2025 Chrysler Airflow Design Update: What We Know So Far?

Let’s talk about 2025 Chrysler Airflow updates and the news what we know so Far? The Chrysler Airflow concept was introduced at the 2022 CES followed by an updated version of the two-row midsize SUV at the NYIAS. A sleek crossover previews how Chrysler’s future automobiles will look and operate. A production vehicle will not carry the Airflow name, which was revived from the past.

At the moment, Chrysler offers only a minivan and an aging sedan as its lineup. First, of three electric vehicles planned for 2025 to 2028, the Airflow showcases the company’s future. In Airflow, Chrysler shows its future under Stellantis and paints itself as a family-oriented brand that leads in technology.

Uniqueness of Chrysler Airflow

In addition to Chrysler’s extensive EV product plan, Stellantis is bringing the Chrysler Airflow to market. Airflow is a historic Chrysler model from the 1930s, so the company has already trademarked the name.

2025 chrysler airflow design update what we know
2025 Chrysler airflow design update engine what we know

The Airflow may offer single-motor and dual-motor configurations, but we don’t have information about its trim levels or configurations.

Exterior & Interior Design of Chrysler Airflow 2025

Exterior Design of Chrysler Airflow 2025

The Chrysler Airflow Concept is an electric SUV coupe similar to the Ford Evos for the Chinese market. It could have competed with the Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E. Although it’s a continuation of Airflow Vision, it’s completely original. The design resembles that design study in its athletic profile and dramatic nature.

Airflow Vision’s classic front bumper and headlights instantly draw attention to this EV. 

There are LED light blades flanking the Chrysler logo directly below the headlamps. Three LED light modules are mounted in the fog lamp section & a diamond pattern is on the faux lower and upper grilles.

2025 chrysler airflow design update exterior
2025 Chrysler airflow design update exterior

Front overhangs are short, while rear overhangs are virtually zero on the Airflow Concept. Because the wheels were positioned at the corners, the car could have the longest wheelbase possible. That enables it to offer the most spacious cabin despite its relatively small size.

In addition to the floating roof, hunched tail section, slim mirrors, and sleek greenhouse, it has a sporty look, bringing a new look to Chrysler. It would look upscale with flush door handles while reducing aero drag. The charging port is hidden behind a cover on the left front fender.

Interior Design of Chrysler Airflow 2025

Also designed after the Airflow Vision concept, Chrysler Airflow Concept’s interior is similar to that of the Airflow Concept. Dashboards, center consoles, steering wheels, and door panels, all of which define a vehicle’s interior, share this similarity.

2025 chrysler airflow design update interior
2025 Chrysler airflow design update interior

High-end EV’s typically has minimalist interiors and high levels of digitalization. The dashboard is topped off with a circular two-spoke steering wheel. A bridge-type console connects the dashboard to the front seats, and it houses the electronic gear selector, which is controlled by a rotary dial. There is plenty of natural light coming in through the massive panoramic roof. Additionally, it offers a grand view of the sky, giving it a great sense of space.

Engine of Chrysler Airflow 2025

A dual-motor setup is used in the Airflow concept car, with electric motors located both in the front and in the rear. The two engines combine to provide 201 horsepower, but the company did not provide an output figure for the combined power of both. As far as the front or rear-wheel drive arrangement is concerned, the single-motor setup is likely to be standard, as well as this dual-motor set-up which will provide all-wheel drive as an optional option.

It is noteworthy that the Chrysler Airflow Concept is equipped with two 150 kW motors as well as an AWD system. For high-performance applications, however, a larger motor can be accommodated in addition to its standard capacity. The motors are positioned at the front and rear of the vehicle in an optimal way in order to maximize interior space inside of the vehicle. Currently, there is no word on the battery pack capacity, but the internal estimation for the range of the vehicle states that it will go 350 to 400 miles.

Connectivity & Infotainment System of Chrysler Airflow

Among the Airflow concept’s display screens are those for the passenger and driver, as well as the display for the central infotainment system and the screen at the back of the rear seat. Updates can be downloaded over the air on these screens, according to Chrysler.

Battery Life of Chrysler Airflow

Moreover, Chrysler claims that the Airflow has a battery pack that is 118.0 kWh in capacity, which is supposed to provide a range of around 350 miles, up to 400 miles. If they were able to deliver this, it would make it competitive with some of the longest-range versions of today’s cars such as Fords and Teslas. EPA range estimates will be updated as soon as they become available and Chrysler hopes to eventually test the Airflow on a 75 mph highway driving journey, as well as their real-world range test on the road at 75 mph.

Chrysler Airflow Concept

The Chrysler Airflow Concept has a total of six screens, four of them are upfront and two of them are located at the back. On the front screen, you will find a small display in one of the windows where it displays information such as the cabin temperature and perhaps a few others less important details.

2025 chrysler airflow design update engine
2025 Chrysler airflow design update engine concept

Besides the large, fully digital instrument cluster, several dash-mounted panels are providing the necessary driving information. Information about the infotainment system is displayed on a large floating display close to the center of the dashboard.

Co-passengers can use the fourth display on the extreme right to view the navigation system, shuffle the music, and manage the GPS data.

There are two screens in the back of the vehicle that provide entertainment for the rear passengers, but they can also be utilized for productivity. During their commute time, people can use their commute time to catch up on their pending video conference call they would otherwise have to wait until they arrive at their office or home to complete.

The rear-seat passengers can also participate in group video conferences as each seat has a built-in camera, so it is not only the rear-seat passengers who will be able to participate.

Driver Assistance & Safety Features

There is no information yet as to how the STLA AutoDrive system works in the Airflow, but Chrysler says it is capable of Level 3 autonomous driving and has not revealed much more information regarding how it works.

In May 2021, Stellantis and Taiwanese electronics contract manufacturer Foxconn formed a joint venture company called Mobile Drive, which will provide the concept model with a digital cockpit called STLA SmartCockpit.

A collaboration between the two companies led to the interior electronics of the Airflow Vision design concept. STLA Brain is a new electrical and electronic architecture at the heart of the STLA SmartCockpit.

Release Date & Cost of Chrysler Airflow

Considering all these features, Chrysler predicts that the Chrysler Airflow will compete with cars like the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Tesla Model Y, and Volvo XC 40 Recharge. Approximately $50,000 is going to be the starting price point of the Airflow.

Future Electric Vehicle Plan of Chrysler

Stellantis is hoping that with the introduction of the EVs, Chrysler will once again become the desirable and popular brand for a wide range of consumers. A Chrysler EV is expected to be launched in 2025, and the brand plans to electrify the entirety of its product portfolio by 2028, according to the company.

Related News of Chrysler Airflow

LG Energy Solution Tie-Up

As part of its partnership with LG Energy Solutions for EV batteries, Stellantis has established a tie-up with the company.

There was an announcement in October 2021 by the two companies that they would form a joint venture in North America to manufacture lithium-ion batteries. It is expected that the yet to be formed JV company will set up a battery manufacturing facility in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to supply Stellantis with batteries for the next generation battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Battery production is expected to begin in 2024 and has a capacity of 40-gigawatt hours per year. The location has not yet been finalized, but Stellantis and LG Energy Solution plan to choose the site by the second quarter of that year, thus they aim to break ground in that quarter.

Electric Vehicle Software Upgrade

In the EV industry, Stellantis sees software revenue as a significant revenue source. After EVs leave the assembly line, the company plans to allow them to be upgraded. Both permanent and temporary upgrades would be included in these upgrades. For a short time, customers may enable extra connectivity or entertainment features, such as when on a road trip, and save money by not paying a substantial amount for a permanent unlock.


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