The Delayed Production for 2024 Ford Explorer

Ford has been dealing with production challenges lately, and it includes the manufacturing process of 2024 Ford Explorer EV. The company has officially confirmed (and announced) that their Explorer EV production stage has been delayed to 2024. Naturally, there is a reason why such thing happens, as the company has been struggling with the production.

Why the Delay?

As it was mentioned before, Ford has undergone challenges during their production, and it affects their 2024 Ford Explorer. The company must triple their production for electric Mustang Mach-E crossover so they can meet customers requirements and demands. The best (and also logical) way to triple production effectively is to have another manufacturing plant for the Mach-Es. It means that Ford has taken over the manufacturing factory producing Lincoln Aviator and Ford Explorer SUV EV models for producing the Mach-Es.

2023 Ford Explorer St
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Moreover, the two electric Lincoln and FordOpens in a new tab. models have been delayed following the F-150 Lightning that has been anticipated eagerly. There was an intercepted memo for Ford’s suppliers concerning the delay. It also showed that both those new Ford electrified SUVs should be released somewhere in mid of 2023. But according to the memo, the production is pushed back to around December 2024, which means that there would be 18 months of difference in the end.

Moreover, the company also announced that they wouldn’t use their assembly plant in Mexico, the Cuatitlan, to build those two electric SUVs. It means that they are going to move production to new location, but they haven’t said anything about the new location.

Powertrain and Performance

Many auto enthusiasts predict that the 2024 Explorer will likely be using the same configuration as the current model. It means that the base model will get four cylinder turbocharged unit with 2.3 liter capacity, generating 300 hp. Another one is the V6 unit with 3.0 liter capacity that churns out 365 hp. There is a possibility of hybrid power, mixing up V6 3.3 liter unit with electric motor. It is able to produce 318 hp. All these three powertrains would be coming with auto 10-speed transmission, with standard rear wheel driving system and optional all wheel driving system. The four cylinder turbocharged unit can reach 60 mph in 5.6 seconds while the V6 unit can cover it in only 5 seconds.

2023 Ford Explorer Interior
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Exterior Design

Although there is no detail about the design, the 2024 model will likely look casual. After all, the Explorer had got its redesign project last year, which means that you shouldn’t expect significant changes for 2024. The SUV will likely look the same, but the highest Timberline trim will get the best design that is created for both offroad and also onroad setting. Both rear and front ends have got the updates, making it look beefier.

On the front, the grille comes with wide crossbar, along with different designed front bumper with orange coating. There are also new wheels to make the SUV look sportier and tougher. The beautiful and sleek headlights just look great with the perfect grille size. The overall body looks sturdy and solid, but it also somewhat feels balanced, consistent, and harmonious, flowing from the front right to the back.

2023 Ford Explorer Electric
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Basically, the Explorer would come with double panel moonroof, road rail cross, galvanized aluminum panels or aluminum steel, and also speed-sensitive rain detector wiper.

Price and Release Date

There is no clear or exact information about the price tag or the release date. The launch date hasn’t been set, but production line should somewhere start in 2023; most likely in fall time. For the price, it’s hard to tell with the updates and everything. But it’s predicted that the base price would be around $35,000 while the highest tag may reach $58,000. There should be more info to reveal once the details for 2024 Ford Explorer has been known.


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