implemented by the BMW Group in the design of its EVs.

BMW ix3 review 2023 design performance battery range
BMW ix3 review 2023 design performance battery range

2023 BMW iX3 Charging Time

It is likely that the next-generation BMW iX3, which will have double the regular charging voltage around 800 volts, will take maximum advantage of Electrify America’s 350 kW rapid chargers. The range can be increased by 30 miles per minute of fast charging, up to a maximum of 375 miles. It would take about 12 minutes for a 0 to 95 percent fast charging session.

Due to its superior efficiency, its smaller battery, and its ability to accept high charging power, on road journeys should be fast. In half an hour at a 150kW charger, you will have added about 180 real world miles, which will complete a 400 mile journey if you start at full power after an overnight charge and stop after 220 real world miles.

Interior Design of 2023 BMW iX3

A specialist EV platform is not needed here, which makes compromises. As far as the rear seats are concerned, the iX3 is not that big. Although the wheelbase is short, there is a long rear overhang, which means 510 liters of space in the boot. 

BMW ix3 review 2023 design performance interior
BMW ix3 review 2023 design performance interior

Although lots of technology is included in the cabin, it is mostly straightforward to use. An I-Drive click wheel can also control the screen, as well as the climate, driving modes and assistance features. The infotainment screen is good enough without functions. A flick of the left lever puts the iX3 into its one pedal brake mode, where you’d expect the forward reverse lever to be. 

You can also access more efficiency numbers on the central display, but it’s just BMW business as usual. In addition to supportive leather seats, a fine driving position, a standard panoramic glass roof, and strong materials, this model is loaded with features. 

2023 BMW iX3 Color

There are only four exterior colors to choose from: black, gray, white, or blue & more will hopefully become available as supplies ease.

Eco Friendly of 2023 BMW iX3

It takes more CO2 to manufacture, but after two years of driving, you are better off than a diesel. Cobalt and lithium are fully audited for fair production & cobalt use are cut by about two thirds compared with last year’s electric BMW.

It is manufacturing, driving, and recycling CO2 emissions that are 60 percent lower than a BMW iX3 if it is run on green electricity. The reduction is still 30 percent when compared to the Europe’s average electricity.

2023 BMW iX3 Release Date

Several e-drive units will likely be used in the all-new iX3 by the BMW Group. BMW ix3 models will be equipped with sixth generation e-drives manufactured at the company’s plant in Austria. According to the company, the next-generation e-drives will be built in the Austrian factory starting in 2025.

BMW ix3 review 2023 design performance release date
BMW ix3 review 2023 design performance release date

Over 600,000 E-drives are produced by BMW in Austria every year. All components will be manufactured at the Austrian engine plant in the future, including the rotor, stator, transmission, inverter, and housing.

Price of BMW iX3 2023

It was 58850 dollars for the Premier Edition & then 3500 dollars was added for the Pro pack. The M Sport and M Sport Pro vehicles are now called M Sport and M Sport Pro, with prices starting at 63000 to 66000 dollars. A glass roof, adaptive damping, electric seats, LED headlights, and a full driver assist pack are all included in both vehicles. The Pro version adds adaptive lights, self parking, gesture control, better audio, keyless entry, and BMW’s excellent Head up Display. Although it is a cheaper car to buy than its competitors from Mercedes, Jaguar and Audi, it is slower than some of them.


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