Will There Be Electric 2024 GMC Sierra?

Following the company’s plan, there have been plans concerning the 2024 GMC Sierra. The Heavy Duty models have been arranged to get major refreshment work for the 2024 model. Expect the changes to happen on both the front and also rear end, along with possible powertrain updates and also new vibe in the interior cabin. So, what can you expect for the upcoming 2024 Sierra without having to compromise the performance or quality?

The Late Updates

You need to remember that the refresh work was supposed to be happening for the 2023 model. But because of the pandemic, which also leads to superconductor chips shortage, the product cycle has been affected. The complications have just been happening and it affects their productivity for the upcoming models. After all, this Sierra HD fourth generation has been doing great in the market, so these delays should affect them so much.

2024 GMC Sierra HD
Source : Motor1.com

The Upcoming Planning

The 2024 GMC Sierra would be manufactured at GM Flint plant which is located in Flint, Michigan. There would be 3 different body styles being offered, starting from the regular cab, to the double cab, and then crew cab. The overall construction would be coming with longitudinal style with front engine arrangement.

Powertrain and Performance

There would be the V8 naturally aspirated gas unit with 6.6 liter capacity as the standard, able to generate 401 hp and 464 Nm of torque. It would be paired with automatic 6 speed transmission. The optional one would be the V8 Duramax diesel turbocharged unit with 6.6 liter capacity, able to generate 445 hp and 910 Nm of torque. It is paired with auto 10 speed transmission. The transmission would be matched to rear wheel or four wheel driving system. For now, the 2024 Sierra would be set for Mexican, Canadian, and American auto market.

2024 GMC Sierra 2500
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The Possibility of Electric Power

If you are into EV (Electric Vehicle), but you can’t really afford the Hummer EV pickup truck, then you can consider GMC Sierra electric ride. Yes, the company is planning on the producing electric vehicle as well, just like other brands.

2024 GMC Sierra EV
Source : Motor1.com

The company has shown a teaser of the new electric Sierra, with a promise that we should see the premium (and also electric) truck on the following year. From the teaser, the light and the front grille look prominent. After all, the future vehicles seem to focus a lot on lights, making dynamic lighting crucial. Just like what happens to Hummer EV, the lights would focus and accentuate the GMC logo, which is quite big and gigantic. The front end looks strong and solid, having (dramatic) L-shaped lights as the frame. The turn signals are dynamic and directional.

Future Electric Truck

This would be the third electric vehicle for GMCOpens in a new tab.. The price has been set less than the Hummer, but electric Sierra would be pricier than electric Chevy Silverado. As a premium brand, GMC will be offering electric Sierra only within Denali trim. Denali is considered ideal for the line, as the company still have the opportunity  to develop Sierra’s technologies and capabilities.

Like Hummer EV, the (electric) Sierra would be using Ultium Platform as well as Ultium battery. It would be great if the truck also comes with four wheel steering and a glass roof, or any similar cool features. If everything goes as planned, the manufacturing process for Sierra EV would take place at Factory Zero in Detroit. It’s likely that production starts in 2023 after Hummer SUV starts its sales. For now, there is no confirmation or announcement about the price or exact release date, so just stay tuned for 2024 GMC Sierra further info.


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