How Volkswagen ID California 2025 Reviews Can Get You Your Heart’s Desire

Electric sports cars benefit from skateboard battery and motor packaging because it reduces their center of gravity. There were already low centers of gravity in sports cars. Imagine the benefits of a van that distributes mass fore and aft, not just carrying mass low.

The Volkswagen ID California will be Volkswagen’s next electric van, set for release in 2025. Compared to the prototype released in 2023, the final version looks pretty similar. Volkswagen is truly pushing the design frontiers with this release by producing a production model that looks like a prototype.

What is New in Volkswagen ID California 2025?

In 2025, Volkswagen will release their official ID California camper. There is still a lot of room to play with before you can think the best in Volkswagen ID California 2025.

how Volkswagen id California 2025 review
how Volkswagen id California 2025 review

Volkswagen ID California 2025 campervans will feature a pop top roof to provide additional sleeping space for four passengers. After 2025, all ID Buzz models will feature a pop top roof. However, you may want to keep an eye on this space as we may develop our own ID Buzz pop top before VW does.

Volkswagen ID California 2025 Engine

Normally, vans have only one balance point and the power-train is not the reason for their purchase, so electric power is a revelation. From 48 kWh to 111 kWh battery options, the ID California will be based on Volkswagen’s new MEB EV platform, which underpins ID cars like the ID 3 and 4. It is expected to have a driving range of up to 550 km. There will also be a variety of power-trains available, ranging from entry level front wheel drive with approximately 150kW to a more capable all wheel drive dual-motor layout with over 300kW.

how Volkswagen id California 2025 review engine
how Volkswagen id California 2025 review engine

Performance of Volkswagen ID California 2025

Volkswagen cars such as campers will not focus on performance. Consequently, it will combine clean motoring with outdoor fun, which combines the ongoing trend for mobile leisure arrangements with carbon-neutral carbon-free transportation. Rapid charging will expedite the process for those who need more range, even though it is enough to get out of town.

Volkswagen ID California 2025 Design

Camping: Camping and overnight trips will be possible with the Volkswagen ID California 2025. Featuring foldable seats and a leveling mattress, you can comfortably sleep two people. There is everything you need to prepare and store food in the adaptable slide-out camping pod. During your stay at any camping site, you can take advantage of a wide range of extras. Its interior space is greatly expanded due to the reconfiguration of the lid, making it a much more useful camper.

how Volkswagen id California 2025 review interior design
how Volkswagen id California 2025 review interior design

Rear Seats: The back seat is an ordinary 60 & 40 split bench, just like any other SUV or MPV. A fun feature of the sliding doors is that they slide open, and they provide an abundance of leg and headroom inside. There are only three of you traveling & there aren’t two seats in the back. You would be surprised if three child seats fit in the rear seats.

Load Bay: The load bays seems a rather underutilized resource at the moment, but let’s assume they will arrive in due course. With its seats folded, it can swallow 1121 liters of cargo under the parcel shelf, matching or exceeding any SUV. Despite its short length, the Volkswagen ID California 2025 measures 4.7 meters.

Volkswagen ID California 2025 Release Date

Volkswagen ID California 2025 is expected to enter production early next year, in 2024, and we can expect to see teasers as early as the second half of that year for the launch date of 2025.

how Volkswagen id California 2025 release date
how Volkswagen id California 2025 release date

Cost of Volkswagen ID California

While the new T7 Multivan starts at 46,100 dollars, there is not much difference between VW’s Caravelle and VW’s ID3. You are more interested in people carrying rather than an active lifestyle that is worth considering. Therefore, you still find 60000 dollars as a ridiculous starting point for buying Volkswagen ID California 2025.

Other News Related to Volkswagen

In the year 2025, Volkswagen will build a new ID California campervan based on its ID Buzz combination. Volkswagen unveiled an electrification strategy worth $140 billion that aims to ramp up the manufacturing of electric vehicles. In Hanover, Germany, a new facility will be constructed to manufacture ID Buzz and ID California as part of this plan.

Because the utility value is somewhat reduced, the Transporter and Volkswagen California will continue to be built using T6. California campervans are the inspiration for the name ID California. Due to the MQB platform switch this year, the T7 should better meet private customers’ demands and requirements, such as improved driving comfort and the ability to convert to a plug-in hybrid system.

Wrapping it Up

Several of VW’s commercial vans can create its California family of campers. Volkswagen California comes in several varieties, including the small Caddy California and California built on the Transporter platform. Another option is supersized Grand California, a swank version of the Crafter van. Besides appealing to outdoorsy types, California’s pop up roof sets it apart from other vehicles. 


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